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Welcome to Hugs 4 Health!

This site is dedicated to all health solutions out there and I plan on expanding this projects in years to come!

But first I decided to share my weight loss journey in this site as I believe it’s a BIG challenge for all humanity and I firmly believe that showcasing a case study fully documented will be inspiration and motivation to anyone who wants to lose weight.

>>Follow my weight loss journey HERE!

In the past I have tried tons of ways to lose ways but the thing that always makes me get back my lost pounds are those temptations that the family (I still live with my family, something which I really want to change even as I am 22 years old) buys so the temptation is always there and eating junk food is the #1 problem I face in losing weight. But fortunately enough, this time around I decided to create this blog as a future project but as well as a public journal of my weight loss adventure and I decided to do this as it will be my motivation to finally reach my goal.

I am a 22 years old mexican guy that suffers from obesity but I am willing to do my very best this time around to achieve my perfect health and proof that a willing force is the best weapon against any barrier. Where there’s a will there’s a way, and those wise words will be my leader in this journey!

I believe it WILL be tough but I WON’T GIVE UP, I will do my very best to achieve my goal, even if it takes months!

I have to say that a few weeks ago (around early May 2015) I went to Hong Kong to incorporate my business and there I met this guy (which I got to know from the Internet) called Club, who was a really cool guy that showed me tons of places there but one of the best impressions I got was that there were NO fat people! Everyone was either fit or simply normal but not fat! (There were tons of cute girls too, though! Haha) Seriously, going to Hong Kong was an extremely inspiring experience as well as motivation to be fit as well as a very good experience for being the first time out of Mexico on my very own!

So, in Hong Kong when I went with this agency to help me with registrying the company and opening the bank account, there was this girl working there who was really cute but I just couldn’t find the courage to actually make a move! Yea I had to talk to her about the company and everything but I just couldn’t find the courage to actually go take the long shot and actually TRY something! I know, I know it may sound funny or whatever but I learned I didn’t have confidence in myself and though a lot of people out there says that confidence comes from the inside and not the outside, I believe that being fit is a BIG factor in self confidence and that was one of the two BIGGEST motivations for me to take responsibility and finally become fit!

I want to be the very best of myself to be able to be confident in myself and be able to take all kind of oppotunities that cross my way, as well as creating new ones! There are tons of times where we let pass a beautiful woman in our lives because we are not confident enough to act! This and tons of more examples, in my humble opinion, are opportunities that cross our way and we don’t take action! There’s always the chance for us to create our own opportunities but there are simply times that opportunities knock on our doors and we are not even polite enough to let them in! In my situation I believe if I were confident at the time I met this girl I would have made a move but whatever the outcome would have been at least I would have tried!

It will take a lot of effort to become my very best but at the same times I believe it will be a VERY interesting journey!

If you want to follow me on my weight loss and self confidence journey, stay tuned as I will start tomorrow Sunday June 6th, 2015!

Let the rest of your life be the best of your life!