USA lady sells to Chinese through livestream!

While a lady was livestreaming, he had lots of chinese trying to buy her stuff online! Only after she started asking about the name of her clothing, she noticed the chinese were interested in purchasing like if they were on QVC!

It all started with a question made by the streamer, then after a few seconds, one of the chinese members answered correctly and the clothing was sold!

Just like that she started a livestreaming business and ready to take off, she started streaming. After several months, her success was huge and she was able to collect several big checks!

Harley-Davidson to move to the USA

Due to current policy changes, the enterprise is being charged more taxes and would badly impact their customers acquisition. This move will get Harley-Davidson out of Europe in no time and move its operations to US.

Current policy would have an increase of almost $2,000 USD in every purchase, so that would mean less customers and less sales. All bad for business.

Instead of having customers pay, they will move their operations in order to avoid paying the exorbitating taxes.

Uber and sexual assault cases

Uber has been focusing on relevealing data about sexual assault reports for the justice to take care of the wrongdoers. This will help in their customers trust and confidence.

The rideshare company will be key in helping solve sexual assault cases whether it’s the driver or the passenger’s fault. In the MeToo era, it’s important to have this information disclosed to avoid future allegations.

Rape has been an important issue all around the world and it must be stopped. Though Uber has been sued, it’s important to notice that the users are the most important asset that Uber has and therefore, the most important to protect.

Your information is being released on the web!

According to the European Association’s General Information Security Contro, produced several results in which clearly show that the information held by gigantic companies was not secure and could be easily accessed.

The sensitive information and data collected could be found on the web due to not good ways to preserve it. This includes data from celebrities, corrupt politicians and several other public people.

It is said that the best way to become secure on the internet is by become anonymous or becoming stealth. This way, no one can track you and you can be sure no one will be after you.

Becoming stealth is increasingly important to be untraceable and getting the privacy you deserve.

Nowadays, people believe that the common browsers are there for your security, but that’s far from reality.