After you’ve removed the door knob set, you should see the metal plate that holds the latch assembly.Step3: Adjust the Metal PlateThe metal plate that holds the door latch assembly could be in a slightly different position than when you’ve last adjusted it. This could cause the doorknob to stick.To adjust the metal plate, you’ll need to remove it by using a screwdriver. After you’ve removed the metal plate, you should see the latch assembly.Step4: Try A Door SilencerOn quiet doorknobIf you’ve gone through all the steps outlined above, you should be able to get a much quieter doorknob. However, you can try a door silencer in case it’s not working.Silencers are a great product to use on the door at night. They’re made of rubber, which helps reduce noise created by the door.How do you use a door silencer?Simply place the silencer on the door, and then close the door. Now use both hands to pull the silencer off the door.

The latch plate can be easily removed if you remove the knob.Step3: Adjust the Metal PlateThe doorknob’s metal plate can be adjusted using a screwdriver. Adjust the metal plate so that the latch plate doesn’t click.Step4: Try A Door Silencer On Quiet DoorknobTry the door silencer on the doorknob.

You can even use a foam tape around the door frame and the doorknob to make sure that the door won’t slam when you close it.You can also try using a rubber or rubber tape to prevent the door from slamming on the door frame.