How To Annoy Upstairs Neighbors Legally

That would really make them to stop stomping.You could make a video of you stomping and upload it on the internet and watch it. But that’s illegal.You could complain to the city council and demand that they do something about the noise problem. So they will set up a committee to investigate the noise. You could also complain to the housing association and demand that they solve the problem. They may then give you a whole new apartment in exchange for moving out of your current one. You could ask the court to fine your neighbor for $500 per day for two years. That would really make them to stop stomping. But it could take a long time for the court to hear the case.They could also give them a good lesson, and you could obtain a restraining order and ask the police to arrest your neighbor when he/she is stomping. You could also write a letter, or a complaint on the internet. You could also contact the neighbors association and demand that they do something about the noise problem. You could also complain to the housing association and demand that they solve the problem. You could ask the court to fine your neighbor for $500 per day for two years. That would really make them to stop stomping.

If that does not work, you could try your hand at bowling.If you want to play against your noisy neighbor ceiling, you can also get a tennis ball, and use it as the racquetball ball.5. Blast Their MusicIf your upstairs neighbor plays loud music, you may want to use an effective method to silence their music.You can use a simple device to simply plug into the wall outlet and play the noise from the speaker that comes from the unit. These range from US$15 to US$40.You can also use a professional loudspeaker. These range from US$100 to US$300.Just make sure that you’re not heard by other neighbors.6. Set up a Fake Radio and Turn it Up to 11A fake radio is a device that will make it look like your noisy upstairs neighbor is playing music.You can simply attach it to the top of your noisy neighbor’s window and play music through its speakers.The device is easy to install. Simply connect it to your home A/V and plug it to the outlet. It also comes with an external antenna.The price of a fake radio ranges from US$40 to US$80.Another Fake Radio You Can BuyNow you know how to annoy your noisy upstairs neighbor, but how will you deal with the problem?We recommend the following solutions:1. Ask Your Neighbor to Quiet the MusicIf you know your upstairs neighbor is a music buff, you may want to tactfully ask them to lower the music volume. This is a sure fire way to annoy your neighbor.2. Install an Alarm SystemYou can either install an alarm system that will alert you if someone disturbs your peace. This is highly effective and a sure-fire way to deal with the problem.3. Get aNeighbor’s HelpYou can get a neighbor to be your ears and eyes. This is a sure-fire way to manage your noisy upstairs neighbor.4. Install a Surveillance SystemYou can also install a home surveillance system to monitor if your noisy upstairs neighbor is disrupting the peace. This is an effective way to handle the problem.5. Move Out of Your ApartmentIf you don’t want to deal with your noisy upstairs neighbor, you can move out of your apartment and rent another rental unit.

Not only will you annoy your upstairs neighbor, you will also get yourself in a great mood.The racket will also give you a good workout if you’re looking to lose some weight.5. Make a Ringtone That Sounds Like a RoosterRooster? That rooster will piss off your upstairs neighbor. Some of the rooster sounds could be obtained from online. You can get your own rooster sound and then transfer it to your ringtone.If you don’t have a decent ringtone set on your mobile phone, you can download a rooster sound and set it as your ringtone. Then your upstairs neighbor will hear it every time they answer their mobile phone.6. Foul Your Neighbor’s FoodGet a cook and some kitchen utensils and make your neighbor’s food taste like crap. If the smells of rotten food wafts through your neighbor’s apartment, they are most likely to leave you alone.7. Water the PlantsIf your neighbor has plants in their apartment, you can water the plants. This will make your neighbor leave you alone. You can get a water dispenser and a garden hose. You can also get a water sprinkler.8. Drop a Fecal Matter Down the LaundryChances are your neighbor will smell it. If you cannot control yourself, you can drop a fecal matter down the laundry chute. When your neighbors are away, they will most likely turn the music down. If you have a pair of earplugs, you can place the earplugs on your neighbor’s floor whenever you want. This will annoy your neighbor and will make them leave you alone.10. Be a Peaceful NeighborSome of the noisy neighbors that we have encountered are peaceful. They don’t like the idea of making noise and it’s best if you don’t go out of your way to make noise. If you don’t make mischief, you won’t get into trouble.11. Get a Roach Solution and Spray it Around Your Neighbors RoomYou can get a roach spray and spray it around your neighbors room. 12. Set up a Baby MonitorIn order to keep your upstairs neighbor in check, you can get a baby monitor and monitor your noisy neighbor by the monitor. You can then make a video of them and send it to them.13. Use a Vacuum Cleaner to Vacate Your Upstairs Neighbor’s RoomIf you have been playing a game with your upstairs neighbor, you can set up a vacuum cleaner and use it to clean out your upstairs neighbor’s room. This is not only a way to clean out your neighbor’s room, it’s also a way to get rid of all the evidence of your shenanigans.14. Take a Picture of Your Neighbors HouseIf you want to scare your noisy upstairs neighbor away, take a picture of their apartment and send it to them. This will make them leave you alone. You can get a digital camera or a camera phone. You can also get a digital video camera and make videos of your neighbor.15. Use a Loud Noise Maker to Scare Your Upstairs NeighborThis will not only scare your neighbor, but it will also cause them to leave you alone. You can get a loud noise maker. You can also get a sound amplifier and set it on your neighbor’s floor.16. Leave a Dead Ant on the FloorYou can take some dead ants and leave them on your neighbor’s floor. If your neighbors are more than willing to let you dump dead ants on their floor, they will most likely leave you alone.17. Leave a Dead Cockroach on the FloorYou can use a dead cockroach and leave it on your neighbor’s floor. Of course, you will get in trouble.18. Leave a Dead Fly on the FloorYou can leave some dead flies on your neighbor’s floor. Of course, you will get in trouble.19. Place a Dead Snake on the FloorYou can get a dead snake and leave it on your neighbor’s floor. You can use a paper bag to keep the snake from moving around. Of course, you will get in trouble for the snake.20. Place a Dead Spider on the FloorYou can get a dead

Even if you’re not a good neighbor, don’t be a good neighbor’s enemy. If you have a noisy neighbor, you have the right to complain about it. Your rights are protected by federal law and the laws of your state.Learn more about dealing with noisy neighbors at Another option is to move out. It’s a smart way to solve the problem. If you’re in a committed relationship with your neighbor, then you might want to consider talking to him or her about the problem.If you’re in a casual relationship, you might want to relocate to a new place. Finally, if you’re in a friends with benefits relationship, you can always consider ending it. Look for a new place to live.Some people just want to get away from their noisy neighbors, and sometimes it’s the only solution. Start by kicking yourself for not moving out earlier. If you’re stuck with your noisy neighbors, you might want to consider moving to a new place.Once you’ve relocated, you’re one step closer to your American dream.