How To Make A Motorcycle Helmet Quieter

Get a helmet with a visorVisors are a great addition to helmets. They help you to see clearly and are good in cases of emergencies. But, as the name suggests, they also make your helmet noisy.It’s important to know how to take care of your helmet visor. The visor doesn’t just fog up or get dirty. It can actually get damaged, and this will make your helmet noisy.You may want to get a helmet with a fully-sealed visor. These will not only be quiet but also look better on your ride.5. Use a mufflerAnother way to get a motorcycle helmet quieter is to use a muffler. But before you do this, make sure you have permission of your state to use this.The best thing about mufflers is that they are removable. This means you can also use them on other vehicles.I would recommend you to use a muffler only if you’re riding on the highway or at high speeds because it will also affect the overall look of your ride.Check out these 9 Inspirational Quotes About Being A Motorcycle Rider to read more about using a muffler.6. Use an air intakeA way to get a motorcycle helmet quieter is to use an air intake. You can buy a motorcycle air intake from any motorcycle accessories store.You can also buy a motorcycle air intake from a different brand. I’d recommend you to try a different brand because they may be better.7. Change the color of your helmetIf you want to get a motorcycle helmet quieter, you need to think about the color of your helmet. The color you choose can affect the noise levels.The most common colors that are loud are black and chrome. These colors reflect the heat and can cause your helmet to be noisy. You should also avoid other bright colors.8. Use earplugs in a helmet with an air intakeA helmet with an air intake can still be noisy even when you’ve inserted earplugs inside the helmet. If you have an air intake, you may want to consider removing the earplugs and replacing the air intake.It’s your choice to do this, and it’s up to you.9. Use a helmet with a carbon fiber shellA final way to get a motorcycle helmet quieter is to use a helmet with a carbon fiber shell.The carbon fiber shell reduces all the noise from vibrations and heat. It’s an expensive investment, and you should only consider this if you have the money to spare.If you don’t have a carbon fiber shell, the only other way is to get a highly-rated helmet with a fully-sealed visor.ConclusionYou now know the different ways to reduce noise levels in a motorcycle helmet. If you have additional tips or tricks, I would love to hear them in the comments section below.

Check your bike’s soundThe sound of your motorcycle is also one of the factors that can contribute to noise.If you want to make your motorcycle helmet quieter, check your bike’s sound.The metal parts like the exhaust pipes, exhaust system, and other such things, are the main source of noise.You need to eliminate these.5. Reduce the noiseThe final step to make a motorcycle helmet quieter is reducing noise.There are some things you can do to make your bicycle quieter.In this case, the best way to reduce noise is with a muffler.There are also other parts you can modify. You can replace your chain and sprocket with smaller ones.There are also some things you could do to get the sound muffler to work with your bike. (Source)

There are many features that come with these helmets such as ear pads that block out wind noise and noise-isolating technology. This will ensure that you’re protected against wind noise.9. Consider buying a Motorcycle HeadsetA motorbike helmet with a good quality headset can help you reduce wind noise. It will also make it easy for you to hear your music. This is because the headband of the headset will not only keep the microphone in place, but will also shield it from wind noise.10. Wear earplugsMotorcycle noise is usually very loud and can be annoying. To reduce noise in your helmet, you’ll need to invest in some good quality earplugs.  You can also use earmuffs to block out wind noise.11. Wear a Motorcycle gogglesThere are many brands of motorcycle goggles available on the market, both in store or online. Motorcycle goggles are designed to block out wind noise. When you’re wearing a pair of motorcycle goggles, you’ll be able to ride in complete peace.12. Crank up the volume on your musicThis is not a foolproof solution to the problem, but having your music volume turned up will help block out noise from windows and wind.13. Reduce wind turbulence in your helmetMotorcycle helmets rely heavily on the noise-blocking qualities of the padding. This means that if you find yourself having to ride at a high speed, you’ll need to check your helmet padding to ensure it’s fit.14. Buy a Motorcycle Helmet that fits wellIt’s important to find a motorcycle helmet that fits well. If your helmet is not close enough to the head, then you’ll be at risk of wind noise from the chin area.15. Don’t leave the helmet in direct sunlightWhile you’re riding, it’s best not to put your helmet in direct sunlight. The heat will cause the helmet to expand and contract. This movement will create noise.16. Make sure the helmet is properly fastened You should begin by checking the straps to ensure they are properly fastened. This will prevent noise from the straps.17. Make sure the helmet is tightThere are times when I wear a loose helmet. This is because it’s easier to fasten the helmet. However, when you’re riding, make sure your helmet is tight. The tighter it is, the more noise it will minimize.18. Keep your helmet cleanMotorcycle helmets are dirtier than most helmets. When you’re riding your bike, the dirt and sweat can get trapped inside your helmet. This will lead to noise.19. Don’t ride with a loose helmet Motorcycle helmets tend to loosen over time. This is because they tend to get dirtier and sweatier from being in direct sunlight. It’s best to wear a helmet that’s properly fastened. If it’s not tight, then you’ll be at risk of noise.20. Wear a Motorcycle helmet linerA motorcycle helmet liner will help you reduce noise. It’s made of quality fabrics that are soft, breathable and moisture wicking.Motorcycle noise is not only a problem for the rider to have to worry about but can be a safety hazard for other vehicles and pedestrians as well. It’s important to get rid of it. The above tips and tricks will help you get rid of it.

The best one you can try out is the Quiet Rider. It’s an excellent quiet motorcycle helmet that helps reduce wind noise.It’s made of high-quality materials that can stand the test of time. Its 3D foam is the best way to eliminate wind noise.Other features of this helmet include:9. Buy a noise-canceling micThe best way to reduce wind noise is by using a noise-canceling mic. A noise-canceling mic attaches to your helmet, and it will help cancel out wind noise.Motorcycle noise-canceling mics can be attached to your helmet by using a sturdy clip. You can also attach it behind the ear with a velcro band.10. Use earplugsFor most people, the best option is to wear earplugs. They will help reduce wind noise.You can buy earplugs that allow you to wear them with or without your helmet. If you prefer to wear your helmet, you can buy earplugs that are designed for that.11. Buy a helmet with a high-quality visorA high-quality visor helps seal the opening of your helmet. When riding with a high-quality visor, you will not only notice significant noise reduction but will also feel safer.The best options for motorcycle riding are the visors by Schuberth. You can also choose the visor by Shoei.You can also try out the Quiet Rider. It’s a great quiet motorcycle helmet that’s built with a high-quality visor. Choose the one that fits your budget.12. Buy a high-quality helmetDay-to-day use of a cheap helmet can cause significant amounts of noise. It’s not surprising to see many riders opting to buy a high-quality helmet.There are a few factors to consider when buying a high-quality helmet.The first one is the material that it’s built from. It’s advisable to choose a helmet with a good quality foam, adjustable straps, and lightweight.The second one is the size. A helmet that’s larger than your head will cause vibrations and noise. It’s advisable to choose a helmet that’s the size that fits your head.Lastly, the third one is the price. It’s important to consider the price of the helmet before buying it. If you find the helmet that fits your budget, buy it today.ConclusionThere are several ways on how to reduce wind noise. This will keep the noise contained within your helmet.If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to leave me a comment below.

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