Macbook Pro Making Loud Whirring Noise

So if you’re looking to get a new MacBook Pro, you want to make sure that you get the best model you can.In this way, you’ll be able to enjoy the maximum performance from the machine and it will also be able to last longer.However, if you are getting a MacBook Pro and the issue with your laptop is a noisy fan, then you may be faced with a dilemma.You may be wondering if you should get a new one or simply live with the noise. The good news is that while it’s not ideal, there are a couple of simple fixes that you can try and hopefully stop the noise. If one of these doesn’t work, then there’s a good chance that you’re dealing with a problem with the fan itself and you may need to get it replaced. 1. Apple T2 Security ChipThe T2 security chip is essentially a tiny computer that’s embedded in the logic board.This chip is designed to keep your data safe and secure and to minimize the chance of hacking.However, if it’s not functioning as it should, then it can cause a host of problems.That’s why it’s important to make sure that this chip is working properly.To start with, it could be that you are experiencing a problem with the motherboard.In this case, you’ll need to get the motherboard replaced.You can forgo this step if you want to try to repair the chip.Here’s a guide on how to replace the chip on your MacBook Pro.Other potential causes of the T2 chip issue include a faulty chip, a damaged cable and bad connections. 2. Fan Problem Dust and Dirt AccumulationThere’s a good chance that the fan is working perfectly fine.But if you have accumulated a lot of dust or dirt on it, you may find that the fan is louder than usual. This may be the reason why you’re hearing a noisy fan.You can find a guide on how to clean the fan on your MacBook Pro here. 3. Apple Diagnostic TestA common issue with fans is that they stop running when you switch on the computer.

However, a little thing can be a lot of trouble for a laptop like yours.Here are some quick fixes that can help you to control the noise. 1. Apple T2 Security ChipWhen it comes to security, nothing is more important than the T2 chip.The chip is responsible for allowing only the proper applications to run.If there is a problem with the chip, it will cause your computer to overheat and make a loud whirring noise.It’s always best to replace the chip instead of trying to fix it yourself. 2. Fan ProblemDust and dirt from the outside can accumulate on the fan and cause it to overheat. 3. Stop an Errant ProcessAn errant process will cause the fan to work unnecessarily.You can stop the process to help the fan calm down. 4. Apple Diagnostic TestHere’s a quick test you can run on your MacBook to identify the source of the problem. 5. Other Causes of MacBook Fan Noise Occasionally, you can also find a problem with the machine’s fan.In this case, you can try a few quick fixes that I wrote about in some of my previous articles. 6. MacBook Pro Making Loud Whirring Noise Repair Guide 7. How To Fix A Whirring Noise On An Air Conditioner

Cooling Fan ProblemThis is the last problem that I would consider to be the most likely culprit in the whirring noise problem.The fans are the only fan that you will find in your MacBook.The other fans that you will find in your MacBook Pro are the CPU fan, the GPU fan, the optical drive fan, or the CPU cooler fan.

Therefore, it will be difficult for you to pinpoint the noise problem to a particular component.In this case, the best and easiest way to solve the whirring noise problem on your MacBook is to replace the fans.Replacing the fans for the CPU, GPU, optical drive, and CPU cooler fans will help you isolate the noise problem.But if your computer has no fans, then you need to replace your motherboard.Whichever procedure you perform, it will be difficult to find the culprit and that’s why I recommend that you do some minor maintenance to your computer to make sure that the fans are in good working condition.

A great way to control your computer fan is by using the software.3. Bad Cable Connections & Bad Cable ConnectorsThe whirring noise could also be caused by the cable used to connect your laptop to the power source.You know the old saying,“If it’s not working, fix it.”If the cable is bad, this means that the cable is either loose or not tightly connected.The fans will spin as soon as the cable is disconnected from the power source.This could also be the reason that you hear a clicking noise when your computer boots.If the cable is loose, the whirring noise could be another safety alert from the computer, alerting you about the loose cable.What you need to do is check the cable connections and the cable connectors.If the cable is loose and the connectors are not firmly connected, this could be a major contributor to the noise problem.You should also check the cable connector and the cable connection.4. Motherboard IssueIf the fans are spinning after the computer boots, then the problem could be with the motherboard.This is another case where the whirring noise is just your computer’s way of telling you that there’s a problem.If the fans are not spinning after the computer boots, then you can be sure that the motherboard is the culprit.You can perform a visual inspection on the motherboard to determine if the problem is with the motherboard.You can also ask the manufacturer of the laptop to help you determine the problem.If the motherboard is broken, then you will hear a loud, buzzing noise while the fans are spinning.5. Bad Power SupplyThe fans could also be spinning because of a bad power supply.The power supply is the source of electricity for the fans.When your power supply is not working, the fans will spin without any input from the users.If the power supply is not working, this could be the reason why the fans are spinning.You should not assume that the problem is with the motherboard, as the noise could also be a safety alert from the computer, alerting you that the power supply is not working.You should check the power supply and the power supply cables.You can also perform a visual inspection on the power supply to determine if the problem is with the power supply.6. Fan ControllerThis is a common problem, which is why a lot of computer fans have their own fans.This is where the fans are controlled by a fan controller.A lot of computer builders prefer to use this type of fan controller.If you’ve previously owned a laptop that had a fan controller, then this is probably the culprit for your noise problems.The best way to determine if the problem is with the fan controller or the fans is to take apart the fans.If you can’t find any damaged areas, then you can be sure that the problem is with the fan controller.You can simply replace the fan controller.

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