Best Transmission Fluid Mt82

This is the Ford OEM transmission fluid. This fluid is specifically designed to work with this particular transmission and it is designed to maximize the performance of the transmission.

The best transmission fluid for the Ford Mustang are the Dexron III Ford transmission fluid and Royal Purple Synthetic Fluid. It features a very high level of lubricity, making it a very effective transmission fluid. The best thing about this fluid is the fact that it is still manufactured by Ford Motors. It s made with the same ingredients used in the original factory fluid. Royal Purple Synthetic Fluid is a synthetic transmission fluid that is used in a variety of different vehicles. It is a very high quality fluid which we have used on many, many different vehicles. It s a great transmission fluid and will keep your transmission running smooth for many, many, many years to come. You should look for the best quality fluid for your specific vehicle.

Good for fuel efficiency Cons Tends to be a bit expensive A good option for anyone looking to save money on their fluid change. On the outside, this fluid is designed to be extremely similar to Motorcraft in terms of viscosity, but it is actually made by a different company. What can be noted about it is that it is a very good option to go with if you are looking for an extremely smooth transmission. This fluid also provides protection against corrosion and friction damage. Moreover, it is a very good option to go with, when it comes to protecting your transmission against wear and tear. In other words, this option can help to improve fuel economy, so that you don t have to be constantly replacing your transmission fluid. Pros Excellent protection against corrosion Protects your transmission against friction damage

This fluid is also designed to help improve fuel efficiency. It is the best option for you if you want to keep your vehicle in tip-top shape for many years to come. Genuine Ford Fluid MT82 – Best Transmission Fluid for MT82 Here we have another option from Genuine Ford, but this one is designed specifically for use in the MT82 transmission. The fluid is a blend of synthetic base oils and additives, and it is designed to help provide long term protection against friction damage and wear. Additionally, this fluid is also designed to help improve ease of shifting in all ambient temperatures, and it is also designed to help provide long term protection against corrosion. Keep in mind that this option has a viscosity of less than 40,000cP, which makes it one of the most economical transmission fluids for MT82. Pros Lower viscosity than other options Protects against friction damage Easy to use Long service life Protects against friction damage