Embrace America

  • By Auto Insurance Expert Joe
  • June 15, 2006

The purpose of this annual event is to increase awareness of the need for volunteer support for the elderly in senior and long-term care facilities.

Senior and long-term care facilities are encouraged to host a “Community Hug Center” and invite huggers of all ages to visit and fill their hug prescription. This event serves as a safe and non-threatening program to introduce volunteers to elders and facilities in their community. Register your facility TODAY!

Hug Centers may pledge the number of hugs they intend to share. During Hug Holiday Week, all hugs shared are tallied and entered on the Hug-O-Meter. Following National Hug Holiday Week, participating Hug Centers are invited to submit their results and enter the National Competition for Most Hugs Shared! Deadline for submission is June 1, 2006. Contact Hug Headquarters for details.

Huggers of all ages invited! Individuals Families Corporate Employee Groups Churches Schools Clubs Professional Associations Service Organizations

-The Hugs For Health Team