ChillQuiet Mini Fridge

Cooldown your favorite beverages
Since the ChillQuiet Mini Fridge is perfect for living rooms, offices, and guest houses.
Wherever you need that extra cooling capacity. Features a 17-liter size with a fully integrated 3-star freezer compartment. Useful features include an automatic defrost function as well as handy storage compartments on the door for all of your cool products!

ChillQuiet Mini Fridge 17ltr Black
With a stylish and retro design, this 17-liter fridge is perfect for your living room, office, or guest house. It has a simple to use electronic display so you can easily find what’s in the fridge and three drink shelves provide more space than most fridges on the market. A bottle opener reveals at the top of the appliance making it easy to access your favorite beverages.
The ChillQuiet Mini Fridge includes 3 different beverage shelves – one with an integrated grid shelf for cans or bottles; 1 fully adjustable thermostat with 5 unique temperature settings (from 2°C-8°C); Extra freezer compartment to store ice cream, cold drinks, and frozen food cost-effectively.

The ChillQuiet Mini Fridge offers a convenient and stylish way to cool down your favorite beverages. Perfect if you need some extra cooling capacity, this 17-liter fridge is ideal for living rooms, guest houses, and offices.

ChillQuiet Mini Fridge 17ltr Black
When you need to cool down your favorite beverages and dinner’s still an hour away, the ChillQuiet Mini Fridge is perfect for those with limited space. With a total cooling capacity of only 17 liters, it is not too practical for storing food – instead, it offers a more convenient way to cool drinks faster. Designed as a sleek black compact fridge that fits in living rooms, guest houses, and offices, this stylish mini-fridge will help keep your guests happy.
Incredibly efficient when making small amounts of ice cubes or chilling a few cans of soft drink at one time, the smallest version from this rowdy family can even be stacked on top of each other if space permits!

ChillQuiet Mini Fridge

The ChillQuiet Mini Fridge offers a convenient and stylish way to cool down your favorite beverages. Perfect if you need some extra cooling capacity, this 17-liter fridge is ideal for living rooms, guest houses, and offices.

The ChillQuiet Mini Fridge offers a convenient and stylish way to cool down your favorite beverages. Perfect if you need some extra cooling capacity, this 17-liter fridge is ideal for living rooms, guest houses, and offices.
With an integrated compressor system, it works quietly so it won’t disturb you while watching TV or listening to music in the background. For easy access from all angles using the slide-out door shelf which saves time tidying up spilled drinks when opening bottles from different angles.

ChillQuiet Mini Fridge
This is great if you need to keep your favorite drinks cool or want some additional cooling space. This 17-liter fridge with a free-standing design and built-in temperature control can fit into an office, a guest house, or the living room.

Using a thermostat to keep your cool, the ChillQuiet Mini Fridge offers you peace of mind. It has an electronic temperature control with variable settings and an LED display for easy adjustment of cooling settings. The fridge comes with two door compartments for storing different types of items separately or together more conveniently. Forget about going out to buy refreshments on warm summer days or when hosting gatherings again in chilly winter because it’s always at hand!

Delivery: We will deliver your product within 5-7 working days from receipt of the order (excluding public holidays). If delivery is required urgently, we will contact you straight away for notification and ask whether this can be accommodated by placing an order early next day delivery for example.

This mini fridge has a 17 litre/4.2 gallon capacity and is perfect if you need some extra cooling with your beverages. It’s also great for other products that require lower temperatures, such as leftover meals or medical supplies. Its quiet operation won’t disturb family members, and it also features an energy-saving mode so even while in use, the ChillQuiet Mini Fridge won’t be drawing much power from the main grid!

Affordable, chilled refreshments are just a click of the button away. The ChillQuiet Mini Fridge offers a convenient and stylish way to cool down your favorite beverages. Perfect if you need some extra cooling capacity, this 17-liter fridge is ideal for living rooms, guest houses, or offices.
You’ll never have to worry about boiling drinks again with the powerful motor that maintains its temperature at 3°C below ambient air. A handy temp display lets you know how much ice cream is melting!

ChillQuiet Mini Fridge is perfect for chilling cans and bottles. The thermoelectric cooling technology makes it energy efficient for a fast-acting refrigerator that’s quite running. With its removable shelves and inbuilt light, this mini fridge has everything you need to keep your drinks at their perfect temperature!

Available in stylish and compact 5°C to 18°C, the ChillQuiet Mini Fridge will help you keep your drinks chilled. With a wide variety of cans and bottles, this fridge features a removable internal shelf plus another one for specific storage needs. Quiet running with energy-efficient thermoelectric technology, accessorize your ChillQuiet Mini Fridge with an interior light or custom printing options from our trade team!

Say goodbye to the days of lugging heavy coolers or extra ice packs for your drinks! With ChillQuiet’s Mini Fridge, you’ll never have to worry about a warm can melting over-looking the carefully crafted collage of daisy chains and vintage spoons. This thermoelectric refrigerator is energy efficient and quiet while still maintaining consistent temperatures within its 18°C to 5°C range – perfect for storing cans, bottles (not excluding beer!), or produce. Founded by Joanna Brown in Manchester, her goal with ChillQuiet was simple: create happy moments in everyday life through innovative design and convenience.

The ChillQuiet Mini Fridge is the perfect size fridge for chilling a range of cans and bottles. This compact refrigerator features thermoelectric cooling technology, an interior light, a lock for your convenience, and a low energy design with an efficiency rate of up to 80%. It has a wide temperature range between 5°C to 18°C that is adjustable via manual controls on the front panel. For added convenience, it includes an additional shelf in the door unit and a removable inner shelf.

The ChillQuiet Mini Fridge is perfect for chilling all your cans and bottles, as it boasts a comfortable range of 5°C to 18°C. With an interior light that automatically comes on when the door closes and a removable inner shelf, this compact fridge allows you to store everything from soft drinks to juice boxes in one convenient location! When it’s time for fresh produce, remove the shelves safely with the included tool kit.
Plug into any household outlet and enjoy the benefits of thermoelectric cooling technology – ensuring more energy efficient running than conventional refrigerators. With lockable doors, so you can adjust the temperature without interruption, there won’t be anything laying around waiting too long this summer!

Whether you’re camping, at a party, or just want an alternative to your noisy fridge, this small but mighty mini fridge is your answer. With space for up to 12 cans and enough room for 4 bottles in the door section, ChillQuiet has all your chilling needs sorted.
For optimum results please keep capacitors away from the fridge as they can disrupt its cooling system.

The innovative ChillQuiet Mini Fridge is the ideal partner for indoor entertaining in your backyard. This fridge has a wide temperature range of 5°C to 18°C, making it perfect for storing cans and bottles in either cold or warm weather alike! The best feature? You can store just about any drink – there’s even a removable inner shelf if you like chilling some beers or spirits alongside your wine. Plus, with an interior light and lock (for all those sneaky moments), this mini fridge is secure. Also available with custom printing on the door panel!

ChillQuiet Mini Fridge. Never heard a fridge make so little noise, or one keeps the cold air in so well!
The ChillQuiet mini will be perfect for chilling your cans and bottles with its wide temperature range of 5°C to 18°C. Not only that, it features a removable inner shelf and additional shelf unit in the door too – you’ll never run out of storage space again! And this fridge just keeps going – even though its thermoelectric cooling technology is super efficient on your power bills there’s still an interior light (that stays illuminated when the doors closed) along with a lock – which must be handy if you share a fridge with friends!

There are times when you don’t need a heavy-duty refrigerator and your informal chillout space just needs to keep something cold for 24 hours. Enter the ChillQuiet Mini Fridge, with its noiseless cooling, cool black finish and soothing white LED light. Perfect for urbanites out there who want to stay up with what’s happening in the world of whirlpool while munching on some crisp crudités—or as an office where someone might want a furry friend. This fridge is always there for you; also great if you’re looking to save energy costs in your hotel or campervan setting!

The ChillQuiet Mini Fridge is the perfect mini fridge for living rooms, B&Bs, offices, and campervans. It uses thermoelectric cooling technology with a whisper-quiet cooling fan that cools from 5ºC to 18 degrees C (based on ambient at 25ºC) and has an interior light for easy access. Featuring a black exterior and white interior finish with 1 removable shelf and 1 door shelf this compact countertop mini fridge has one year warranty. The 3-star rating ensures efficiency without sacrificing performance while running on 0.39KWh/24h off electricity – small carbon footprint saving significant energy over conventional mini-fridges making it ideal for living rooms or office canteens where electricity bills are high.

Unlike your regular mini-fridge with a conventional compressor to cool its contents, the ChillQuiet has been designed with thermoelectric cooling technology. This means there’s no need for electricity-hungry running costs – it only uses 0.39KWh over 24 hours and so will save you money long term! The arch appeal of our minimalistic design will be welcomed by those on the go who want maximum efficiency and looks in one stylish unit. As well as looking good, these little fridges also offer flexibility where some larger appliances don’t fit or are just impractical – such as living rooms, B&Bs, office spaces, and campervans (to name but a few).

Stay cool in the warm weather with the ChillQuiet Mini Fridge. This compact fridge has many features including a whisper-quiet cooling fan and easy to use thermostat, so you’ll never have to worry about disruption while watching TV or working on your laptop. With a clever touch of style black exterior and white interior finish, this tiny fridge can fit into any room in your home – even those difficult spots like under counter shelving or shelves draped with lots of clothes. Clean up after yourself as it doesn’t require CFCs that harm our planet’s ozone layer! To save electricity bills, its energy efficiency way beats out conventional mini-fridges and is guaranteed for 1 year. You deserve the peace of mind now more than ever!

Introducing the ChillQuiet Mini Fridge – the smart choice for those who want to save space without compromising on quality. The sturdy and reliable cooling unit comes in a lightweight, compact design that fits easily into your home or office and stores away neatly when not needed. Featuring an internal LED light, as well as two removable shelves for ample storage space, the mini-fridge is perfect for storing food items like fruits and vegetables that need cool conditions to stay fresh.
With patented thermoelectric cooling technology (powered by a door-mounted battery), this small energy-saving device creates 38dB of noise at maximum speed with water/ice-melt sensing so it only turns on when needed.

Do you need a fridge for your campervan? Our ChillQuiet Mini Fridge is perfect! This mini fridge uses thermoelectric cooling technology with a quiet whisper-quiet fan, so you can enjoy quiet when chilling in the wild. It has an interior light too, which means it’s functional even during those all-night drives. If you’re looking for creative ways to save space, this small compact refrigerator is just what you need!

This mini fridge is perfect for entertaining on a hot day, or while camping or staying in the B&B. Its compact size – just under 27 inches tall and 16¾ inches deep – means that it will fit into any living room setting to keep drinks chilled.
Inside this chillQuiet Mini Fridge, you’ll find a black exterior while the inside features white finishes with an interior light to help with those midnight snacks! It also has 1 removable shelf, which can be placed in either of two positions: one door shelf at eye level or a lower shelf so items are easy to reach even if you’re sitting down.

A mini-fridge that will help the environment without breaking your bank account? Well, what’s not to love about this. Reducing your carbon footprint with a fridge from ChillQuiet is a piece of cake! This sophisticated appliance helps you save energy by being one of Britain’s most efficient brands; it also has an ambient temperature perfect for preserving food and reducing emissions. It’ll make everything better, one thing at a time!

The ChillQuiet Mini Fridge is the ultimate dorm room accessory. With temperature settings from +5 degrees to -15 degrees Celsius, the fridge can be adjusted to meet your needs all year round. Once you’ve plugged in and switched on the Accelee electronic controller thermostat, it will keep your favorite drinks cool for hours without running out of battery power so if you’re heading out to a party or just staying up late working on that assignment you have due tomorrow morning then don’t sweat because with ChillQuiet Mini Fridge your dreams are about to come true!

The ChillQuiet Mini Fridge is designed with an ambient temperature of 25°C and average power consumption of 0.23KWh/24h and has an energy rating of B to keep your food fresh for up to a day and stop it from spoiling too quickly on hot days, or during incoming storms; soundproof insulation keeps the noise level down at only 38dB and boasts a warranty; this mains-powered fridge offers 17ltrs incapacity along with 55-liter cold storage space. Weighing less than 8kg so you can take it anywhere, its compact size needn’t be compromised by performance thanks to the 50W output – perfect if you have limited kitchen space!

Freezing, room temperate beverages are no problem thanks to the ChillQuiet Mini Fridge. A powerful 50w motor cools down your drinks in quick time even when wall mounted – perfect for smaller apartments or rooms.
The sleek design can hold up to 17 liters of whatever liquid delights you fancy and with an average power consumption of just 0.23kWh/24hrs daily, it’ll help reduce your carbon footprint too! Electricity is supplied by the UK plug supplied so all you need do is mount it on the inside surface of any wall (including kitchen units). Get yours today and hit that fridge-only diet!

May the drinks be ever in your fridge! If you’re looking for a new way to store your jugs, cans, or bottles of juice then ChillQuiet’s Mini Fridge is perfect. With 175 liters per 24 hours worth of temperature regulation and a noise level to make any noise-sensitive sleeper happy, it’ll soon become one of the best friends you have at home. You can even fit up to 17 containers inside this versatile mini fridge keeping them all chilled for when you’re ready for them with no fuss – just plug it into an outlet and away you go!
This appliance will not dispense anything else than cold food products as stated by the manufacturer.

Save space but cool everything with ChillQuiet Mini Fridge. Modern, compact, and great for small spaces like kitchens, halls, or bedrooms – you won’t be running out of fridge room any time soon. The 17ltr freezer compartment is the perfect size for storing perishable items and a removable storage drawer provides more convenience so you can choose the best option. Let’s not forget about those funky looks! No matter how happy your family may be to see them back from school at 3 pm – their happiness will turn into mild annoyance when they start crashing around in a slimline kitchen hunt for snacks and sodas. Pretty much every one of us has been there!

When you need a nice and frosty drink, the ChillQuiet Mini Fridge is perfect for chilling all your favorites. You can use this small grey fridge to store drinks in between the bigger items in your refrigerator (or anywhere else). This mini-fridge is very practical as it’s durable enough to carry with you if needed and comes with a discreet space-saving design.
The thermal insulation keeps cool contents cool while ensuring that hot contents stay at the perfect serving temperature all day long. If you’re worried about accidentally spilling something inside your new Drink Station; there’s no need for an interior double layer of stainless steel walls that are rust-resistant and able to withstand spills.

This small 17 liter ChillQuiet Mini Fridge is perfect for chilling all your favorite beverages, whether you’re running short of space in your refrigerator or need a convenient place to store drinks.

The ChillQuiet Mini Fridge has a cooling capacity of 35 degrees Celsius and is the perfect way to ensure you always have some ice-cold drinks on hand at home, work or play. You’ll never be caught without your favorite beverage again!

Watch your mood go from feeling hot and bothered to cool as a cucumber in the traditional Swedish Fjordes with this stylish and roomy ChillQuiet Mini Fridge – just add ice. The sleek white exterior offers plenty of space for all your chilled beverages, while the lightweight design lets it relocate effortlessly thanks to two handles giving it added maneuverability. It’s even got an integrated cup holder that keeps things close by when out on the town!

ChillQuiet 17l Mini fridge is the perfect solution when you’re running short on space. Whether storing drinks or seasonal items, this mini fridge will keep your food fresh and tastes crisp for longer. The adjustable thermostat can be set to suit your requirements, plus with a ventilated door seal this appliance won’t let any odors escape or attract insects – ideal!

ChillQuiet Mini Fridge 17ltr White
-Updated for 2018 with more internal space and easier use buttons allowing you to control your drinks from the outside
-Controls are mounted externally to this sleek, slimline fridge that will suit any kitchen no matter its size offering a selection of colors (White, Black & Aluminium) so it’s easy to find one that’s right for you. With an impressive capacity of 17-liters, there is plenty of room on offer – cooling can hold six cans at once whilst keeping them frosty cold all day long.

With a height of just 205mm, the ChillQuiet Mini Fridge is perfect for those with small or tiny kitchens. The fridge can store up to 17 liters which offers plenty of space for all your favorite drinks and snacks – there’s even room to charge it on top, thanks to its integrated socket! If you require some extra chill in hot weather then this little fridge will do the job. Its neat design means it doesn’t take up much space and blends comfortably into any corner.

ChillQuiet Mini Fridge 17ltr White
The ChillQuiet Mini Fridge is perfect for chilling all your favorite beverages, whether you’re running short of space in your fridge or need a convenient place to store drinks. The internal height is 205mm and the width 303mm. This small and practical fridge has an output frequency so quiet, it will not disturb those around you!

The ChillQuiet Mini Fridge is a thermoelectric cooling technology countertop fridge that creates space for drinks with the help of its compact 17-liter capacity. Ideal for homes and businesses, this sleek white refrigerator has an internal light, adjustable thermostat from 5°C to 18°C, and can be locked down to prevent spills. Not recommended for storing perishable items.

The ChillQuiet Mini Fridge, thermoelectric technology. With an adjustable thermostat, this fridge is perfect for those who are looking to store their drinks at the right temperature so they don’t spoil while not taking up much space at all. We recommend keeping it in a living room or office for example, but you can always bring it with you on your travels with great efficiency!

This is the perfect fridge for small spaces or large families. The ChillQuiet mini fridge has an adjustable thermostat that allows you to keep drinks at their optimum temperature and comes with a lockable door so your food stays fresh, even when it’s not in use. This sleek white countertop appliance can take up as little as 17 liters of space!

The ChillQuiet Mini Fridge is the perfect practical appliance for maintaining the perfect temperature of food and drinks. The modern design within this 17-liter fridge makes it a great addition to any room, while also being able to maintain optimum temperatures through its adjustable thermostat that can be set between 5°C and 18°C. This mini fridge does not contain any edible items making it safe to use from anywhere in your home or office with ease, so you know you’ll always have access to chilled foods or drinks when on the go!

Thermoelectric cooling technology ensures no ice buildup or slushy water condensation for improved hygiene.

The ChillQuiet Mini Fridge is the ideal solution in a small space where you need to store chilled foods and drinks. Inside, there is an adjustable thermostat from 5°C to 18°C with a safety mechanism that remembers your last settings. This thermoelectric fridge has been finished with a sleek, white exterior and internal light so it can be used in offices, apartments, or even living rooms – not just hotels!

This ChillQuiet Mini Fridge is a highly practical 24lt mini fridge, perfect for the small household. The thermoelectric cooling technology means that you can use this product to store pop cans and other drinks, with an adjustable thermostat of 5°C to 18°C for its optimum temperature range.

The ChillQuiet Mini Fridge is the perfect solution for storing chilled beverages and small food items. Quiet and environmentally friendly, this mini fridge design uses thermoelectric cooling instead of larger refrigerant systems to provide a smaller carbon footprint. The unit comes with interior light for evening snacks but can also be used as a bedside table in hotel rooms or offices. This compact refrigerator has only 1 removable shelf and one door shelf which makes it easy to set up on any flat surface like in living rooms, campervans, and B&Bs!
This well-designed product will always keep your favorite drinks ice cold without feeding electricity efficiencies into the waste stream making this evaporator an unmatched 21st-century appliance.

So, you’re living in a city apartment with no space for a full-size refrigerator? It doesn’t mean that you have to go hungry all the time. ChillQuiet Mini Fridge is here to save your meals and more importantly, your sanity! The lifespan of some food can be prolonged up to three times by storing them inside one of these cute little monsters who happen to use thermo-electric technology! So if it’s meat products, let them thaw overnight at room temperature (don’t forget about seasoning)! Just pop it in the fridge during work hours and enjoy their delicious taste when evening comes. Toasties need two slices so grab another fridge – we know how hard they are for storage.

ChillQuiet Mini Fridge – Quiet, Cooling & Eco Which is Safer For You to Drink

The ChillQuiet mini fridge by GE is perfect for people who want a quiet and eco-friendly way to store their drinks. It’s the ideal size for an office or bedroom as it only holds 100 bottles of water on its shelves. This fridge doesn’t need any installation so you can set it up in minutes; and because of its cooling technology, your milk won’t go sour. You’ll be surprised at how cheap this mini fridge is considering the low price point and relative environmental benefits!

The ChillQuiet mini fridge is perfect for conserving space and the environment. Whether on limited living quarters or trying to save some cash, this eco-friendly fridge will suit your needs. The whisper-quiet cooling fan promises a gentle sleep through the night without disrupting anyone else’s peace; additionally, a small carbon footprint and significant energy savings over conventional mini-fridges ensure that you are doing what’s best for everyone around you. There’s a 1-year warranty included in purchasing for assurance of product quality as well as an intuitive manual thermostat so you can set it however suits your preferences! Get rid of outdated, noisy appliances and go with today’s new standard.

We proudly present ChillQuiet Mini Fridge.
It’s the perfect size for those who live in a small apartment or have limited storage space at home. It also has up to one year warranty and is fully ROHS compliancy with CE certification.
It utilizes thermoelectric cooling technology which provides whisper-quiet operation while maintaining the temperature within a range of 5°C – 18°C (based on an ambient room temperature of 25°C). This product will help you save energy compared to your standard household fridge. So go ahead, buy ChillQuiet Mini Fridge today!

The ChillQuiet Mini Fridge gives you the power to live your life with less worry and enjoy drinks anytime, anywhere. It’s an energy-efficient option that sits as cool as a cucumber in all environments. The eco-conscious feature uses thermoelectric cooling technology and has been designed for space-saving living spaces like B&Bs, offices & campervans with adequate storage for food items from sandwiches to popsicles.

Save space and keep your foods cool for up to 36 hours with the ChillQuiet Mini Fridge! Great for dorms, boat cabins, and RV’s, these 17-liter fridges are just big enough to store essential food and drink items for a small household. You’ll enjoy convenient room temperature cooling without having to worry about what it might cost you or how much energy your fridge is using in the process – the ChillQuiet uses 20% less power than an average 10-year old fridge when on Eco setting. With iced water and crushed ice available too, this little fridge has been designed with all of your needs in mind!

Introducing ChillQuiet Mini Fridge, it’s compact but not so tiny you can’t fit any of your favorite food or drinks inside. Perfect for chilling down any beverages when entertaining guests and enough space to store small packets of food. With a 50 liter capacity, there’s even room for storing cooked pasta dishes too – just add the pastry shell powder and water on top!
These small-sized fridges combined with their energy-saving energy rating make ChillQuiet perfect fridge installation in small spaces (such as studios), offices, communal living areas in residential buildings & SO MUCH more! So take a look at our range today!

Imagine no more squabbles over who has to buy the next keg! The ChillQuiet mini-fridge is small and inexpensive, so it doesn’t put undue strain on your bank account. With an energy rating of B, it’s just as frugal with the environment. Plus everyone will think you’re a boss for having essential items at all times – they’ll be begging to come round.
You know that feeling when you’ve had a long day and don’t want another one? Alcoholics Anonymous meetings aren’t always available: get yourself this ChillQuiet Mini Fridge, plug it in, pour a drink or two, and chill out while people watch.

The ChillQuiet Mini Fridge is perfect for use in small, controlled spaces. It features an A+ energy rating and has a power consumption of fewer than 0.24 kWh per day with a sensible noise level of 38dB making it the ideal choice if you’re looking to create space-saving storage solutions that not only look great but are also good for the environment.

The ChillQuiet Mini Fridge is an electronic small cooling appliance that works in your freezer. Freezing also conserves electricity as the compressor doesn’t need to work all the time on cool.
You can store drinks, leftover foods, and more inside its 17-liter capacity for up to 3 days before thawing it out for use again. It even features a handy compartment with a locking mechanism and external digital control panel making everything easy from fine-tuning temperatures to know what’s stored now without opening up the fridge door!

Keep your food and drinks safe cool with this ChillQuiet Mini Fridge! Boasting a 17-liter capacity, it is small enough to place on any desktops or workstations. This fridge also has a concealed door opening so the icebox will stay more hidden from view for those who prefer privacy when they are in the office.
Noise levels come as low as 38dB – lower than what you get sitting in silence! For added convenience, ChillQuiets sport an efficient energy rating of B so it’s not too heavy on the environment either. Polluting less means we shall live better right guys?

Creates delicious drinks and fresh foods quickly at your fingertips. Captures freezer odors and flushes for up to 24 hours, perfect for a healthy lifestyle. Can be stored in tight spaces with minimal fuss because of its slim design. For the best experience please check our blog below:

  • The ChillQuet Mini Fridge creates ice cubes easily using electric power efficiently (0.23 kWh per day) – Our special cyclopentane blowing agent is responsible so it doesn’t smell bad like gas fridge’s do – We provide you UK adapters so there’s no need to buy an adaptor & plug separately – Provides quieter cooling than any other mini fridge on the market today, just 38dB!

ChillQuiet Mini Fridge 17ltr Black bar drink stuff Quiet Running Mini Fridge Silent Can Cooler Bottle Cooler Compact Table Counter Top with Lock

  • ChillQuiet Thermoelectric Design for quiet operation – High gloss finish and lockable handle for added security – Includes a safety feature that shuts the machine off if it is tipped over on one side or shaking.

A silent and compact mini fridge that can be disposed of without the worry of noise. The ChillQuiet Thermoelectric Mini Fridge is a great addition to any living room or office desk, offering practical storage space for drinks and refrigerated food. It has an air-tight seal, gentle cooling operation, and a lock so you don’t have to worry about soggy snacks!

ChillQuiet Thermoelectric Mini Fridge 17Ltr offers a quiet running design for chilling beverages. Suitable for living rooms and apartments.
A perfect kitchen appliance with its two settings mini-fridge and cooler to chill drinks or store packed food. ChillQuet’s tabletop, compact size table countertop design is suitable for any situation including offices, gyms, dorms, or hotel stays.

The ChillQuiet Thermoelectric Mini Fridge 17ltr offers a quiet running design for chilling beverages. Suitable for living rooms and offices, this 18-liter mini fridge has enough capacity to hold six cans of soda. It features an electronic thermostat control and a high-quality air filter, which means it’s completely free from noise when in use. The door lock keeps children or pets out of your drinks while you’re not around, maintaining the chill inside the fridge even overnight if needed.

The Mini Fridge by Gear4 is the perfect space-saver for your office. This fridge has a lockable door and can be set to between 5 degrees Celsius, 18 degrees celsius with an adjustable thermostat that works in both Fahrenheit or Centigrade. The UK 3-pin plug comes standard so you’ll never have any problems powering it up–and this also means there are no worries about electrical adapters too! It takes less than one-tenth of the energy compared to conventional mini-fridges on average, which will save more money over time without compromising efficiency or performance at all: not just practical but environmentally friendly as well!