Mini Silent Fridge

Love the wine but can’t stand the noise? Beyond resisting your temptations over an ice-cold glass, wave goodbye to disruptions with this silent mini-fridge.
The first of its kind on the market: The ultimate game-changer for all wine lovers and owners of loud apartments! This state-of-the-art device features a .8 º F freezer compartment that is so quiet you will think it’s broken. It also has options for defrosting meat, making fresh ice and eggs from frozen, adding humidity to vegetable food (perfect for dried fruits), setting timers for buzz-free cooling, or cooking different foods at different temperatures simultaneously to ensure they come out just right no matter what you’re doing.

The Midea WHS-65LSS1 is the best fridge to choose from if you’re looking for a quiet, compact 1.6 cubic feet mini fridge that’s perfect for apartments and offices. It has an 80 on the BuzzRake Quiet Score and it runs super quietly, helping create a peaceful environment where you can sleep better at night.
It also comes with two wire baskets, six storage compartments including one freezer compartment so all your favorite food will stay fresh without any worries of annoying thawing noises waking you up in the middle of the night, it has LED interior lighting and adjustable shelves too! It also features four levels of insulation to keep everything cool or frozen as needed.

Noise-free, energy-efficient, and space-efficient. With a compact 24” x 18.1” open area for your refrigerator needs, the Mini Silent Fridge is perfect for places where access to a traditional kitchen may be limited. Products between -18 degrees and 45 degrees can be kept inside without compromising freshness or quality. No opening door means no more running into an open door late at night in the dark while looking for something to drink!

We are proud to introduce you to our new line of Mini Silent Fridges. Small in size, but big in features. This is one small fridge that does not give up sound quality, insulation, and energy efficiency for its space-saving design. New for 2018!
Don’t let the name scare you off – these compact fridges have everything your bigger fridge has–including a cool, crisp interior so your food remains fresh while it takes up less space in your kitchen or office. Our reliable smart cooling technology keeps goods within an ideal temperature zone; at 65 degrees Fahrenheit inside the mini-fridge and 69 degrees down at freezing temperatures outside of it (that equates to about 27 degrees Celsius near the condenser).

The Mini Silent Fridge is the best Quiet Mini Fridge on the market. This mini fridge was specially designed to be effective for people living in tight spaces. It has 10 liters of capacity, which is small enough to stay cool without using as much electricity, while still being big enough for all your food and drinks. The Midea WHS-65LSS1, 1.6 Cubic Feet Mini Fridge is our winner with its unrivaled score of 80 out of 100 (Quiet Score) from Buzzrake data analysts reviewing 84,100 opinions across 24 models making this product flawless on Noise Rating levels!

This is the best Mini Fridge on the market-It’s silent, so you can keep it in any of your rooms without worrying about noise.
Our winner: HomeLabs Mini Fridge – 3.3 Cubic Feet Under Counter – has an excellent Quiet Score and a great Baby food Score!

The Mini Silent Fridge – in all of its cleverly ingenious glory – takes care of that noise issue like a boss. For just 36 inches wide, this mini-fridge doesn’t have any compressor noise; it’s perfect for dorm rooms, offices, and mancaves where space is limited.

What if your mini-fridge could be so quiet, you never hear a sound?
Now with our newest design of the Silent Fridge™ by Mini Cold Corp., it can. We’ve engineered this sleek and stylish dorm room essential to be as small and sleek on the inside as it is on the outside – without any compromises in performance or noise levels. With two settings for low noise operation (virtual silence when inactive) and high-efficiency cooling power, there’s no more need to give up style for practicality!

We can’t take the noise. We can’t live without it. If you’re living in a dorm and want to keep your food fresh while keeping the fridge silent, this is the mini for you. We simplify convenience by giving you just what’s necessary – space for adequate amounts of food storage and an innovative compressor that runs so quietly, no one will know it’s there when they come moseying around.

Skip having to lug those awkward bottles from lectures back to your room or office- we give all mini fridges our patented Silent Technology Package which includes custom foam panels on both sides of the unit as well as a specially engineered fan module that works together to give any place with a power outlet an affordable way.

Looking for a mini-fridge that’s as silent and unobtrusive in your life as it is when you use it? Check out the Mini Silent Fridge. This pint-sized powerhouse will help keep your beverages cool and food fresh, but won’t be heard over the latest episode of your favorite show on Netflix. It even comes with cute little wheels to make sure that easy mobility!
So whether you’re staying up late cramming for an exam or loafing around at home, turn this barely-there appliance on silent mode if it bothers you.

If you’re going to place a mini-fridge in your dorm, office, or man cave – you need it to be as quiet as possible. With the new Mini Silent Fridge from Serious Shopping’s product line for smart consumers looking for quality products at fair prices – that’s what you’ll get. Adequate storage space for day-to-day needs? Yep. Freezer compartment? Yes! And all for a price that won’t make you go broke when the electric bill comes. This mini-fridge is so efficient and energy-saving – there isn’t much not to like about it!
It is an essential appliance in cramped living spaces with high utility bills such as apartments where refrigerator cabinet.

The noise made by mini-fridges can be objectionable in certain situations so we developed the perfect solution. The Silent Fridge is a powerful, small electric appliance that looks great yet works quietly – even with its turbofan and compressor. You won’t have to worry about your guests hearing it or taking care not to disturb household members while you’re out of town on business trips. Your office mates will thank you for saving their ears from hours upon hours of high-pitched noise created by other mini-fridges at work! And if yours is occupying half your living room, just think how much more room there would be for your home theater system.

Don’t let the name deceive you, this mini-fridge is anything but silent! Providing all your needs in an ever-so-compact size, the Mini Silent Fridge would be perfect for dorms, offices, or even any mancave. Although its sleek design and ability to hold small items makes it a favorite amongst students aspiring to graduate with honors from their semester of hard work and studying those last-minute textbooks before final exams are looming overhead – some weekends too. Now equipped with an innovative technology called Frost Free Thermostat or FFT, which removes moisture as it rises against the cooling coils inside during operation so water droplets just dry out instead of freezing on top of frozen food packages.

Ready to keep you well-stocked on snacks? The Mini Silent Fridge from GE has a built-in evaporator that cuts down on noise, conserves energy, and even delivers ice. Store up to 19 cans of your favorite drinks or 2 gallons of any drink with the 4 door configuration. You’ll never have to make the awkward decision between salad dressing and tomato sauce again because this fridge stores an ample 27-quart capacity! Weighing less than 20 pounds, it’s lightweight enough for dorm living – plus it comes in a variety of fresh colors (White Frosted Pearl, Brilliance Stainless Steel).

Mini Revelation Refrigerators like our Mini SilentFridge are meant for consumers who need space savings without sacrificing refrigerator performance.

If you’re sleeping in a dorm room within several feet of your mini-fridge, you don’t want the compressor noise to stop you from sleeping or studying right before a major exam. If your mini-fridge is beside you in the office, notice is distracting – especially if it’s every few seconds. The Mini Silent Fridge is made with plug-and-play installation and sound dampening materials that will keep all of its contents cold without waking up your neighbors – or yourself!

The newest AWAP mini-fridge is a lifesaver for those of you who live in small dorm rooms, are working within the vicinity of where the appliance will be placed. The sleek and slender design keeps noise down to a relative minimum at all times, so you’re able to reach your potential wherever it suits your needs best.
It’s not just quiet though; these fridges offer plenty of invaluable space with one side being designated towards storing fresh produce while the other is ideal for bottled drinks.

This personal size quiet mini fridge is perfect for an office, study room, man-cave, dormitory, and just about anyplace where our high decibel noise polluting products are not appreciated. It stays cool with the same level of efficiency as a standard-sized fridge but takes up one-third less space; this means extra room for all those goodies that do require refrigeration.

The Mini Silent Fridge is an excellent option for anyone who wants to avoid waking their due when they return home after being out late. Or maybe your mini-fridge just distracts and even embraces you in important meetings or a phone conference call, which can get frustrating if you’re trying to focus on what’s going on around you. If your mini-fridge is also keeping the beer cold in your man-cave, it’ll certainly piss off everyone else if they have a hard time hearing themselves think because of it. Noise level seems like one of those things that’s impossible to figure out until the fridge has been running for a while, but trust us – this thing will be perfect for any room where sound levels are important.

For the cook with a small apartment full of hungry guests or for live-in investors who like to entertain during their dinner parties, this Mini Silent Fridge is the perfect product. The latest in noise control technology keeps your grocery items quiet – even when you are entertaining. If the laptop is too loud and annoying, then our Mini Silent Fridge is perfect! Keep all of those beverages stocked and cold- many won’t even notice it’s working because your fridge’s noise level is a whopping 27 Decibels. Comparatively, the typical refrigerator can go as high as 40 decibels – so this makes for a great option if you have noisy roommates, or would like to avoid being a disturbance to others with busy lives. Or use it in any location where silence reigns supreme: man cave, dorm room, noise-canceling headphones off-limits office space– anywhere that quiet prevails.

Soundless, cool-running, and energy efficient are just a few of the still many benefits of owning a Quiet Mini Fridge that you can’t get with any other kind. Say goodbye to inadequate venting in your cramped office or get that annoying bubbling refrigerator sound at home. Our truffles are priced right, so if your when it comes time to upgrade or replace those noisy mini-fridges, trust our vendor solutions for an excellent value on all brands.

It’ll keep your beer cold in the middle of summer and yet be perfect for any conference calls you’re having with the boss. This amazing product will not distract you while you’re working, it’s always easy to find what you need due to its organization, and most importantly it’s quiet enough so we can all enjoy the quiet. Your mini fridge doesn’t have to interrupt important meetings or moments when friends come over! And if other people are looking at this page now they should take a hint from us-get something amazing AND keeps things discreet for those times when silence is golden.

Providing the best of both worlds is what this fridge does. The Mini Silent Fridge moves the power vent onto the top of the unit. This change improves air circulation, which keeps everything inside fresh and crisp. It also means that no noise escapes from vents in your kitchen while running because they are sealed up tight against a ceiling or wall surface via their magnetic coupling connector (that’s fancy talk for the power cable). Keeping noise levels down has never been easier with this durable appliance and it’s just one of many features that help make life great!

Give your mini freezer space an upgrade without having to spend too much time or money by purchasing the new silent version.

This is a new mini-fridge that is completely silent and has four different colors to choose from turquoise, red, light blue, or purple. This product will be an excellent addition to any home hoping for a nice way to keep things like fresh produce or your favorite beverage cold without making noise. Join the movement of smart noisy people who are ready for change!

Noise is the deciding factor for many consumers when picking out a fridge. The Mini Silent Fridge solves this problem and puts to rest any worries about disturbing noise at night or meeting uncomfortable noise standards for kids in classrooms. With all of the brands competing on quality and price, there are so many choices. One that stands out is Midea; just one more reason why they are our winner!

In the market for a silent fridge? Then you need to see this list of the quietest mini-fridges as rated by users! Everybody knows that from time to time electric appliances can be noisy, but when it comes to finding a silent refrigerator, there is quite an assortment. This list was compiled pretty carefully and is accurate in every sense, considering all decisions are based on user input and nothing else. Topping our winner’s list was Midea Electric Fridge Company with their collection of models reaching top scores across the board. All have tried-and-true features such as quick cooling technology like active fan refrigeration which give them just enough uniqueness among similar products out there.

No matter the size, there can be only one. Give in to the silence and cease your search for a mini-fridge that will delight you with its soundless appeal. You are sure to find it all here. Take your pick of our Quietest Mini Fridges including Midea, Haier, Neff, and more – ideal for those who wish to escape from noise pollution at every turn! Indulge in this peculiar chance feast now before the supply runs out!

Have you ever wished for a bedroom that’s only occupied about five hours a day? Quietest minis, as users rated them, all have stellar scores for other attributes (such as performance). They do come in different sizes so we can see that the best quiet mini fridge can be manufactured at any scale. Just another example where size doesn’t matter. One brand that stands out in our winner’s list is Midea.
Quietest Mini Fridges: Our exhaustive review of user opinions identified the following rankings for the Quietest Mini Fridges: Buzzrake took into account leakage levels/consumption efficiency; noise level during operation; cooling speed and time to reach desired temperature settings; frequency of door opening with corresponding reservoir needs.

You can always count on a Midea to be quiet, even when it’s running at full volume. The company has produced the Quietest Mini Fridge, as user opinions show that it is silent and easy to operate day after graceful day. One of the greatest pros for mini-fridges nowadays? They’re light–even if they are heavy on the refrigerator fluids (inside jokes). And getting your favorite beverage right in front of you with just a flip or two could never get old.

The Mini Silent Fridge is the #1 rated in quiet, designed for residential and personal use. This model has a total capacity of 3.3 cubic feet, and this capacity is average for a mini-fridge. The adjustable temperature (between 36°F – 43°F) assures that your food will be preserved all year long with just one click of a button! You can choose between three temperatures to fit your needs while taking up less space in your home or office. With features such as its wheeled design, so you can take it wherever you please and stainless steel finish inside/outside, this product will not disappoint! We assure you that after one purchase, this fridge will live up to even the most difficult standards.

The hOmeLabs Mini Fridge – 3.3 Cubic Feet Under Counter (also known as the “Homer”), is newly ranked #1 in quiet mini-fridges with users scoring it 95/100 on noise level both positively and negatively. This mini fridge has a freezable chamber and features temperature control for your needs, making this ideal for all types of food storage including freezing at 18°F (-8°C). Its measurement is 33″ x 17″ x 18.5″ which allows it to fit into spaces that larger models would not be able to reach while also suiting small living spaces!

Who could forget the days of carrying your diet coke throughout the house and waiting for it to go flat? Alternatively, who has ever had to worry about random spills when discussing a movie you saw with your friends? With hOmeLabs Mini Fridge – 3.3 Cubic Feet Under Counter, now you can store all of that ice-cold goodness in one convenient location! The average size is perfect for single individuals or couples—but we won’t judge if you want to keep a drink at home while ordering pizza. Either way, this fridge will never disappoint. You can adjust the temperature from room temperature (to store) up to but not including 32 degrees Fahrenheit (and down again).

This 2.6 cu. ft. Danby compact refrigerator is one of the quietest models you’ll find on the market today! With reversible doors, 3 removable glass shelves, and an excellent rating by users, this highly-rated fridge is a must-have for chefs with limited space. The Danby 2.6 Cu. Ft. Compact Refrigerator is the #2 rated quiet mini fridge on the market, scoring 87/100 from purchasers who indicated it has one of the best performance among all models on the market! The Mini Silent Fridge has three removable glass shelves with the Reversible Door that can Open from left or right. It’s exceptionally highly-rated with one of the best performance among all models on the market. With
Danby 2.6 Cu. Ft. Compact Refrigerator, 86 users consider it’s a quiet fridge, scoring 87/100 with OnePotatoStand Gold Award for Quality and Value!

The Danby 2.6 Cu. Ft. Compact Refrigerator is the #2 quiet mini fridge with exceptional ratings and scores in performance among all models on the market! The fridge comes with three removable glass shelves that can be adjusted for larger items, and it also includes a reversible door which means you don’t need to worry about space constraints when maneuvering the fridge into your home. Finally, this model has a tight seal that minimizes unwanted odors (brought on by rotting or spoiled foods) from tainting any other food that may be contained in the said refrigerator, so clean up will only require wiping down surfaces of a said product once they’ve been used for storage purposes.

It has three removable glass shelves that can be adjusted if you want to store something a little bigger in the fridge. Besides, it comes with a Reversible Door that can Open from left or right, which can be very useful if you have limited space. This quiet mini-fridge is exceptionally highly rated by users as they indicate it has one of the best performance among all models on the market. This mini-fridge is exceptionally rated. Danby 2.6 Cu Ft Compact refrigerator with a left or right reversible door rates #2 on Amazon best-rating list of quiet appliances, which means that this model is one of the best performings on the market and has excellent customer reviews for being very quiet while still having enough room to store your food!

If you need a compact mini fridge or are in search of an economical storage solution that will supply all your needs then buy the Danby 2.6 Cu. Ft. Compact Refrigerator now! This is the perfect mini fridge for dorms and apartments or any other small living spaces that lack space to store more than just what’s needed daily. Use it to keep fruits fresh and as a crisper drawer for storing vegetables, while using its two drawers strategically as twin pantries full of food such as tins, packets, condiments spice jars, etc., anything you would not generally recommend freezing. It runs smoothly enough with sound from its fan being practically inaudible even when standing next to it at proximity.

This model is perfect for any small room in need of a fridge. With its sleek design and 2.6 cube feet., you won’t be able to find one smaller than this! It features 3 removable shelves, storage space, and a reversible door making sure that the product can fit into even the smallest of homes. This mini-fridge is the smallest refrigerator one could ever find. It is perfect for anyone living in a tight space and those looking to conserve energy while keeping their wallet happy. The door can be reversed away from a wall or other objects, and there are three shelves inside which provide the user with enough storage options! This minimum lint-free and portable mini fridge is perfect for anyone who lives in dorm rooms, offices, or small condos. It has two shelves instead of four which saves more space and also comes in a variety of colors–blueberry pink you say? The downside to this little beauty is that it’s not a freezer.

The Mini Silent Fridge is a must-have for all open spaces. It only weighs less than 29 pounds and has three removable shelves to make storage easy and efficient. The reversible door can be changed depending on if you need the space for storing taller items or shorter items, which will also limit wasted space in your kitchen, saving ground that can be better utilized elsewhere! People who have purchased this 21-inch wide fridge with 2.6 cubic feet of the room have found it great for offices, dorms, living rooms…any place where there isn’t but little space available and a freezer-less refrigerator just won’t cut it. Made with an Energy Star certification means that the product is more cost-efficient while making our planet cleaner as well!

With measurements of 20.1″ in width, 17.7″ in depth, and 27″ in height, this mini fridge is as sleek as they come with the same storage or more space than most large refrigerators on the market today. With 3 removable shelves which can be positioned to fit your needs and even reversible door access so you can match them up with constraints of other items/rooms – it’s perfect for anyone looking for a quality, cost-efficient refrigeration option!

The Mini Silent Fridge is just as popular and convenient as its name might suggest. It features a zero-emission compressor and an energy-friendly, 6.5 amp soundless cooling system that doesn’t interfere with your sleep or business meetings. This sleek, low-energy fridge can fit into small spaces without taking up too much room from the rest of the room because it’s only 17 inches deep. You’ll also love how customizable this appliance is–just take off one of three shelves to make more space for storing your food products!

Keep your food fresh, cool, and accessible with the Mini Silent Fridge. This freezer-less fridge is a sleek modern design that fits well in any room, whether at home or the office. With a height of 27 inches and a width of 20.1 inches, this stylish silent fridge boasts 2.6 cubic feet of space for all your snacks without taking up the too much-needed living area. The reversible door comes in handy when either establishing one side as an entry door or to ensure a perfect fit into awkward corners where the kitchen or office space might be limited by other objects around it!

Keep frozen foods perfect, icy beverages refreshingly cold, and family snacking on the go with the GE GCE06GSHSB Spacemaker Mini Refrigerator. This all-fridge model has interior lighting, a can rack, and fresh food door shelves. The GE B056SMSS handled refrigerated or hot products (up to 209°) inside a little tight space that’s easy to clean. It features an energy-saving mode so your electricity bill will keep business as usual while you enjoy a little more peace of mind.

The GE GCE06GSHSB Spacemaker 5.6 Cu. Ft. Compact Refrigerator is perfect for dorm rooms, office spaces, home offices, or apartments with limited space and has been scored the #3 best quiet mini fridge because of its compact size and heavy-duty performance (80/100). The all-fridge model features interior lights and can rack on fresh food door shelves so that you can store fresh items right inside the refrigerator without taking up additional counter space. This mini appliance weighs a manageable 77 lbs so it’s easy to move around from one place to the other when needed; this kitchen essential measures 23.6″ (width) by 24.25″ (depth) by 33.6″ (height).

GE GCE06GSHSB Spacemaker 5.6 Cu. Ft. Compact Refrigerator review: It is #3 rated in quiet; it has size measurements of (width) 23-1/2″ by 24-1/4″ by 33-5/8″; weight 77 lbs; interior lighting with fresh food door shelves and rack; great ratings for users. The GE GCE06GSHSB Spacemaker is a good option for those looking to save space in their home or office thanks to its low volume 5.6 cu ft, compact design, and efficient energy-efficient features.

Want to be a part of the hip and environmentally conscious world? Owning environmentally friendly products is one way you can do so. The GE GCE06GSHSB Spacemaker 5.6 Cu. Ft. Compact Refrigerator is an example of an ideal product for people looking for a fridge that features sleek lines, smart power, and temperature management, and most importantly, silence! Its exterior dimensions are 24″ (depth) by 22″ (width) by 33-1/2″(height). This mini silent kitchen appliance has interior lights plus two crisper compartments in its door; it also comes with four shelves on the rack freezer section door for added convenience.

The Midea WHS-65LSS1, 1.6 Cubic Feet Mini Fridge is outfitted with a convenient adjustable leg and a reversible door that will work just about anywhere in your home or office. With 84/100 on our noise poll rating system, this product ranks the #4 optimum design for people who are looking to save space. Great for apartments of any size, you don’t have to worry about restless roommates when you get one of these little beasts! Who knew having all that extra time was as simple as installing a mini-fridge.

Designed for your small living space and perfect if you just want a little fridge to supplement the main one, Midea WHS-65LSS1 has been ranked number 4 in quiet fridges. This mini-fridge is made from stainless steel, which will make it easier to find space for it anywhere in your room or house. It has adjustable legs so that height can be modified according to preference, but no designated storage for frozen food or ice inside.

Silent, which means no more clinking noises in the middle of the night. This product is a top performer when it comes to volume levels, only making .8dB noise on average- similar to a whisper from 2 feet away. The Midea WHS 65LSS1 mini-fridge has adjustable legs and a reversible door to fit any space limitations that may come your way – perfect for those with limited living or kitchen spaces! Also, this mini fridge does not have designated storage for frozen foods or ice; instead, you can carry over what’s already in the freezer and be done with it.

Do you have a small apartment with very limited space? Don’t fret about the mess and noise that comes from larger fridges. The Midea WHS-65LSS1, 1.6 Cubic Feet Mini Fridge is ranked the #4 rated in quiet mini fridge on the market! Made to be durable and adjustable, this mini-fridge is one of the best for people who are short on storage or living apartments or houses with not much space to spare. With no designated storage for frozen food or ice, this small appliance will fit ever smoothly into your kitchen without taking up too much room!