Quiet Beverage Refrigerator

The EdgeStar 148-Can Stainless Steel Beverage Cooler is a top customer-rated beverage refrigerator. It features a digital temperature display and has been called “powerful” by customers in their reviews on the manufacturer’s website, as well! You can also adjust this unit to fit your needs with two different shelf heights or three different door openings – making it adaptable for any room design!

Top Rated Quiet Beverage Refrigerators Fridge:

  1. The EdgeStar 148-Can Stainless Steel Beverage Cooler is a sleek, affordable beverage fridge that’s the perfect size for those who want to keep their drinks on hand but don’t have tons of space in your home or office. It’s also extremely quiet so you won’t be disturbed by noisy ice crushing and water running all day long as it keeps up with demand without any problems! And unlike other refrigerators, this one doesn’t need special shelving which means more room inside for beverages too! Get yours now at Amazon Prime Savings price of just $379 while supplies last because they’ve been flying off shelves lately due to popularity.

Introducing the Edgestar Quiet Beverage Refrigerator in Stainless Steel. This beverage fridge has an internal fan to circulate air with three glass shelves with holes to allow for the cold air to be evenly distributed. The sides and top are closed so they cannot be emptied by someone on a ladder or your roof. It’s perfect for small spaces where other refrigerators won’t fit such as apartments, condos, dressing rooms, dorms, or offices. During our testing process, we recommended laying down some towels along the bottom of the unit before emptying it so that you can clean up any spills easier after they run off back into the dishwasher bag (we’ll provide you one).

The Edgestar Quiet Beverage Refrigerator is the perfect fit for your kitchen! Its height is a fraction of an inch short than your competitor, and it contains a commercial-grade internal fan to circulate the cold air. The 3 shelves come in handy when storing all of those beverages you’ve got on hand.

Without an internal fan, beverages in a standard refrigerator are often warmer than they ought to be. The Quiet Beverage Refrigerator has an integral fan that circulates the cool air and three shelves with perforations to facilitate even distribution of the cold air inside. This sleek design is perfect for tight spaces like eclectic kitchens or tiny bars that take up almost no room on your countertop. With its compact size and single opening door, this beverage cooler can accommodate any space you have available while maintaining robust capabilities like adjustable glass shelves and digital temperature control.

Do you need a new refrigerator? You’ll love the Edgestar Quiet CBR1501SG. It’s designed with three glass shelves that are perfect for displaying your favorite drinks in an easy-to-see way.
The best part is – it has an internal fan to circulate the cold air and keep your drinks colder, longer! The size of this fridge also makes it perfect for any kitchen space. It’s fewer inches tall than its competitors so you don’t have to worry about running into a similar issue as I did try to make my existing built-in beverage cooler fit under the countertops. Plus, this refrigerator can be decorated however you want and show off your personality while looking great in every home!

The Edgestar Quiet Beverage Refrigerator makes your favorite drinks as cold as they should be. With an internal fan to circulate the cold air and three (3) glass shelves with holes to allow the cold air to be evenly distributed, you will never have to succumb to warm beer or soda again!

This Quiet Beverage Refrigerator reflects a clean, modern design that fits seamlessly into any home or office kitchen. What truly sets this compact and versatile appliance apart is the building-in fan to increase air circulation–which will, in turn, keep your favorite drinks chilled for hours longer while reducing condensation on inside surfaces. You’ll find three glass shelves with neatly drilled holes for an unobstructed view of all contents, including two large drink holders at the top of the fridge. And its freezer can accommodate plenty of mini pizzas and ice cream bars – so you’ll never again need to worry if there’s anything good left in the refrigerator!

With a touch of elegance and style, this Quiet Beverage Refrigerator will fit seamlessly with any kitchen environment. With three (3) glass shelves, the unit can easily accommodate larger beverage containers.
The cool air is evenly distributed throughout the refrigerator thanks to its quiet internal fan. And because it’s aesthetically beautiful, it will add an elegant touch to your cuisine showcase.

Introducing the perfect appliance for entertaining or just chilling on a nice day outside. This Beverage Refrigerator has 3 shelves and plenty of room to store your drink so you can enjoy it in style.

The Danby 5.4 Cu. Ft. Beverage Refrigerator can help save you money on energy bills and allows for climate control with the temperature setting too. The spacious interior has room for three white trimmed frosted glass shelves as well as storage space for 2-liter bottles!

The Danby 5.4 Cu. Ft. Built-In Energy Star Refrigerator is perfect for storing all of your beverages and they will stay cold with the great energy-efficient cooling system. The interior has a refreshing glass finish with two-liter bottle storage and three adjustable shelves, making it ideal for any kitchen or bar space looking to store drinks in style! Save money on wasteful energy consumption by going green with this fridge as it’s Energy Star rated–not only does it look chic but also functions great!

Named one of the best home energy savers by Popular Mechanics and Energy Star qualified, it can help you control how much electricity to use so that you save more.

Introducing the Quiet Beverage Refrigerator by Danby. Coming in at just under 300 dollars, this refrigerator/freezer combo is perfect for dorms and adults alike! With a small counter-depth design that has integrated freezer space beneath the crisply white shelves, this unit will fit everywhere you want to put it without taking up any more space. The sleek exterior greets guests with an illuminated circular LED display that tells them what can be cold (or frozen) while inside like beverages and milk–and anything else they might put on their shopping list, too! There are also special dividers underneath where meats or prepared foods can be placed so your drink doesn’t have to share a room with it anymore.

This carefully crafted fridge is energy efficient and spacious, but best of all it prevents any sudden temperature change.

The smart and stylish way to keep your drinks even colder.
Smarter than the competition: Unlike the shorter beverage refrigerator with only 12 cans, this EdgeStar fridge has plenty of room for up to 80 cans at the same time. The larger size makes a great addition for any food friend in need of extra space – take that, John!
Slim-style look: Measuring just 16” wide (that’s about two inches wider than other models!), this beverage cooler fits easily into tight spaces like a closet or beneath an office desk for “walk-in” style operation.

EdgeStar 80 Can Built-In Beverage Cooler. The EdgeStar is, as the name suggests, built for those who like to stockpile cans and bottles of all sorts in their kitchen. Featuring an internal fan that helps circulate cooling air throughout the unit this nifty fridge works hard to keep dozens upon dozens of your favorite drinks cool (or at least refreshing!), and it does so with efficiency surpassing some other models on the market today! This 12” wide slimline machine stays out of your way while still providing you everything you need to store a stock!

This is a wonderful quality beverage fridge. It can hold up to 80 cans with room for 20 glass bottles, and the inside of it has two cold areas on both ends for wine, one in the center, and shelves down either side that allow you to organize everything manually. The outside is very well designed and looks stunning when installed. It saves so much space as there’s no need for an external bin–the doors open outwards presenting the fridge beautifully without taking up any feet deep space at all-perfectly suited to contemporary kitchens. And such good value too!

Finding a beverage refrigerator that not only looks great but also runs smoothly is worth your time. The quiet design of the Danby fridge allows you to enjoy peace when entertaining friends and family too, no more noise when you want a moment’s break by yourself. And with two compartments in case, there are two types of beverages, this will be the one-stop-shop for making sure every drink is chilly (especially important given how hot summer has been!)

Meet our new, quieter space-saving model.
A great addition to your office kitchen or home bar- the Quiet Beverage Refrigerator. This counter-depth fridge white finish is a modern look for luxury living. The in coolers sits tucked inside the tall but slim design, so it can take up less room on your messy countertop while keeping all your cold drinks chilled and within arm’s reach. We included three crisper drawers that make it easy to restock snacks with ease right at the point of use whenever customers come in for more ber sticks or beverage refills- perfect!

This Beverage Fridge from Magic Chef is great for watching movies in the theater or hosting a party. Two temperature zones create a space that’s perfect for chilling drinks with ice to keep beverages cold, and one zone that has room for wine bottles too! The high-capacity interior can hold up to 77 cans and 16 bottles of delicious drinks.

Quiet Beverage Refrigerator
The Quiet, BETA-compliant Beverage Refrigerator features a SecureLock 18 point locking mechanism and digital temperature display. The LED interior lights create the ideal lighting inside the refrigerator. Weighing 98 pounds with dimensions of 33” L x 17 3/4” W x 64 1/2” H, this fridge could be placed anywhere in your kitchen or office and blend right into any decor.

Product description for Quiet Beverage Refrigerator:
The latest in beverage refrigeration. This high-quality beverage refrigerator has a solid, stainless steel hinged door and comes with a dependable 3-year limited warranty. The intelligent thermoelectric cooling system maintains the ideal refrigerator temperature so drinks are always cold. Keep your beverages at optimum refreshing temperatures! We bring to you yet another exciting appliance from our magnificent brand Quiet Home Products LLC. Purchase the perfect product today at an affordable price!

The Quiet Beverage Refrigerator has a digital temperature display, an audible alarm for low door alarms, and a wireless activation lock with password protection. It can hold up to 40 12 oz cans or 13 quart-sized beverages with space available at the bottom to add your freezer items. You don’t need to worry about interference from nosy neighbors opening our fridge because it comes with a security lock system!

The EdgeStar Outdoor Beverage Refrigerator is made from stainless steel and triple pane glass, which lets you keep the internal temperature consistent in any climate. An LCD screen displays the current temp that can be adjusted up or down by 1 degree Fahrenheit!

This is a really attractive fridge that can do it all. Made with stainless steel and triple-pane glass, the Edgestar Outdoor Beverage Refrigerator will always keep your drinks cold in any climate due to its LCD screen which displays the current temperature as well as allows for adjustments up or down by 1 degree.

This stylish fridge is made up of stainless steel and triple pane glass to ensure a stable, constant temperature in any climate. The LCD screen displays the current temp while you can adjust it by one degree from inside.

The Quiet Beverage Refrigerator is perfect for those who love the great outdoors. Made from durable externally glazed steel, it can be used as a built-in or freestanding unit to keep drinks cold and refreshing while relaxing on your patio this summer. With a low-capacity compressor that operates at lower noise levels than other fridge models, you won’t disturb any friends spending time with you in your yard.

If you are looking for a high-end outdoor refrigerator that is quiet and stylish, this is the perfect product for you! It looks fantastic in any kitchen.

Don’t sacrifice taste for convenience. Let this outdoor beverage refrigerator keep your frosty drinks fresh while you enjoy the beauty of living in a quieter, cozier lifestyle.

The Quiet Beverage Refrigerator is a durable outdoor beverage refrigerator that’s perfect for built-in or freestanding usage.
This product boasts an excellent output, and it’s a must-have in any kitchen!

Let us introduce the Quiet Beverage Refrigerator. A timeless kitchen appliance that is designed with your needs in mind. It comes with an insulated body, keeping all of its contents at their desired temperature for up to 12 hours. This durable outdoor beverage refrigerator has a white finish and can be used as a built-in or freestanding unit. Brimming with technology, this fridge also features an alarmed exterior that will inform you when it’s time to change the filters, ideal for any eco-conscious consumer! If you’re looking for something practical and efficient then look no further than the Quiet Beverage Refrigerator by Crealard Group today!

The EdgeStar 103 Can and 5 Bottle Extreme Cool Beverage Cooler is a freestanding beverage cooler that can hold up to 1000 cans of soda. The flat wire shelves are constructed with chrome and the unit features adjustable shelving for increased storage options. This cooling appliance would work well in open areas such as living spaces, offices, or even kitchens. With its stunning scalloped shelf design, it holds six packs and single bottles securely inside every space available. Once you purchase this product, you will see just how rewarding home entertaining can be!

Do you want to have a celebratory party? Normally, you would think of having an expensive pitcher and a lot of accommodations for all your friends. What if we told you that you could have it at the comfort of your home with this awesome 6-slot beverage refrigerator! This beauty is made from sturdy 18-gauge stainless steel on top of white non-watermarked vinyl-coated enamel so there’s absolutely no worry about rusting or damage. With the capacity to hold up 104 liters/11 gallons and equipped with cooling shelves, your drinks will stay fresh for hours without any problem. It also comes in two great colors: Black Powder Coat which blends well with most décor or Polished Stainless Steel which is luxurious looking too!

The EdgeStar 103 can and 5 bottle beverage cooler come with six adjustable shelves, one scalloped shelf, and a refrigerated interior. Durable construction with attractive finish.

The sleek and stylish Danby 120-Can Beverage Cooler with Lock provides the perfect place to store your favorite beverages for any occasion, inside or outside of the home. Featuring three full-size wire shelves and one half width wire shelf, it can fit 120 cans with ample storage space for wine bottles and mugs as well. The locking mechanism guarantees the interior contents remain secure at all times while a spacious glass door keeps everything neat on the outside. With a durable stainless steel exterior and black cabinet that creates an airy look in your kitchen, you can have great-looking drinks without sacrificing fragrance so everyone is sure to love this product.

Enjoy your beverages in style with the Danby 120 can beverage refrigerator, a stylish and practical solution for storing many cans of cold drinks. Rely on this impressive fridge to keep drinks cool with its three full-size wire shelves and one half-width wire shelf. Featuring a sleek exterior, stainless steel trim, and glass door this fridge is functional both internally and externally. Frost-free operation prevents accumulation of ice while maintaining consistent dispensing temperature!

The Danby 120 can beverage cooler holds an astounding 120 cans featuring three (3) full-size wire shelves and one (1) half width wire shelf. A sleek exterior with a black cabinet, stainless steel trim, and glass door make this freestanding unit stylish and functional. When you want to get your party going, grab the Danby DBC120BLS Beverage Center for a refreshed supply of drinks!

Our Quiet Beverage Refrigerator holds 120 cans and features 3 full-size wire shelves, as well as 1 half-width shelf. The black cabinet with stainless steel trim and glass door is elegant, stylish -perfect for any home environment without taking up too much space!

I was looking at this beverage center and have had it for 3 – 4 weeks now. I would recommend the unit to anyone who needs a new fridge! It looks great with its clear glass front and stainless steel trim, there’s ample storage space as well as an excellent light functionality that can always stay on or only turn on when you open the door; which is pretty nice-looking. Noises are not an issue either…overall it’s super quiet unless I crank up the temperature setting past halfway point then my beverages will be just right–not too cold but cool enough to drink.

The beverage center has a clear glass front and stainless steel trim. I’ve had it for 3 – 4 weeks now and would recommend this item to anyone. The storage space is ample, the fridge keeps everything cold, while light functionality adds to its look/appeal with either always being on or when opened only coming on then off again in an instant! The noise level wasn’t too bad… turned up just past halfway point of the temp gauge but still not quite three quarter’s so that my beverages are always cold without condensation forming inside the unit.

I have been using this beverage center for 3-4 weeks now and I am very happy with it. The unit looks great, the fridge keeps my drinks cold enough without being too noisy.