Quiet Dorm Fridge

Torrid noiseless refrigerator, the Smad, will save your money and keep your food safe from others. The low energy level (65W) doesn’t require a lot of electricity to operate while still being quiet at 0.01dBs. It comes anywhere with a reversible door hinge so it’s perfect for the dorm room or tiny home too.

The Smad fridge is a third-party company providing dorm room-sized fridges to keep your food just how you like it. It has an adjustable door, so you can open the fridge either from the left or right – whichever side suits your needs best. The design uses absorption technology which controls noise and prevents unwanted vibrations in small spaces such as dorm rooms and tiny homes. It also features a locking system for peace of mind and safety when staying over at friends’ houses or college during exam periods. Be sure to avoid leaving this one unattended though, as many customers report being unable to adjust the temperature setting when using it (only available in the freezer section).

The Smad packs a powerful punch where others fail with its absorption technology, it operates quietly and has an extra-wide door opening that will make you one happy camper.

Did you know that kids come with roommate requirements? Gone are the days when each child could have their bedroom and a slumber party on every sleepover. This means your fridge needs to be able to handle multiple types of food without going bad or making everyone sick. The Smad is energy efficient, quietly operates so it won’t interrupt your homework, and comes with an adjustable door hinge for left or right-handed opening. It also has a lock security feature in case any snacks go missing among too many hungry classmates arguing over who gets the last popsicle or granola bar.
Leave room—you need one for all those late-nighters up studying!

The world is a noisy place and for those of you who have grown accustomed to it, staying in the dorm can be hard. People everywhere are constantly talking on their phones, shouting to one another across the room, and slamming doors at 2 am. But what if we told you there was a way to escape? What if we said that not only would the Quiet Dorm Fridge work perfectly in your dorm room but also makes your fridge just as quiet too! With no distracting sound whatsoever coming from this fridge’s cool design furniture piece, feelings of annoyance may soon become ones of blissful silence. Don’t go back to bed with all these thoughts running through your mind… order today!

With the potential to save you up to $1,500 in electricity charges over the lifetime of your fridge, this Smad refrigerator is small and quiet. It comes with a reversible door hinge that allows you to adjust it for either left or right-handed opening depending on how your kitchen countertop aligns. A security lock means that when paired with a food storage system like our 3-Tier Storage Saving Rack System (sold separately) everything from your Tupperware catchalls on the top shelf, to snack items stored on the bottom rack will be protected are safe from nosy roommates who think they have access rights just because they were here first.

Do you have a small room but need to stay in the fridge? Then Smad is for you! With an output of only 65 watts, this refrigerator will not significantly contribute to your monthly savings on bills. Its noise rating is at 0.01 decibels (dB), which makes it perfect for dorms and in any other place where quietness needs to be achieved. It includes reversible doors and a security lock that will prevent anyone from touching the food inside or making off with anything past when they shouldn’t be there.

The Smad fridge has a wide range of options for dorm students. The low power usage and 0.01dB ratings are perfect for those students who tend to forget their laptop is on while studying, or the layout of your dorm room means you need a solution that will stay out of sight when not needed but still be able to keep food fresh without drawing attention from others (especially if everybody else’s room smells like old mayonnaise). For larger households, this product couldn’t work – with only limited storage and relatively expensive replacement parts in comparison to standard-sized refrigerators.

Carbon monoxide poisoning is an often overlooked hazard. Unfortunately, some food that should be refrigerated may only take a few hours to go bad and have high levels of the deadly gas created. That’s why there’s the new “Quiet Dorm Fridge”. It may seem like these appliances are just for college students or newlyweds with their first homes, but they’ve made it easier than ever to ensure fresh home-cooked meals or delicious diners stay safe from CO poisoning. You’ll never worry about barbecue disasters again if you’re preparing banquets on your patio or spending time in your expensive vacation home this summer because the Quiet Dorm Fridge will extend its fridge lifespan by up to 10x longer!

You know that gnawing feeling you get around the time of your date or a picnic when you’re just about to dig into all sorts of delicious treats and drinks–because there’s no way in hell you’re living the rest of your life eating boiled veggies and drinking water?

Cooluli Mini Fridge is a portable and highly attractive mini-refrigerator ideal for all your home, office, and care needs. It’s lightweight and user-friendly which allows you to take it anywhere you go without the hassle of carrying an extra appliance or two around. The modern shape helps free up space within your room by adding four liters worth of additional storage where you need it most. You can store any food items in this fridge because there are tiered levels inside that help maintain coolness on top as well as at the bottom.

The Cooluli Mini fridge is great for small spaces. It can be used in your office or bedroom.

A mini-fridge for your bedroom is just what you need if you love to eat in bed and don’t want to bolt it up under any kitchen counter. And with this awesome product, it’s now cheaper than ever before. With a 4 liter capacity, you’ll be able to store food on the go when necessary or get ready for that late-night viewing of ‘The Emoji Movie’. It’s made from light and durable materials that can withstand the weight of being jostled around while traveling by car, train, or plane – something all too essential these days with so many of us commuting regularly (hence why we’ve gone so psyched making sure we’re designing products for different types of the workforce).

Our 12V Cooluli Mini Fridge is a compact portable unit perfect for small spaces. Its energy-efficient design allows it to cool and heat as needed, making it ideal for use in the home office or bedroom. It measures only 18”x11”x14″ so you can store this fridge anywhere!

Cooluli Mini Fridge is a lightweight, small but mighty appliance that’s ideal for the bedroom, nursery, and offices. It features an Energy-Star rating to save you $1o annually on energy bills. The other added benefit of this mini fridge is it takes up almost zero floor space which means more room for other things and more storage versatility!

This is an ultra-compact fridge for RV, yacht, boat, or motor home. It fits in anywhere there is a 110-volt outlet – with its narrow depth it’s perfect for U-Shaped dinettes that have limited room on the side. The unit has a capacity of 17 quarts and will hold 25 cans of soda, 16 bottles of beer, and up to 80 ice cubes. Every Cooluli Compact Mini Refrigerator will allow you to enjoy your favorite drinks right where ever you are!

This 12-volt refrigerator is an ideal choice for your camper, RV, boat, or tent. Take it with you on outdoor adventures to enjoy a more energy-efficient diet with fresh produce and other snacks at hand.

What would you want from a compact fridge?
Good quality products for affordable prices? Nice features? Cool design? Compact size that’s convenient and easy to carry around when traveling or camping? Check all of the above off your grocery list – this fridge has them all!

This 15.2L mini fridge is the perfect size for RVs, home use, patios, and more. It’s easy to move around and features a lighted interior LED that provides visibility in low-lit settings. You can store up to six 12oz cans or 18 wine glasses in this space-saving air conditioner with cooling cycles of 27 hours when powered by an AC adapter (included). The door includes an internal clock so you don’t have any worries about safety for your favorite treats!

The perfect size for students’ dorms, camper vans, and RVs. The compact mini refrigerator is a real lifesaver for campers or vacationers who want to enjoy cold drinks or snacks without the expense of a larger refrigerator. Perfect for carrying-off those late-night cravings!

The RV Mini refrigerator has a sleek design that comes in a variety of colors: silver, stainless steel, black, white, and various others. It can be customized with your color to create something unique! The fridge features double-paned glass for climate control and UV protection. It carries up to 225 pounds of food between freezer storage and the 1.6 cubic feet of usable space inside the fridge area! Every unit is carefully tested before being shipped– delivering peace of mind and satisfaction guaranteed by PCN Designs!

This fridge is ideal for camping. It has a high-quality 18V/3A input on the power switch, which will make it very easy to use during your RV trips or outdoor activities. The size is perfect for quick outings like sourcing ingredients to cook out with friends and family. What’s more? It comes in a beautiful blue color that complements any décor you want to have!

Yet another guest in your house needs to be fed with nutritious food ASAP? Don’t worry, we still have this far-out and beautiful fridge for you. When the summer comes in, it’ll come in handy when you’re hiking or camping and there’s no store insight (be very careful of how much weight you carry on your back). This microwave cooler can also keep all of those drinks cool while you bake some yummy treats or even go swimming! It will be a perfect little friend for anyone that goes on adventures. The colorful design is trimmed with high-quality wood accents which will light up any room. Stop by today to get yours!

Dorms are already too noisy. Your food, wallet, and friends will never yell at you again with the help of Danby DAR259BL 2.5-Cu Designer Refrigerator! The best asset this unit has to offer is versatility: it’s affordable, power-efficient, and effortlessly designed for easy placement behind a couch or against a wall.

Would you say that you’re looking for a mini-fridge for your dorm? If so, look no further because the Danby DAR259BL 2.5-Cu Designer Refrigerator is what you need! This refrigerator is ideal for tight spaces without compromising on comfort thanks to its Energy Star certification and its power efficiency. With an automatic defrost and mechanical thermostat, this silent wonder of technology will keep your many beverages chilled with ease all year round. It’s also designed with a scratch-resistant worktop and sleek back design for easy fit against walls – making it perfect if space is at an issue or in-home or apartment living.

This mini refrigerator falls in a side of refrigerators that are more affordable but have all the quality features. With multiple shelves, light-up controls, and dials, you can store everything necessary for snacks or beverages when needed! Get this bestseller today.

If you want a refrigerator that fits in your RV, shop with Danby. Their DAR259BL 2.5-Cu Designer Refrigerator is an Energy Star certified unit with defrosting capabilities and several other features to make it easy for you. With over 1/3 of Americans living on the go, this fridge would be perfect for a variety of lifestyles as small as yours or a huge one like mine!

The Danby Designer Refrigerator is an Energy Star certified mini-fridge. It comes with a scratch-resistant worktop and sleek design that easily fits against the wall, so your limited space is maximized. Take comfort knowing you can store all sorts of foods like beverages, hamburgers, or ice cream! Put it in your office, living room, or bedroom to keep your food at the perfect temperature. This refrigerator also includes 2 full shelves and 1 half shelf for optimal storage options. If you’re looking for a quiet way to store perishables without costing too much money then this might be the product for you!

The Danby Designer Refrigerator is not only affordable, but it’s the best RV fridge for your money. The unit employs automatic defrost and a mechanical thermostat to offer effortless control over how much energy you use with its Energy Star Certification. Plus, this refrigerator has a reversible door hinge, 2 full shelves, and 1 half shelf for greater versatility when storing foods and beverages – including sodas and cans! Other fantastic features include a can dispenser on top of the design that offers a stylish appearance to your kitchen or dorm room as well as a scratch-resistant worktop.

The quiet dorm fridge from Danby DAR259BL 2.5-Cu Designer Refrigerator is a spectacular gift for students who are living in dormitories and share kitchen space with their roommates. The RV’s built-in CanStor beverage dispenser allows students to enjoy chilled drinks at any time of the day or night without disturbing anyone on the other side of their room. Besides, this refrigerator comes equipped with reversible hinges, an automatic defrost and a mechanical thermostat that guarantees your food will stay safe while being affordable!

The Danby DAR259BL 2.5-Cu Designer Refrigerator is a compact fridge perfect for college dorms, as well as other small spaces like RV’s and boat cabins. It features an Energy Star-certified refrigerator with automatic defrost and a mechanical thermostat. The black cabinet design provides maximum storage space while also having a sleek back design that allows it to fit perfectly against walls while the reversible door hinge is great if you’re interested in maximizing your under-counter space. Finally, this unit comes equipped with the CanStor beverage dispenser so you can get up from your seat every time you want a refreshment – whether that’s beer or milk!

Kuppet Compact Refrigerator is a compact and lightweight refrigerator that you can move, for example from your garage to your basement depending on the season. Its heat-free insulation with compressible foam construction means it produces no sound or any vibration when in use. These features allow you to have this fridge wherever you need it without disturbing anyone else in the house!
This refrigerator has just enough room for a 2-liter bottle of soda, cider, beer, or even ice cream tubs (also included). There is nothing better than having all the food and drinks right at your fingertips whenever someone decides they want another cold refreshment.

Do you have kids that love to snack and beverages throughout the day?
This mini-fridge is perfect for their room. It’s stocked with water, soft drinks, and snacks so they’ll be able to avoid begging when they’re hungry or thirsty. The sleek black color looks great in any decor too!

You can store your favorite foods and drinks to have quick access when needed. It is ideal for the camper, garage, or basement of a resident that doesn’t need much space. The Kuppet Compact Refrigerator is composed of double-door functionality with a freezer compartment to provide enough storage functionality without taking up too much bulk at home.

Hesitant to be overheard while out camping or you don’t want a big noisy refrigerator in your garage? The Kuppet Compact Refrigerator is the quietest mini fridge for all your needs. It can fit easily into a corner of your room, garage, or basement. You can store snacks and beverages inside it so they don’t spoil in the sun! Need to keep food cold at home? This small fridge will keep other pantry goods fresh without making a lot of noise!

If you enjoy nature and long for that fresh air during the summer days, then try camping at your favorite place with Quiet Dorm Fridge. It’s the best refrigerator to help keep your food and drinks cold without disturbing the peace.
Keeping things fresh is always important whether it’s a garage or basement where the Kuppet Compact Refrigerator will be there just waiting to give you access to your love snacks from all over. Let this double door fridge with a freezer compartment assist you in stashing some goodies at one convenient location wherein everyone can find them!

Quiet Dorm Fridge

Are you an avid camper? If you enjoy visiting nature during those hot summer days, it’s important to get a refrigerator that will keep your snacks and beverages cold quietly. The Kuppet Compact Refrigerator is the best and quiet mini fridge that fits all three purposes: for use at home or outdoors. It features two swing doors with plenty of room for storing snacks, drinks, and even meals while on camping trips. A freezer compartment gives quality storage space for frozen food items like ice cream!

The Quiet Dorm Fridge ensures the quality of your drinks, fruits, and ice crease held in it. It operates quietly at less than 40 decibels (dB) hence maintaining a quiet working environment. Other features you will get with this mini fridge include precise/accurate temperature control to ensure that the freshness of your snacks/drinks is maintained along with a reversible door for left or right-hand opening option. Magic Chef is a brand that has established itself in the world of home appliances; however one beats them all! The Quiet Dorm Fridge by the said company has been built to perfection which makes it an excellent buy for college students and office goers alike!

Are your cabinets running out of space for storing your food and drinks? You need to install a refrigerator. Come visit our store for an affordable, reliable Quiet Dorm Fridge! Welcome to the future- better living with magic chef refrigerators.

Magic Chef is a brand that has established itself in the world of home appliances. There are a variety of minifridges on the market today, but one beats them all. The Magic Chef Quiet Dorm Fridge features innovative technologies such as accurate temperature control and precise door opening design to give you an optimal fridge experience at an affordable price too!

Quiet Dorm Fridge
Is it possible to not disturb your roommates or other residents in the dormitory when you feel thirsty, hungry? This mini fridge offers a way out. Equipped with a noise level of less than 40DBA and a reversible door (left and right hands), this product brings an immersive experience at home while ensuring that the freshness of your food is preserved. What’s more, this unit automatically maintains the precise temperature in keeping water or drinks ice cold as well as maintaining low energy consumption levels. It also features storage spaces for drinks, fruits, ice creases- all items required for convenient snacking when wearing fatigued!

The Magic Chef MCBR440S2 mini-fridge is modern, sleek, and convenient. It’s perfect for anyone in a small dormitory-sized space that wants the benefits of a regular fridge but doesn’t want all the bulk. You’ll have plenty of space with two shelves inside as well as an adjustable glass shelf to hold food on the door. The best part about this refrigerator? When you come home, your dinner will be just as fresh and cold as when you put it away due to its innovative 3D cooling system which constantly circulates cool air throughout the entire interior area.

The next evolution of dorm life. The Quiet Dorm Fridge by Magic Chef is perfect for the small apartment or shared dorm space, sans the bulkiness typically found in traditional refrigerators. With a sleek black finish and a clean-lined exterior, this industrial-grade fridge will look great in any kitchen – even if it’s not your own! Filled with useful features like interior LED lighting and an adjustable shelving system. It also includes premium touches like vegetable crispers and built-in storage compartments making it twice as versatile as most mini fridges on the market.

A dorm room fridge, perfect for those who share a refrigerator or just want one the size of a regular fridge. Quiet Dorm Fridge can be placed in any area of your dorm as it only takes up 15 inches on both its lateral and front dimensions. Plus, there’s no need to worry about condensation because this Magic Chef has been designed with ductless venting. It features stainless steel shelves so all you have to do is tidy up before heading away from home again!

The MCBR440S2 is the perfect choice for those of you who prefer medium-sized refrigerators – something that falls in between traditional freezers and mini-refrigerators. It has a lot of nice features, including interior lighting, removable glass shelves, crisper drawers, and a bottom freezer.

The Quiet Dorm Fridge, just what you need for a perfect dorm room. Enjoy the convenience of having your fridge without all the bulkiness. With features such as interior lighting and removable glass shelves, this product is perfect for those who have a love for organization inside their refrigerator.

The medium-sized Quiet Dorm Fridge from Magic Chef is perfect for those who want the convenience of a refrigerator without excessive bulk. This mini fridge has an illuminated interior and glass shelves for all your favorite foods and beverages, as well as a crisper drawer to handle off-season crops.

Small and smart, this mini fridge features a drawer for drinks, beverages that fit a can dispenser, and a rack with clips to store large items. Noise is perceived differently by the human ear. What you consider noisy might be quiet to your partner’s ear. Taking this into consideration I find Danby’s refrigerator quieter than Frigidaire; however, when taking other factors such as portability and pricing into consideration Frigidaire wins thanks to the Freidgared Retro Mini Compact Beverage Refrigerator which is both portable and quite affordable.

The Quiet Dorm Fridge is the perfect size for most dorm rooms, able to fit in small spaces without being too intrusive. This fridge contains a drawer space, beverage CAN dispenser, and also has a rack for storing large items. You’ll have to consider how loud you are trying to keep things since noise perception varies by the person; however, ultimately it would take higher-end models to beat the Danby after considering portability and pricing issues that come with larger units (consumers typically find these annoying).

We have been putting on music festivals since 2005, and because we care about your experience as much as ours, we made QUIET DRIP coffee to give you the perfect cup of Joe no matter where life takes you.
Outdoor Coffee Co: Quiet Drip Mexican blend – Ground
Is there anything better than a freshly brewed cup of coffee by the campfire? With our new fresh ground batch beans and original design packaging designed for optimal mouth position & flavor release, we think not. We added magnesium stearate to make sure these beans dissolve quickly in hot water so you can enjoy that hot java any place and never waste a single precious minute waiting!

The Quiet Dorm Fridge is the perfect companion for college students. With a beverage CAN dispenser, and a rack for storing large items.

What mini-fridge is most quiet? Mini fridges differ in their level of noise-Danby is quieter than frigidaire when it comes to the decibels played back at you. However, when other factors are considered such as portability and pricing, frigidaire wins thanks to this retro compact refrigerator which is lightweight and affordable.

Best Quiet Fridge Reviews | Buying Guide 2018

We all know how annoying the sound of a regular refrigerator is, but the search for one that doesn’t make so much noise becomes even more difficult. Is there such thing as a fridge that’s quiet? Well, I’ll tell you this: I’ve found it! The product spoils you with two shelves and 10.0 quarts of space to store your food and beverages just fine – in peace! But what people love most about it though is its whisper-quiet operation plus three adjustable wire racks that can be placed on top or below freezer compartments. Wonder if they might work well with frozen pizzas?

The Quiet Dorm Fridge is just the fridge you’ve been looking for! It features a large drawer, beverage CAN dispenser, and a rack that’s perfect for storing everything big. This dorm mini fridge is sure to keep all your snacks chilled and fresh without being too noisy thanks to its noise insulation plus sound-absorbing linings. Plus it comes with some pretty awesome features such as a cool forward door hinge design, LED display light, and flexible ice reservoir system.

Our product is a mini-fridge with a drawer, beverage CAN dispenser, and a rack for storing large items. It’s fairly small at 27 inches in height and 17.5 inches in width, so it would work great as additional storage space if you need to store things like alcohol or oversized beverages. The Quiet Dorm Fridge also has two shelves that are adjustable to meet your needs and preferences; the top shelf holds up to four 12-ounce bottles while the bottom one can hold six 500 mL bottles of beverages such as water bottles or soda cans.

There are three types of refrigerators: compressor powered, thermoelectric, and absorption. Compressor-powered refrigerator is the noisiest type because it depends on 110V socket power or 12v DC battery to function. On the other hand, an absorption fridge can be operated by LPG gas or a 12 V battery depending on what you need most in your household kitchen.

Different types of refrigerators exist including absorption, compressor, and thermoelectric. Compressor-powered generators are the noisiest type with two-way fridges relying on 110V socket power or 12v battery as their sources for energy. Absorption refrigerators operate using a gas flow heat exchange system to keep absorbing heat away from the fridge interior which keeps it at its lowest temperature setting.

In the world of appliances, there are different types: absorption refrigerators, compressor-powered fridges, and thermoelectric ones. The noisiest type is the one run by a two-way fridge – these rely on 110V socket power or 12v DC battery supply for their operation. They’re also known as ‘two way’ because they can be powered from either electricity to gas supplies (110 V), while some others may prefer using just electric current only if you have access to an inverter generator that produces alternating currents with a lower voltage such as this vacuum cleaner which generates 24 volts in high-efficiency mode at about 1/4 horsepower!

There are different types of refrigerators, such as absorption and compressor-powered generators. The compressor-powered generator is the noisiest type; it’s also known as two-way fridges because they rely on 110V socket power or a 12v DC battery. Absorption refrigerators can be operated using LPG gas, batteries with a voltage below 115 V AC (12 V), or sockets for appliances like ours at home where we have electric current that ranges between 120 to 240 volts Alternating Current (AC).

There are many different types of refrigerators but there is a basic understanding to know which one you need. There are three main kinds: absorption, compressor, and thermoelectric. Compressor powered generators can be noisy because they rely on 110V socket power or 12v DC battery while the other two use gas flow heat exchange system for cooling that uses LPG gas, 12 V battery or 110V socket power respectively with an advantage over being quieter than those made by compressor-powered ones; however, their prices might vary depending on what type you want to choose between them all in terms of efficiency and comfort as well.

To fully understand the complexity of modern cars, we need to explore different types and components. One such example is car refrigerators which are typically categorized by three attributes: absorption heat exchange system, compressor power source, or thermoelectric cooling technology. Compressor powered generator is the noisiest type with an output sound that can be as high as 75 dB; it’s also known as two-way fridges because they rely on 110V socket power or 12v DC battery for domestic use while generating a maximum noise level at this rate – not recommended for residential neighborhoods! Absorption refrigerators are more energy-efficient than most other methods but must have access to LPG gas supply otherwise will require running electricity from time to time.

Quiet dorm fridges are perfect for those who live in loud apartment buildings or dormitories. Absorption refrigerators use advanced technology that is more efficient than electric motor compressor refrigerators. The downside of absorption refrigerators is lower performance when used under ambient temperatures as they must be turned off to allow them to attain ambient temperature before they’re switched back on again, which defeats the purpose of having a fridge altogether if you can’t keep your food items cold enough. If coolers and wine dispenser is your preference, then a thermoelectric fridge should be recommended over an absorption one due to its ability to function at various room temperatures while still being quiet.

With this Quiet Dorm Fridge, you’ll finally be able to focus on your Z-word. Studies say that even the noise of a refrigerator can disrupt sleep patterns for people who live with it sharing their living quarters.
Ours will keep things nice and quiet so now you can rest easy, read a book before bed or have just one more game of Call Of Duty Modern Warfare. We’re not suggesting that staying up all night is healthy or constructive but if someone does need to pull an all-nighter there’s nothing worse than being woken up by the sound of your fridge at 2 am! So curl up in warmth knowing your food won’t spoil because unlike other fridges ours stays cool while giving off less noise!

The Quiet Dorm Fridge has come to the rescue with its proprietary air-conditioner technology that produces lower noise levels than traditional absorption fridges. Even better, it does not produce too much heat when used in warmer climates, so keep your snacks even fresher this summer!

A fridge is the best friend of a person who likes to stock up on cold drinks and delicious food. The only downside with such good companionship is refrigerators can be noisy especially when you have them in your dorm room. Luckily, there are options for quiet fridges that don’t let the accumulated noise get too much for them!

An absorption refrigerator operates by using two heat exchangers connected through a shared tube filled with coolant. As hot coolant passes through one side, it attaches itself onto the cooler surface on the other side after passing across this tube at an increased temperature and thus gives off more heat than was given originally from its operation, without any additional energy input required.

Meet the best dorm-room fridge that there is! No more having to sleep with your headphones on because you’re too uncomfortable with the noise of a compressor refrigerator. Say goodbye to feeling frustrated at not having fresh produce after forgetting and leave those flimsy, leaky thermoelectric coolers behind for good! Quiet Dorm Fridges are perfect for providing cooler air without any noise or discomfort from heavy vibrations like traditional refrigerators.

Muscle-powered, and bone-silent. In these days of noisy compressors, it’s nice to have a fridge that doesn’t disrupt your sleep habits. Perfect for roommates who are studying late at night, or early in the morning. Great for those with allergies or asthma too – no compressor means less dust and irritants!

As any noise-conscious consumer knows, dorms are rife with troublesome and unwelcome noise. This is precisely why the Quiet Dorm Fridge was designed to be as quiet as possible so you can enjoy a peaceful meal or nap with your friends. Alongside this abridged noise profile, its compact size will maximize desktops while minimizing sensitive space usage.

The Quiet Dorm Refrigerator: For aficionados of silence and efficiency, the Quiet Dorm Refrigerator is just what you need. It has an absorption refrigerator that saves energy by lowering only to a given temperature below the room temperature/ambient temperatures.

Our revolutionary absorption fridges are environmentally friendly, as they operate quietly. These dorm room refrigerators work better in warmer climates than those that use compressors. You won’t have to worry about inflated electricity bills due to the low temperature, but you’ll also experience a slightly increased rate of corrosion with the refrigerator over time if it operates continuously below 5°C – 6°C degrees (40°F).