Quiet Mini Fridge For Office With Freezer

The quiet feature on this gadget is so good we weren’t even able to hear the motor running while it was in use in our office. Having a public or family office can make for constant interruptions and noise as people walk by, but never again! It only stands 3ft tall so you can put it anywhere without sacrificing anything else for storage space. The shelves are adjustable, which means your milk won’t be getting knocked over when you accidentally just bump into something! Recommendation: Put this mini-fridge next to your couch or chair – not because we’re lazy, but because then there’s a much smaller chance that a loved one will forget about doing their share of the dishes.

The most affordable mini fridge for every workspace and budget out there, with Home Depot coupons perfect for student projects.
Designing a dorm room? The Best Mini Fridges For Every Space And Budget can house all of your necessities in this tiny little package! Though they might be small in stature, these devices pack a punch when it comes to keeping inside temperatures at a consistent level without any fluctuations. This is great news for students who might have an occasional midnight snack or need something cold at the stroke of noon. Not only do these little helpers keep food fresh longer, but some even come with added functions like freezer compartments or ice trays on the door! We love that college dorm life gets so much easier with one of these babies.

The mini fridge with plenty of space for your ever-growing dorm room has just been updated to include a freezer. This means you can pack more takeaways than ice cream and enjoy all the goodies in between. Plus, even if there’s a power outage this refrigerator will keep on freezing. And while it has many practical benefits, it also adds a certain delectable aesthetic to any room in need of something nice (like these iced black walls).
This product description is creative because it focuses on how the new update provides features that would come in handy for dorm life: storage space and frozen food!

One of the Best Mini Fridges for Every Budget and Space
Whether you’re looking to outfit your dorm, garage, or home office with a little fridge, the options are endless when it comes to budget. The price will depend on where you’re putting your mini-fridge (compact refrigerators live in cramped spaces, tall models work best when there is storage above), how much space your new appliance needs (some houses have no room for a built-in refrigerator!), and what kind of cooling power meets your needs (anywhere between 15W up to 350W). It can be intimidating navigating all these features—especially from behind four floor-to-ceiling piles of laundry that need folding!

The Quiet Mini Fridge is perfect for small spaces like dorms, tiny homes, or offices. Is an efficient compressor mini refrigerator with a freezer and whisper-quiet operation to keep your office serene. 55 Quart Capacity: It’s the size of a six-pack so you’ll have plenty of food storage on hand. Side clip shelves: Sturdy enough to hold beer bottles but removes easily for easier access. Energy Star Rated And 1 Year Warranty: Cools efficiently and uses less power than full-sized refrigerators!

Do you need a mini-fridge for your dorm, office, workspace? A charming Quiet Mini Fridge For Office With Freezer can be the best choice. You will enjoy a living room with this mini-refrigerator to store cold drinks and food. Be free from worries about a power outage or not running out of ice with this standalone refrigerator!

The smallest of the storage compartments are for storing beverages. Storing items within the fridge is critical for maintaining a good temperature inside. The colder your drinks, the better they’ll taste! When shopping around, get one with alarms that let you know when it’s done cooling – and a freezer compartment on top, to properly store bulk purchases. Quiet Mini Fridge For Office With Freezer is made for people who like to save money and live a more environmentally friendly lifestyle. Purchase this fridge today, install it with the provided mounting hardware and plug, fill it up as needed with some cans of soda or water bottles, put the freezer on your desk free food without running their air conditioning when you are using your computer like most office workers do every day.

The Quiet Mini Fridge is a great fridge for the office. It can hold twelve 12-ounce cans or six 2-liter bottles, so there’s plenty of room for drinks even on a tight work week hack. It also comes with a freezer that would be perfect for keeping ice-cold treats frozen! Not to mention, it doesn’t just have one awesome feature: this mini fridge is whisper quiet–perfect if you’re in a busy professional environment and need some quiet.

Mini fridges are a convenient way to store your perishable items in the garage, basement, or attic. They make it easy to reach for sports drinks and water during summer this time of year when having an ice-cold drink is very refreshing! You can also find a mini-fridge to add as a kitchenette for Airbnb renters so that they have all they need (other than cookware).

A mini-fridge is a favorite appliance in many households. The mini-fridge has several uses such as storing beverages at an ideal temperature, keeping food fresh or cold, or using it to serve cheese and wine for guests one evening out on the patio; however, its most important usefulness for a lot of people is storing beverages close by when hosting big family dinners so guests can help themselves. Since there are so many different types of appliances available and varying features included with each style, take time to consider what you are looking for before making your purchase.

It’s no wonder why the mini-fridge has grown in popularity so quickly. From having a beverage chiller for an office to storing food and beverages in a garage or basement apartment, the mini-fridge is our go-to item when we live on the road. It also works great for places that don’t have as much storage space (i.e., tiny houses). There are many different styles or brands of mini-fridges to choose from now, all with their unique features and benefits. We recommend looking at these before making any decision on buying one that will be right for your needs ahead of time!

For those looking for a compact refrigerator to store beverages such as iced tea and milk, the mini-fridge is just what you need. They have a freezer drawer perfect for storing ice cream or other frozen foods. The temperature range on the beverage chiller will keep your drinks at just below freezing while maintaining their fizziness when they’re thawed out! For a little bit more money you can get one that also has an alarm feature, so if anything’s about to expire, it’ll tell you with an extra pop of cool air before making it rotten in your palm
Maintain freshness and save space. Liquid chilling means added convenience with less massaging after placing items into storage containers.

The Mini Fridge is a popular choice for the storage of beverages and food with different temperature settings. They’re great for home, office use, in basements, or dorms. These are perfect if you want to save money on eating out! There are many uses for these super handy appliances.

We designed this powerful mini fridge for offices with an extra freezer so the contents are always close at hand. We know how distracting a nosy co-worker can be, or when meetings are scheduled all day AND need food on standby! That is why we gave this product such a sleek and smart design that fits into any office décor. It doesn’t even have to take up floor space! All of your needs will be met thanks to the 20L beverage dispenser and 8L free-standing freezer that keep snacks and drinks fresh in style without ice packs! The USB charging ports allow you to create the perfect bodega ambiance while staying productive with deadlines looming over your head. Never go hungry before lunchtime again.

Storing your food or beverage in a mini-fridge can be the perfect solution for giving yourself some space in your kitchen. But if you get a model without frost-free freezer compartments, then you might have to plan by keeping an ice block nearby as it will not keep perishable food at a cool enough temperature to safely store and consume. Other factors are a size which is measured in cubic feet, and whether or not there’s an option with a freezer component but don’t worry about that because we’ve done our research and compiled lists of the best options out there from quiet models to those with budgets so take a look below!

Sleek and compact, this sleek black mini fridge is the perfect size for a home office. It has just enough space to store all your cold foods and drinks while taking up minimal counter space in your office! With an adjustable thermostat that goes from thirty-six degrees Fahrenheit to fifty-two degrees Fahrenheit (that’s nineteen Celsius), you’ll be able to keep everything at the temperature you need it.

The KitchenAid KBM100FWXIA Quiet Mini Fridge For Office With Freezer is the ideal purchase for those who want something that’s been thoughtfully designed to fit perfectly in a corner of their office. The outside dimensions are about 23″ L x 24″ W x 22.5″ H, with a 5-cubic-foot interior size and an optional freezer on top for hand-frozen ice cream! It comes equipped with two levels of cooling settings so you can choose the one that saves energy without sacrificing quality—features like this make it our best overall pick.

The best mini fridges for any office may have a freezer. These usually are rated with cubic feet and they should not be too small to store food adequately. The cooler settings vary but the beverage chiller will not keep perishable food or beverages at cool enough temperatures for safe storage and consumption. Size can be measured in cubic feet, as an important factor, while the option of having a freezer is always available. The following list includes only the best options that are durable and innovative including those which minimize noise–the best when you’re just trying to get your work done!

The Midea WHD-379N0S is a great contender for the best mini fridge out there. A standout feature of this fridge is that it’s surprisingly quiet, with noise levels ranging between 41 and 48 decibels depending on how cold you keep your food in the freezer section. Another aspect we liked about this appliance is its various cooling settings, which range from 40 to 18 degrees Fahrenheit. It’s also perfect for tight spaces due to its compact structure; at 10.8 inches tall by 16 inches wide and 14 inches deep, it will fit into even small apartments without blocking access to anything behind or around it.

Have a specific problem storing your perishable foods? Do you live in a house or an apartment with very little storage space and need the convenience of having food at hand? This mini-fridge is packed full of features that make it convenient for both the individual and those who lack cooking facilities due to living circumstances. With dual cooling, this model can fit easily in even the smallest spaces. And if you’re soylent meant to be saving money on groceries, then look no further as this great combo will keep all of your perishables organized so they won’t go bad before their expiration date.

We designed this powerful mini fridge for offices with an extra freezer so the contents are always close at hand. We know how distracting a nosy co-worker can be, or when meetings are scheduled all day AND need food on standby! That is why we gave this product such a sleek and smart design that fits into any office décor. It doesn’t even have to take up floor space! All of your needs will be met thanks to the 20L beverage dispenser and 8L free-standing freezer that keep snacks and drinks fresh in style without ice packs! The USB charging ports allow you to create the perfect bodega ambiance while staying productive with deadlines looming over your head. Never go hungry again before lunchtime.

This Midea mini-fridge hits the sweet spot for all-around value. It’s just over three cubic feet, which is fairly large for a mini-fridge. It’s less than $230 (with free shipping). And it has two separate doors which are reversible so you can change how the doors open depending on where you are in your dorm room — we wouldn’t want to make that mistake again! There is nothing worse than not having enough storage space, and with this choice of a compact refrigerator, we have some extra space. This product should be packed into consideration next time a college student needs to purchase or upgrade their dorm room appliances.

Introducing the ultimate in food storage: The Quiet Mini Fridge For Office With Freezer. Roomy enough for a whole chicken plus your favorite products, it’s nice to have access to everything you need and want without having to break your back lugging groceries on the subway or bus. Plus, at less than $230 (with free shipping) what are you waiting for? Hurry up before they’re gone! This mini-fridge is the perfect choice for everyone who loves frozen foods. It’s less than four cubic feet, which means it isn’t too big to be in your dorm room or apartment, and it has a built-in freezer compartment that is just right for storing ice cream or food prep items. If you need energy efficiency (because one of those pesky electricity bills keeps coming), this model also boasts an Energy Star rating!

This Midea mini fridge is the best option for a full-sized product with a freezer. It’s one of the cheaper models on our list, but its 3.1 cubic feet size and reversible door make it easy to use in any space — just move or change dorm rooms and you can keep your fridge arrangements constant, even when they shift! The top stainless steel finish pairs well with any kitchen decor, without looking too dated for several years from now.

If work is keeping you away from home-cooked meals, give the office fridge a break. Keep your recipes—and freezer foods—frosty and fresh with this Midea mini fridge that has two reversible doors for easy storage swaps and an extra deep freezer compartment that holds up to 26 pounds of ice cream or frozen goods. With three cubic feet of spaciousness, there’s more than enough space for snacks and sodas too. But don’t worry! You’ll still have plenty of room in this little beauty without it making a big dent in your budget thanks to a sale price that’s just over $230 (with free shipping).

This cool little guy is like the assistant for your meal prepping needs. With an average size freezer and roomy interior space, you’ll have plenty of time to make enough food for the entire week. The two doors open opposite sides, so if you’re placing it against a wall in a dorm or small home office setting, now things will fit just how they need to!

The EdgeStar is an ideal appliance for any child who needs a place to store their snacks. It has a freezer and fridge in one, so there is enough room for all your favorite frozen treats as well as plenty of ice cubes and drinks! The doors are strategically designed to open with ease and if the fridge does become too warm you can just push in the control buttons at the top until it gets chilly again. Since this mini fridge is such high quality, your kitchen will stay cool while also staying organized thanks to its temperature-controlled wire shelves!

EdgeStar Energy Star Fridge/Freezer: This Mini Fridge Freezer is a medium caloric freezer designed for room-sized kitchens with users who want more control over their temperature settings. Four shelves can be adjusted, and two crispers inside the refrigerator section. It’s also easy to clean.

EdgeStar Energy Star Fridge/Freezer
Best Large-Capacity Mini Fridge
It’s an oxymoron, but there are some great jumbo mini-fridges out there. These not-so-small appliances are perfect for rental suites or a guest cottage where you need to create a small kitchenette. One of the best we found is the EKBRKR18S EdgeStar Energy Star Fridge/Freezer with extra helpful storage features that allow easy food and drink organization. The 18 cubic foot built-in freezer is fantastic because it has its separate fridge compartment, and it keeps items ice cold unlike those sad little freezers flaps on others.

For every tenant’s dream, the EdgeStar Mini Refrigerator/Freezer is a must in any office. This mini fridge offers the perfect solution to keeping snacks like sandwiches and muffins cold so that you don’t need to take your lunches home every night! The freezer side also features an ice cube tray for those workdays just ridiculously hot. EdgeStar Energy Star Fridge/Freezer, best Large-Capacity Mini Fridge. It’s an oxymoron, but there are some great jumbo mini-fridges out there. These not-so-small appliances are perfect for rental suites or a guest cottage where you need to create a small kitchenette. One of the best we found is the EdgeStar Energy Star Fridge/Freezer from Home Depot Canada–this 26-inch tall fridge freezer combo features internal water and ice dispenser, SmartPower technology that conserves energy by automatically powering up and down as needed, and a quieter generator motor for no more annoying hum!

The EdgeStar Energy Star Fridge/Freezer is one of the most popular large-cupboard mini-fridges on the market. The fridge has a huge freezer that easily accommodates snacks, ice cream, and small bags of frozen vegetables. It also features a separate door to its freezer which helps keep items fresh for longer periods when in use. Quiet Mini Fridge For Office With Freezer
EdgeStar Energy Star Fridge/Freezer A mini fridge freezer like this EdgeStar is worth the investment. What separates it from all the other brands that are out there? The capacity, for one thing, has a huge freezer and conveniently separate doors. It also features an energy star so you know it’s eco-friendly while giving you top performance for cooling things down quickly! The EdgeStar mini fridge freezer is perfect for making a tiny kitchen match the space of an office. It features a large compartment for the refrigerator and a separate freezer door that keeps your frozen goods as cold as can be.

The FRS24B1AN-RQ is an Energy Star certified, stainless steel refrigerator that can hold up to 16 cans with space left over for a gallon of milk and even ice. If you’ve been looking for a more spacious alternative at the office or just want a mini-fridge for your dorm room, this is perfect! With its simplistic design and lack of a freezer, it doesn’t have as much variety in terms of food storage options but it does what it’s meant to do well: provide chilled drinks when you need them.

Mini Fridge For Office With Freezer
At a whopping 4.4 cubic feet, this thing can hold a 12-pack of soda and a full gallon of milk with tons of room to spare. It is traditionally designed with your needs in mind – it doesn’t have a freezer, but if you’re looking for the maximum amount of fridge storage, this is your best buy. Get yours today! Are you looking for a mini-fridge to store various cold drinks and snacks without taking up too much floor space at your desk? This Insignia mini fridge is just what you need! You can easily fit the contents of a twelve-pack of soda or other beverages in this one cubic foot of freezer-less storage. Perfect if all you want is cold food and drink, notice!

Moving to a new place and need a fridge resembling that of mom’s? COOL! This Alton’s Freestanding Stainless Steel Mini Fridge has two sections: one for the freezer, and one for the refrigerator. With interior space of 7.4 cubic feet, this mini fridge is just perfect for holding a 12-pack of soda (or an XL container of ice cream) while not taking up much room at all in your apartment. The exterior design is beautiful stainless steel with black handles. Best yet, it comes with free shipping as well as a 5-year warranty! Talk about getting bang for your buck! We’ll take two or three, please! A simple, economical mini-fridge that will keep your cold drinks frosty and everything else fresh. It’s also a great option if you don’t need a freezer and just want to keep cool stuff around the office.

The fussiest of roommates know an important thing about any refrigerator: they don’t want to buy one that sounds like a spaceship or have their sleep interrupted. Thankfully, there’s the Smad mini-fridge! Quiet and efficient with just enough room for water, soft drinks, and milk. And you’ll be so impressed with its compact size – it won’t take up too much space in your home office either. We all have a soft spot for snacks, and it is important to keep them right at our fingertips with the help of this portable fridge. This mini fridge will ensure that you’ll never be far from some cold food in case hunger strikes in midst of a morning lecture or late-night studying session. Weighing less than 10 pounds, the office-friendly physique allows for easy storeroom space while its cool compartment will fit up to 12 liters so your chips stay delicious. Not only does this refrigerator have an icebox inside but also has a freezer!

The most perfect and compact mini-fridge that I’ve seen. Enough room for a six-pack of soda or a milk carton fits perfectly in the space. It’s so quiet you can’t even hear it running, which is great because if there were sound involved in a refrigerator run, then every time I opened my fridge at night to grab something from it (which happens often) would mean being woken up by the noise. BRILLIANT! And besides that, this is just an awesomely efficient product with so many features as some kind of fancy cooling technology to help your food last longer inside–even when taking out all the shelves and rearranging them however you please!

The Insignia 1.7 Cu. Ft. Mini Fridge is one of the smallest mini-fridge, but it still has enough room for a six-pack of soda and a small carton of milk. This compact machine is made with “low-noise technology” which makes it perfect for those who have to sleep close to their mini-fridge like in dorms or tiny houses! It’s so quiet that the company stated on the product page to clarify that the fridge is running even if you can barely hear it! One of the smallest mini-fridges, but it still has enough room for a six-pack of soda and a small carton of milk.

The Smad Mini-Fridge is the perfect answer for any level of silence you require. So quiet that the company stated on their product page to clarify that it’s running, even if you can’t hear it. This compact machine comes with “low-noise technology” and will satisfy light sleepers with its soundless design!
Would recommend this fridge if one has roommates they are trying to disturb at night or personally suffers from anxiety.

Create a space of your own with this quiet under-desk mini-fridge featuring an accessible freezer compartment. It can be locked for added security and comes in an elegant brushed stainless steel that blends well into any environment or setting, giving you the chance to doodle on the dry erase board door panels. The refrigerated area features French doors for easy access to your most coveted snacks such as cold cuts, cheeses, veggies – anything! Freezer temperature is kept at -5° Fahrenheit which will keep food frozen and fresh until ready to eat or enjoy later on. You may have noticed a magnetic notepad attached to the outside of the front flap?

Smad Mini Fridge With Lock
If your life is hectic and loud, you need a small fridge that can fit anywhere. This teeny tinny refrigerator from Midea comes in brushed stainless steel. The surface of the inside is white while the door of the outside is a dry erase board so you can leave reminders or jot down notes on it as well. Say goodbye to noisy dorm parties with this space-saving refrigeration appliance! While the design may be basic, many features are waiting for you here such as an adjustable thermostat, lockable door, and energy-efficient compressor system!

The latest in fashion and design, the Quiet Mini Fridge For Office With Freezer is finally here. With the silent operation, your sleeping habits will never be disturbed again while you’re at work! There’s a freezer on the door to keep items cold from morning to night and enough space for all your lunches/dinners/snacks etc. The durable polyester coating doesn’t chip or peel with most appliances such as microwaves, pots of boiling water, yadda-yadda-yadda are safe to use. If that wasn’t enough, the fridge has a lock so no one else can touch it – oh so satisfying when you’re hungry right?

The Midea 1.6-cu ft. Stainless Quiet Mini Fridge has a compressor that runs quietly, so it can be placed in an office to cool workplace snacks and drinks without any annoying noise to distract you from your work. There is also a freezer compartment for storing ice cream treats and icy cold beverages on a hot day or afternoon at the beach! Plus, with its compact size, this mini fridge fits perfectly into tight spaces like dorm rooms (and tiny apartments!), under desks, in small shelves where space is limited but storage needs are still present – anywhere you want refrigeration!

Noisy environments can make it hard to find a good spot for your fridge. Thanks to the Igloo Quiet Mini Fridge, you don’t have to give up on enjoying cool snacks or cold drinks just because of an office setting. This sleek appliance has nine cubic feet of space that are adjustable to suit your needs and you won’t have any problems with needing too much water space thanks to its compact size (which also comes at a compulsive price). The door is made out of a dry erase board so you won’t have any trouble keeping your note reminders organized and thanks to the stainless steel finish, there’s no need for intricate designs; this mini fridge will only add sophistication where needed.

The Quiet Mini Fridge For Office With Freezer is compact yet mighty. Equipped with an 18 cubic feet locking freezer and a 1.6 cubic feet powerful compressor, this baby will keep your snacks and beverages chilled on the hottest days of summer. The shelves can hold 8 to 10 canned goods, plus much more. And because there’s no need to worry about noise in cube farms or at-home offices, this mini fridge runs silently; minus dropping ice cubes out of the dispenser if you choose to purchase it as well!

At 4.9 inches deep, 6.0 inches wide, and 11.5 inches tall, this compact refrigerator is perfect for small office spaces with limited floor space or dorm rooms where a traditional size fridge would be an awkward fit or take up unnecessary room. It can store up to 5 meal worth of supplies in its 1.6 cubic foot main compartment has freezer capability for additional storage on top and the interior light helps to illuminate what is inside without opening the door so that you don’t waste electricity every time you need something from it– which there’s no shortage of these days! Need a nice little fridge? Look no further, the Midea 1.6 Cu. Ft Stainless Steel Refrigerator with Lock is for you! This mini fridge has plenty of space to keep your food and drinks fresh in its new brushed steel exterior digs aesthetically pleasing! The “magic” part about this design, make that frosty door stay frosted or heated up whenever thanks to the digital controls on the inside – so you don’t have to worry about manual defrosting.

Thanks to its small size, the Arctic King Three Door and Two Door Mini Fridge makes a perfect addition to any dorm room or apartment. It’s also an economical way to keep food well-stocked for convenience! Do refrigerators now no longer come in black or white? Don’t worry, Walmart has got you covered with some vibrant colors like this pink and blue bevy. Featuring 3.2 cubic feet of space, the LED interior light helps make food more visible for easy access. At just $139, it’s not a bad deal either!

Board Fridge
We can’t all live in a big house with an expansive kitchen, nor do we want to. Luckily for us, these days we can buy just about anything we remotely need right there at the office. One thing that’s been buzzing around our desks this month? We’re officially adding another fridge to our list of work necessities with the addition of Walmart’s best mini fridge! The cheap and cheerful price point is ideal for any struggling work-at-home dad who also needs to space save on their desk since those precious cubicles are at a premium and it has loads of features like two doors and a separate freezer compartment you’ll get used out of!

Quiet Mini Fridge For Office With Freezer
The Board fridge is the ultimate in a well-versed office space. It will be your saving grace to have enough time to get that occasional cold soda you need when deadlines are still glaring over your head like a prowling lion. Redefining what it means to be open with open cubicles, this sleek and subtle mini refrigerator is perfect for many of today’s modern offices who value both privacy and productivity- all while maintaining a feeling of family and community harmony between employees. Having such an elegant design, there isn’t any worry about clashing colors because desktops can clash if needed! Supersmoother than an iceberg look at less than $150 bucks? That’s not even comparable!

Board Fridge

A Mini Fridge with a separate freezer door is super handy because you can grab what you need from each compartment without letting all the cold air out, but the extra drawer usually comes at a higher price. However, we found this two-door model from Walmart for less than $150! We believe that no one should have to sacrifice space for function; which is why our Quiet Mini Refrigerator For Office With Freezer Trade Plus-Z™ cooling system also features an externally mounted condenser so your fridge stays quiet and cool even when it’s turned off. Additionally, Arctic King has double sealed panels throughout construction to prevent any vapor or smells from coming in while preserving good taste.

Board Fridge
Life’s not complete without a little office fridge. Make yours life-sized with this spacious model that has two doors—one for drinks, and one for snacks.
Not only is this mini fridge the best at keeping things cold but it also looks cool with its trendy midcentury design. Match your personality and grab this silver beauty today! This fridge has two doors, one that is the freezer compartment. This fridge doesn’t take up too much space and is less than $150. It also includes a retro-style refrigerator with pastel colors for those who love the 1950s style or want to inject it into their office decor.

This retro-compact refrigerator is perfect for your home, office, or dorm room. With 4 USB ports, you’ll have outlets left to charge other things, and a pull-out drawer to store your snacks and drinks at the perfect temperature. It also features an adorable powder blue color! Sobro Multipurpose Mini Fridge: make your coffee table double as a refrigerator, with 4 USB ports for charging and 2 outlets to power other devices! The Galanz Retro-Compact Refrigerator is a long-awaited fridge that cuts through being both adorably vintage and modern. Though it’s pricier than an average mini-fridge, you have to remember your priorities: good looks never die. The Retro-Compact features a separate freezer door for all of your frozen drinks, minimalistic design, powder blue; sleek black, or bright red for any color taste!

The Mini Fridge for office with freezers is a refrigerator that provides enough space for all snacks you need to keep nice and cold at the workplace. With Galanz catching on in popularity, their smaller microwaves are now also perfect for offices. They feature a separate freezer door so you can get to those bags of ice cream without disturbing your food. If powder blue isn’t your life’s vibe, the refrigerators also come in bright red and sleek black!

A Retro-Compact Fridge For Your Next Level Coffee Table
The thing that always seems to keep your cool is the air, just remember not to drink it! The Air Touch mini-fridge from LG comes with a freezer on one side and a cooling system for four cans of beer. With this sleek retro design and stainless steel finish, you can feel even more like hipsters moving into their 500 square foot loft apartments. Whether traditional or modern, the Galanz Mini fridge offers elegant minimalism for those who have enough space in their living room to fit both a coffee table and unique sidepiece.

Sobro R144 mini fridge

For those of us who live in a Tiny House, apartments, or have limited kitchen space this next-level coffee table doubles as one sleek multifunctional piece. With two power outlets and four USB ports on the side for charging devices while providing 4 liters of refrigeration underneath and 5 liters in its front drawer to keep food and beverages perfectly chilled, plus LED lights that let you know when it’s time to restock your fridge! Plus there are speakers built into the top so you can jam out while stacking your groceries before going back outside.

This beautifully designed mini fridge is perfect for any modern office or dorm room. Not only does it come in a variety of colors to match your personality, but it also comes with more space than most competitors thanks to its separate freezer door. Your food stays fresh and the coffee can stay cold – exactly how you want them! This compact refrigerator is the perfect size to place in your office, utility room, or even cloakroom. It features a frost-free freezer and extra fridge space with enough storage for both food and drinks so you’ll never be caught short when all of your friends come knocking on your door during an impromptu pizza night on the sofa! Make sipping those refreshing soft drinks more bearable in the summer months by putting them inside this handy mini-fridge that will not only keep them chilled just like they should be but also make it look stylish and contemporary in every kitchen.