Quietest Retro Mini Bar Fridge 2021

Give the thirsty and hungry something to drink with Midea’s latest retro mini-fridge, perfect for storing your favorite beverages without fussing over-snacking. Whatever you fancy today! Does the office need a new water cooler? Offering jugs or having snacks on hand? These fridges are great at chilling food and drinks quickly while also being versatile enough to work as a traditional fridge in an extra-large setting.
The Quietest Retro Mini Bar Fridge 2021 is made of durable stainless steel so it will stay impeccably clean for years no matter how many big parties you throw together. And its compact size makes the bar all the more inviting – what kind of beer do you want today?

The Midea WHS-87LSS1 Refrigerator is just the thing for those who cannot reliably store frozen foods. However, it has been noted that its lack of storage space can prove to be a little inconvenient for taking food out like groceries or ice cubes. For an easier time with items that do not need to be refrigerated, however, this mini fridge might just be your best option.

Low cost, but high-quality mini-refrigerators are a tough find nowadays. Luckily, the Midea WHS-87LSS1 Refrigerator sticks out after all of the competition with its impeccable design and speedy cooling power.
Its mechanical temperature adjustment ranges from -2 to 2 degrees Celsius (32°Fahrenheit). If you need an airy place to keep everything frosty cold for only one or two people, this is your guy.

The Quietest Retro Mini Bar Fridge 2021 is the kind of fridge you can rely on to be there. With its dual interior compartments, it’s got a cozy home for your beverages and produce-including your favorite cans
and fresh veggies- when it needs to be just cold enough. Plus the fridge has a sleek stainless steel design that looks like an old classic with modern features! The best part about this little guy is that the noise level at only 30dB, so you don’t have to worry about being noticed by someone across town while hanging out in front of your freezer.

The Midea WHS-87LSS1 Refrigerator is great for storing beverages and other healthy snacks, but it cannot be used to make ice or store frozen food. This quiet mini bar fridge has a stainless steel exterior and costs $131.95.

The Midea WHS-87LSS1 Refrigerator, 2.4 Cubic Feet, Stainless Steel is a very quiet fridge with an alarm to let you know when the power goes out. There are two doors on the front that can be opened quickly and independently from each other to allow for smooth flow as a human or may have portions of their body obstructing both entrances. It doesn’t have much storage space so it’s not the best for storing frozen goods but it does work great at chilling beverages and fresh fruit! We promise this beauty will brighten up your kitchen as nothing else can!

Go on trips, party, enjoy life, and drink amazing drinks – this mini fridge manages to cool down everything.

If you need a little more information about the product features: well, let me say that it’s all integrated into its compact size. It can hold up to 15 cans of your favorite beverage or any other foodstuff. I have many friends who like this model for its ability to be kept away from any cold source (like freezers) because it has an icebox and independently plugs into the power grid.

Let your imagination fly and see how this mini-fridge may be used. This is not only a simple fridge for a single person, but is perfect for families who like to take trips together. Keeping your food at its ideal temperature will save you from the agonizing experience of spoilt food on holidays, and you can enjoy it fresh all day. The cooling works quite quickly in comparison to other fridges we have tested – just within two minutes of turning it on! And because it’s so portable, there are hardly any images that show it being set up in different parts of the world which indicates its enormous functions and possessions.

Ever feel like you just can’t have one thing to make the most of a break? This mini retro fridge is so compact and lights that it’s even effortless to tuck it in your backpacking bag! Plus, at only 1.6 cubic feet, this baby easily stores 2 six-packs or 16 12-oz cans while keeping them chilled! Whether it’s for a road trip, romantic getaway, or family vacation-this little guy has got you covered.

Have you ever felt that the drinks were insufficient? Or wanted to enjoy your drink upstairs but worry about how to store it because you can’t take a fridge up with you! Well, stop worrying now. Our new mini-fridge is here and available in black/white or red/white for all your needs! This retro model is nice and compact so it’s great for small spaces of storage space at home or away from home! It’s just 1.6 cubic feet so it doesn’t consume much room on the counter and looks dang cool too with its tiny size in comparison to a regular-sized fridge. It’s perfect when guests come over because everyone will have their special spot where they keep their special items.

The Quietest Retro Mini Bar Fridge 2021: The cuteness and accessibility of those long-gone appliances have understood their way to the store shelves, with a cool brushed stainless steel facade. The energy-efficient retro minibar fridge is 1.6 cubic feet and will offer to keep anything hot or cold, without being an annoyance in your space.

This miniature fridge can be perfect for you if you are into power and creative home appliances. This tiny convenient freezer has one rotary hinge in front of the depth-cut door that hides a spacious space. It is just 1.6 cubic feet and powered with 12 volts, which will allow it to cool plenty of your drinks while on a boat or camping!

The Quietest Retro Mini Bar Fridge 2021 has everything you need for the perfect adventure in December: a little fridge, plenty of space to store drinks and snacks onboard, and enough cheese for those nachos.

You spend so much time on the water and out in nature that you need a fridge to keep your drinks cold. This mini-bar refrigerator is designed for places where it can be difficult to find power, like homes or campsites located far off the grid. It has an efficient energy-saving design with a 1.6 cubic feet capacity that makes refrigerator space less everyone’s bothered from then onwards!

No matter how big your apartment is, you can never find a place for everything. Not even if it’s just three mismatched cabinets and an empty room with no way to store food…or neat! Next time you need a place for leftovers or fresh fruit, bring out the Mini Bar Fridge 2021. Stylish without being too bulky and priced reasonably low, this Mini 1500 version fridge will inflate and conform to any area of your home – from farmhouses to apartment buildings – so long as there’s enough free space on floor level. It may be compact but it has all the functionality that you expect inside a refrigerator: visibly displayed temperature control, rugged hard-boiled styrofoam insulation steel structure.

The Quiet Retro Mini Fridge offers enough space for all your needs. Made with hard-boiled styrofoam insulation, the fridge is durable and tough. Powered by six batteries you never have to worry about losing power out in the middle of nowhere! Meet the quietest retro mini bar fridge 2021, now with even more space and a quieter operation. This compact refrigerator is tough on any surface – whether it be floor, countertop, or table – thanks to its rugged steel construction. And with three finishes available, you can shop in style no matter what your décor calls for.

This best-selling mini fridge on the market is ROOMIER THAN IT LOOKS – It looks small, but this hard-boiled styrofoam insulation steel structure will knock your socks off. The black finish? Stunning. And it comes with a sense override feature for anyone who needs their product in another language by default! The Quietest Retro Mini Bar Fridge 2021 is the best-in-class because of our attention to upgrading the design and incorporating features such as adjustable temperature settings. It’s small and lightweight enough to transport, but sturdy enough for your needs at home! With a sleek finish or vintage style, it can complement any decor. Buy one today!

Meet your Life’s Quietest friend, the retro mini-refrigerator. You’ll find all that you usually require in this small device. The temperature is regulated manually, and it can be set to a height of 50 ° F from at least 32° Fahrenheit. Rugged, hard-boiled styrofoam insulation with a steel structure makes this refrigerator durable for any situation! It comes in three finishes: Bright Black (always the best), Stunning Stainless, and Sensory White (whatever feels right). Get some butter while you’re there!

Enjoy that good old-fashioned taste of cocoa on a cool winter’s evening by making your fresh dark chocolate. With the Quietest Retro Mini Bar Fridge 2021, you’ll be able to regain all those cozy moments and stay in touch with tradition without breaking a sweat. Enjoy the silence of your modern lifestyle, while you go out to live it up with friends. Our new Quietest Retro Mini Bar Fridge 2021 is perfect for those who want their fridge right next to where they party. Seems a little too quiet in there? Don’t worry, this powerful little appliance can be adjusted from 32°F to 50° F so you won’t have to toss anything extra into the mix before it’s melted all over again.

Keeping your kitchen organized is vital to any cook’s best healthy living, and the quietest retro mini bar fridge 2021 can keep all those items out of sight while still at room temperature. With options in bright black, stainless steel, and sense, this small appliance provides much-needed storage without taking up space. Empowered with a rugged insulation system made from a styrofoam steel structure, it’s perfect for keeping beverages as cold as they should be one way or another. And with three different finishes to choose from (bright black, stainless steel, and sense), you can find the right fit for your kitchen.

Quietest Retro Mini Bar Fridge, 2021 Edition can provide you both freezer and refrigerator capabilities. Able to keep items in the fridge at a temperature of 50° F or (10° C) for up to 72 hours and maintain 8-degree Fahrenheit shelves simultaneously; this small but mighty device outdoes its competition! The sleek stainless steel finish, as well as hardy styrofoam insulation, make your fridge durable and long-lasting. You can easily take it anywhere by simply removing the handle from the side of this compact refrigerator for easy transportability. Want an add-on? Make sure that when you order your Quietest Retro Mini Bar Fridge, 2021 Edition for extra protection opts for our patented scratch-resistant coating.

Varieties of the Black+Decker fridge are offered in different colors. The white mini fridge is one of many available from Black + Decker, and it has a 1.7 cubic foot capacity with a matching freezer. (Unless you want to buy out your whole refrigerator)
The digital display screen on the front panel monitors food and beverage containers as well as duration before expiration for easy storage monitoring. Each door is equipped with an anti-bacterial coating to inhibit mold formation that may occur if not touched before use or after cleaning. The Black+Decker also features four power outlets that allow electronic devices such as fans, computers, televisions, microwaves to be used simultaneously without any overloads/losses.

This amazing compact refrigerator is the answer to your prayer. You will never have to worry about finding a place for those pesky frozen meals in the freezer because we give you that all right here! The size is great for any end table, and it’s available in black making it so easy to blend with your decor. Whether it be cleaning up from a party or just at home on vacation, this mini fridge is perfect and so reliable.
This space-efficient fridge has everything you could ask for; like extra roomy door shelving and bottle-storage options. It may seem small but don’t underestimate its power when it comes to keeping anything chilled down there!

Enjoy some cold drinks at your favorite game with this Extra-tall refrigerator. This High capacity mini fridge can store up to 16 12oz cans and has a space-saving design that will not take up much room in your home any room. This Freestanding mini-fridge is convenient for anywhere you go, whether you need it on the go or want to stash one around the house!
Get rid of that inconvenient hassle of getting cold drinks when out and about by having this Mini Fridge running during all hours of the day. Stay cool with style using our Brita filter water cooler!
Stay well hydrated while staying stylish with our Mini Refrigerator/Microwave combo.

Brands that have an interest in the sleek and small refrigerator with a freezer should be entranced by this fridge. The size of the external side panel and the front door is smaller than some models which means it can even fit underneath desks. You will never need to open the top drawer for food because you’ll know where everything is: no more guessing games! It comes as a flexible door so you can change how far it opens – based on your needs or preference. The smallest hole is about 2 1/2 inches wide, enabling leftovers to last longer; not something like those tiny group ones.

You’ll be tempted to share the cool things you left in your freezer.
This refrigerator is a preview of what will take place inside next year. It’s smaller, less noisy, and considerably more economical than any other fridge on the market today. Everyone knows how tempting it is for hungry people to check through the fridge. Between cooking, after-school homework activities, or just general “snacking”, there are regular periods where there’s going to appear a cinnamon roll in the icebox. Lucky enough that this mini-fridge has an English vocabulary, so you can explore people getting hungrier faster!

A single-door mini refrigerator with a freezer will be perfect for those looking for efficiency. It offers a wide range of temperature settings so you can always get the most out of your food. With its modern design, this compact fridge is sure to become a favorite storage unit in homes and apartments alike.
Traditional refrigerators offered too many features that were not necessary. This mini fridge has just what’s needed – it is enough!

Closet to store your non-perishable food, but not spending room in the kitchen. And with a freezable area for those times when a bowl of ice cream is all you crave, this refrigerator is perfect for small spaces. With Energy Star’s power usage rating and innovative airflow technology, you’ll always be able to keep it cool without worry.
You can put an array of different sized items on the shelving inside so we’ve got dual doors that make it easier than ever to shop while still feeling organized. Get cold drinks and snacks right at your fingertips!

If you’re always on the go and need to keep food and drink chilled, this mini fridge from BLACK+DECKER is the perfect appliance. The compact size collapses the door for easy portability to keep your drinks cool while traveling, or outside during BBQs with friends. Energy Star rated, the fridge features a 1.7 cubic foot capacity which is great for someone living alone who has occasional needs for refrigeration! It also includes a freezer compartment in case you would like extra storage space.

This space-saving mini fridge is ideal for those with limited storage. Sleek in design and available in 3 colors, it can be placed on any top cabinet or left out of the way as a second refrigerator. Perfect for the dorm room, office, garage, or RV campers; this compact fridge even has a freezer that accommodates ice cream cakes!

Put snacks on “Easy Access” Post It Boards that swing the door open at your convenience with built-in cup holders so you can grab something quick without wasting time digging around shelves. Say goodbye to bowls of cold soup when you’re thirsty!

Modern and sleek, the Quietest Retro Mini Bar Fridge 2021 is the perfect solution for housing drinks in small spaces while still being energy efficient. The single-door refrigerator (17″ x 18.5″ x 19.7″) takes up minimal space on your floor and offers 1.7 cubic feet of capacity to store all your groceries with freezer space that accommodates up to three ice cubes. It’s an easy way to accommodate guests, have refreshments on hand in a kitchen or office without much hassle, or keep beer cold when out camping with friends as well! Available now at an amazing deal cost!

This sleek, space-saving fridge (17.5″ x 18.5″ x 19.7″) is perfect for home bars, garages, small apartments, and college dorm rooms alike with 70 watts of use and minimal storage size at 1.7 cu ft! The quiet operation will be music to your ears as you enjoy the retro design on its smooth white exterior with matching door handles and stainless steel accents light up in cool blue when opened at night or in dark spaces while the built-in freezer will give you just a quick blast from reading an article outside back into your icy mint chocolate chip ice cream that makes this roomy kitchen appliance your new best friend these long summer months – if only refrigerators could understand how to break hearts.

Small and sleek, this retro mini fridge is perfect for storing food, drinks, or any other beverage without taking up too much space. Due to its size (17.5″ x 18.5″ x 19.7″), it can be placed in offices, college dorm rooms, RV campers as well as home bars and garages where maximum efficiency with minimal power (70 watts) is desired by the user! The design of the refrigerator is modern – available in black only – and sleek enough that it will not stand out from your existing decor!

The future is now! Advance yourself from the traditional fridge with this tiny, sleek retro mini bar fridge. Song a freezer to keep your ice cream cold and a bottle opener on the door for those post-party cravings, you’ll forget all about your worn-down college dorm or cramped apartment of air conditioning as soon as you get one for your office. Available in three colors: black, stainless steel, and white (they all look great!), what color will you pick? An energy-saving refrigerator saves energy (70 watts) without taking up too much space. Only available through 2020 so don’t wait around before ordering yours!

The BLACK+DECKER BCRK17W Compact Refrigerator Energy Star Single Door Mini Fridge with Freezer is small in size but big on storage! From apartments to dorm rooms, garages, or office breakrooms, this sleek and stylish fridge (which takes up less than 1.7 square feet of space!) keeps your beverage cold without taking up too much room for food or other items. It includes a freezer compartment for storing ice cream and pizzas that need a little more icy protection-all while using 70 watts of low energy power!

Keep your drinks cold and close by with the Quietest Retro Mini Bar Fridge, a compact space saver for small spaces. The fridge’s sleek white exterior will brighten up any room with its modern style and comes in black or stainless steel—simply pick the perfect color to match your décor! This efficient mini-fridge stores food, soda, beer, and more without tying up too much space thanks to its compact (1.7 cubic feet) design.

Keeping your drinks cold on the go has never been easier with the BLACK+DECKER BCRK17W Compact Refrigerator Energy Star Single Door Mini Fridge. With only 70-watt power consumption, this compact fridge can be plugged into any device to conserve energy and take up minimal space. The sleek, modern design is perfect for college dorm rooms, offices, garages, home bars, small apartments, or RV campers with its available colors of white and black as well as stainless steel. Black+Decker never fails to be innovative with its products, and the Quietest Retro Mini Bar Fridge 2021 is one of our favorites. Not only is it quiet — making for perfect study habits — but it’s also stylish so you can bring your minibar anywhere you like without taking up too much space!

You can never have enough drinks around your house! That’s why this mini fridge is such an incredible bargain. It has a fantastic condenser and cooler systems to ensure its cold temperatures, storage for two 2-liters or 12-ounce cans, and plenty of space on the bottom shelf for bigger bottles like wine, milk, soda. And with a removable glass shelf that makes cleaning easy? This tech marvel has something so rare.

Keep a cool drink by your side. This mini refrigerator will keep you satisfied with an ice-cold Pepsi or any of the other drinks from Sugar Caneo’s selection. Available at specialty stores near you, this retro-style fridge is a fun accent for parties and family gatherings to suit anyone’s taste buds!

Rest your tired drink-laden arms, and enjoy the refreshing breeze of a cool mini-fridge. With an impressive 4.1 liter capacity, you can store enough for the whole family without fear of running out or harming our environment with excess waste – this is a best seller! Sleek design with plenty of storage space inside will store all essentials in one place: groceries, bottles, and even cans so there’s never a reason to go again!

Before this Quietest Retro Mini Bar Fridge 2021, where do your most refreshing drinks ever go? The fridge – but what if you could make the refrigerator just a little bit less expensive and cooler? This beautiful bar is all over that. With an astounding storage capacity of greater than average refrigerators, the retro-inspired design looks great in virtually every kitchen and makes it easier for thirsty explorers to find their favorite drink at any time. Plus, the top shelf will allow two can (like soda and beer) or small containers on the top shelf include liter or taller bottles and containers on the bottom shelf without taking up too much room!

Imagine a hot day in the sun with friends. Your phone is full of pictures and videos from your day’s adventures that you haven’t even edited yet, plus you still have to upload them to your social media account. Everyone’s asking for drinks but there won’t be enough room left in the back of your car for all of those cans and bottles if you buy more at the store – so you settle on buying just one or two because they’ll last longer, right?

Introducing the Quietest retro mini fridge! This nifty little guy can keep all of those Cokes handy while keeping them as cold as ice during the summer vacation season. Plus it comes equipped with an easy-to-clean sliding glass shelf.

The Quietest Retro Mini Bar Fridge 2020 offers the most competitive prices and has a range of battery-powered features. It can fit up to twelve cans, so it’s perfect for storing anything from soda to beer!

Sure, other mini-fridges may be cheaper in the short run. But there’s no contest when it comes to quality, durability, and service costs: with Quietest Retro Mini Bar Fridge 2021 you’re guaranteed secure, worry-free fridge storage for years to come!
One of the most convenient things about this unit is that it’s easy to care for: both shelves are removable and dishwasher safe. Plus we’ve got some of the largest internal capacity on the market today. The glass shelf expands your storage space without taking away from its aesthetic appeal – so you can store taller bottles as well as two cans at a time. And condensation? A thing of the past thanks to our efficient cooling system.

This retro fridge is perfect for the hipster living on their own who likes to fill up their fridge with homemade craft beer. You know, those beers with less than five ingredients are responsibly sourced and ethically made. Now you can create your mini brewery in your kitchen!

Fits a variety of 12 oz cans and jars as well as bottles (think wine) and jugs (think milk). The glass bottom shelf provides additional storage room without doubling refrigerator capacity.

The Quietest Retro Mini Bar Fridge 2021 will keep your drinks cold and store your snacks in another area. The fridge doesn’t make any noise and is a great addition to a bedroom, guest room, or office. Got a small place? There is no better fridge than the Quietest Retro Mini Bar Fridge 2021! It’s perfect for an office, bedroom, or guest room. The humming felt like a heating pad and was not heard much at all – our Quietest Ever!

Tap a button and the whisper-quiet fridge automatically opens with its electric light on. Shove whatever you want inside, close it back up, take out the wine in one hand, cheese and bread in another. You won’t hear any complaints about having to go outside for food if this is around! This mini-fridge is the quietest you’ve ever heard and works best for rooms like a bedroom, guest room, or an office. We couldn’t hear any humming at all and it felt like we were sleeping next to a heating pad. This product has even more inner volume than most fridges but can be customized by removing shelves that are too large if needed.

This mini fridge doesn’t make much noise, a perfect companion for those with hearing difficulties or living in an apartment building. The humming sounds like a heating pad if you’re used to that, but most people will barely notice it. And adjust the shelves to fit your needs; it has plenty of room for all of your drinks at the entrance side and food on the other. When you’re not in the mood for a loud banging in the night, this fridge keeps it nice and quiet while also keeping your fridge stocked with whatever snacks and drinks you want to have. Even when other people are around or heavy activity goes on nearby, there’s barely any noise at all coming from inside this sleek retro model.

The Quietest Retro Mini Bar Fridge 2021 is so quiet, you won’t be able to tell it’s on just by the hum. The fridge has a space-saving design with plenty of room for your favorite drinks and food items. With this mini refrigerator in your bedroom or guest room, things will stay cold without making any noise at all – perfect if you’re trying to sleep!

This mini refrigerator does not make much noise and is also suitable for rooms like a bedroom or a guest bedroom. Although there is no other activity in the building, the humming is hardly heard and feels like a heating pad. There’s plenty of room in the drinks entrance, though, so it does not have to be. The inner volume of the shelves is 1.7 cubic meters, but can be modified by eliminating the shelf for larger items.

The Cooluli Infinity White 15 Liter Compact Portable Mini Fridge is a perfect choice for all your small cooling needs. Ideal for use at home, office, car, or dorm space- you’ll never want to live without it! This versatile fridge has two functions- to be a mini-fridge or warmer. You can store food and drinks in it; It will keep the food fresh and cold with its high-quality insulation material. There’s also roomy enough storage inside the cooler section of this small fridge that should accommodate any size beverage container, including water bottles, juice mugs, champagne glasses, and such containers up to 3″ wide by 6 1/2 ” high.

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This new Cooluli Infinity Mini Fridge for Bedroom, Office, Dorm, and Car is developed with consideration to white products. The Compact Portable Cooler Warmer Mini Fridge will never let you down in terms of the issue of storing foods in a cool mode.
Small as this product maybe it can still hold 15 liters that should make your living space happier and healthier even after having some drinks at night and waking up early in the morning. With such storage capacity, we won’t have to worry about taking so much food back home from restaurants or eateries while dining out with friends. Furthermore, you might get this mini fridge before leaving work then bring fresh vegetables straight into it without any worries since they could stay alive.

This is the most compact mini fridge on Amazon. It has space for about 15 liters, which keeps water and food fresh all day long.
It’s made of lightweight ABS plastic material that’s hardy enough to withstand anything from trips in your car to general household use. And even though it’s small, it can keep up with the original equipment – equipped with an earmuff damper (keeps everything cold) and thermostatic control (always maintains temperature perfectly).
Cooluli Infinity White 15 Liter-100 is designed as a personal refrigerator for work, travel, or car purposes; you don’t have to worry about ice melting anymore because it comes pre-filled and ready right out of the box!

This 15-liter mini fridge is perfect for cooling and warming your favorite drinks. It features a space for 6 cans or soda cans, a practical bottle holder at the bottom so you can easily place tall bottles in it safely thanks its anti-skid rubber mat. A compartment is found on top, which can be closed with an easy pull elastic band and opens up again when you need it as well as 2 cup holders inside of the fridge that makes this item convenient. Don’t forget about the 4 function heat pump (cooling plus three selectable temperature levels) while using our portable cooler – warmer! It will protect your important items from humidity no matter where they are stored all day long!

The Cooluli Infinity White cooler warms up to +100 degrees Fahrenheit and can keep things cool for up to a week. Use it for your summer trips, or for keeping medication cold during travel, keeping drinks and snacks cool on the go, or use it as an actual fridge in your dorm room or office. The included USB port is great for charging small electronics, while the lock ensures no spills!

This compact refrigerator is a great solution that can provide -effective and sustainable cooling to over 16 hours. It has a big capacity in volume but a small footprint. You can put anything from health and beauty items, dry food materials, drinks, coffee bean vacuum pack package, other cool drinks like sodas or wines which would be cold and fresh on your menu for your guests. What’s more! With the adjustable thermostat feature, it could maintain the temperature at any desired level you set. It takes only 8 minutes to get up cold enough so the beverages inside can be kept refreshed for longer hours of enjoyment as this 18-inch long product does not require a power connection to work as there is no need for any electrical wires nearby.

The Cooluli smart cooler is compact and lightweight. It can be used as a mini-fridge or warmer, depending on your needs. This cooler can keep up to 15 liters of food and beverages cold for long periods! The built-in power bank will ensure that you never run out of battery life on your phone!

Save time and money with this compact fridge – Perfect for your office or bedroom! Cooluli Infinity White 15 Liter Compact Portable Mini Fridge is a great mini fridge to buy if you live in dorms, are on the road, or have any need for portable cooling. At less than 1 cubic foot in size, this tiny refrigerator has a capacity of about 6 liters (or 2 gallons) to pack up your lunch, leftovers from dinner parties, food shopping on the way home at night. What sets it apart from those old-fashioned cold plates? This small unit features TWO CAMERA SENSORS that detect body heat sources when opened to prevent power consumption which will save you big bucks while not having to sacrifice convenience.

This Mini-Fridge Warmer is great for taking your food on the go. The Cooluli Infinity White 15 Liter Compact Portable Cooler Warmer Mini Fridge is designed to keep items in a portable size. A retractable cord and integrated carrying handle make this cooler lightweight and convenient. This product has two built-in temperature settings (warms to 45°C, or 115°F) enabling you to customize what your favorite cold drinks will taste like when they are ready to be served.