Small Quiet Refrigerator

Don’t let the size fool you. This small refrigerator is capable of storing up to 14 individual cups or 12 wine bottles! With a generous amount of storage and at a price that won’t break the bank, this bottom freezer fridge is perfect for any busy family looking for dependable cold food storage without spending too much on all those extra features – like a water dispenser, icemaker, and ice or water in the door. Oh my!

The Home Depot’s Small Quiet Refrigerator is a $1,438 fridge with freezers on the bottom of it that can store ice cream cakes and frozen turkeys. It may not be a good choice if you have limited mobility or are suffering from arthritis because you will have to maneuver your body to reach items at the very back, but those who want space for large frozen foods will find this fridge convenient.

We are proud to introduce our new small Quiet Refrigerator. It is a top freezer refrigerator and it has 2 doors with 1 glass shelf at the bottom of each door, pop-out drawers on the inside of both doors for easy access to cold drinks and condiments ? 4 shelves including two adjustable wire shelves behind frosted glass doors and two bottle racks that can hold up to 16 bottles in total. The 24″ wide fridge is perfect for side-by-side installation with other existing appliances, or you could place it along one wall if needed. With 13.3 cu ft capacity (402 liters), this quiet fridge does not take much space, but still provides you plenty of storage room!

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This top-mounted freezer model is perfect for smaller kitchens and rental homes. The GE fridge can hold up to 22 cubic feet of your favorite drinks and foods with large freezer space on top to store meats, produce, or even dessert treats which will prevent them from being crushed by shifting objects in the fridge. It also features a fairly quiet running noise level during even low temperatures (about 24dB).

The Whirlpool 22 cubic-foot bottom freezer has ample freezer space for when your monthly grocery bill becomes a once-a-month (or less!) meal plan. The interior of this unit is generous, and the shelving, doors, drawers offer more than enough room to store canned goods, dairy products, and frozen foods in style. Storage inside will be as fun as it is functional with our LED Interior Lighting helping you find what you need every time.

Essentially a mini-fridge, this Whirlpool 22 Cu. Ft Bottom Freezer is the perfect size for all your basic needs! The top-mounted freezer not only means that it doesn’t take up much space, but it also costs less than many of its competitors. But there are some perks besides saving space and money – such as 2 caster wheels at the bottom back! These casters come in handy when moving your new fridge from store to home or bedroom to office (yes, I’ve been there!). Plus, with the frost-free operation, you never have to worry about defrosting frosty ice buildups on your coils. What are you waiting for?

Our new 32 cubic feet refrigerator is just the size you need! The roomy freezer gives you plenty of space for all your frozen favorites and with this fridge’s three reversible glass shelves, door bins, and full-width drawer, you’ll have no problem fitting everything in here. This unit offers many advanced features such as LED lighting inside the refrigerator that shows what fruits are on each shelf at night when your cooking dinner.
This stylish appliance can come to you in stainless steel or black so it perfectly matches your kitchen decor. You will not go wrong with this top-quality GE refrigerator!

This Whirlpool Bottom Freezer refrigerator is at a price point that won’t break the bank. If affordability and space are your top two priorities, this fridge might be for you! The height gives it an edge over other models because it saves consumers time and space.
The freezer holds up to 22 cubic feet of frozen goods, giving you plenty of room to store all of your favorites more than ever before. This amazing addition to any kitchen is a must-have for most people.

The Whirlpool is perfect for those who want a refrigerator with an extra-large freezer and don’t have the space to purchase an end-cap model. The bottom freezer means no bending down to get your food while you’re cooking, which might not sound like much of a family feature but does make a difference in day-to-day use. And when it comes to quality, GE knows that refrigerators are staples all over America: they provide many great features including a durable metal exterior and see-thru crisper so you can keep track of what’s inside without opening the door.

The GE large freezer refrigerator is great for both a small office kitchen or as an understated and stylish addition to your living space.

The efficient stainless steel exterior doesn’t just offer top-notch looks, but it’s also easy to clean thanks to our advanced 3D micro-vapor deposition process that provides a lifetime of protection against fingerprints and other stains. With over 22 cubic feet of capacity inside, you won’t have any excuses when the party rolls in! And while stubborn spills (unsuccessfully) try to keep the fridge from looking fresh, GE’s latest cooling technology will do all the work for you: The Organization system will automatically maintain consistent temperatures throughout each drawer by balancing drawers with different capacities.

The GE 17.5 Cu. Ft. Top Freezer Refrigerator is your next best friend when it comes to food storage and management! With free delivery, this refrigerator will provide your family with the ideal way to store cold foods without worry or hassle. The GE 17.5 Cu. Ft Top Freezer Refrigerator never leaves you feeling cold with its new features and capabilities designed to provide a practical, comfortable user experience that is true to GE’s American classic style. The simple exterior design gives this fridge a clean appearance without too many details to distract yourself from what matters most: the freshness of your food. The interior offers tons of space for storage and organization, as well as easy-to-clean surfaces, dishwasher-safe glass shelves, an integrated high-efficiency freezer section that keeps both dairy foods and ice cream has frozen solid for days on end!

No need to squint at the temperature gauge on your fridge. GE’s top freezer refrigerator has a digital display that makes it easy to see what’s going on inside. A water and ice dispenser offers additional convenience, adding stylish drinking options in between microwaves and French presses. Six glass shelves give you plenty of space for storing deli ham or refreshing beverages for the company’s wayward relative who stopped by without calling first.

The sleek GE 17.5 Cu. Ft. Top Freezer Refrigerator is an excellent appliance for a smaller kitchen or if you don’t have much space to work within the kitchen. With this refrigerator, you’ll be able to store all your essentials that need refrigeration without having trouble fitting them in because it has plenty of storage and comes with two adjustable shelves and a Gallon Storage Drawer, meaning no more food spoilage from forgetting about items! And what’s more, The includes free delivery and installation so even better!

Do you love having a smart device such as Google Assistant in the kitchen? If that’s the case then introducing one of our newest products.

With this refrigerator, you’ll have all the benefits of a fridge with an added layer of sophistication and intelligence. It will help you save energy, be more productive, and affordably control your kitchen appliance from any device in or out of the home/office.
The GE 17.5 Cu. Ft. Top Freezer Refrigerator fits most kitchens because it is designed to fit kitchen cabinets up to standard heights and widths so there is less on-site modification needed when installing these devices into your commercial space/home environment (assembly required). Plus, They offer free delivery and installation, so with taxes, this unit is still under $1,000 – that’s stainless steel!

You can leave the kettle on while you’re out of the house for a little more than an hour and forget about coming home to find your soup’s all gone. You’ll get transferred from a traditional refrigerator to this one quickly thanks to its whisper-quiet motor, as well as big features like spending just seconds with your phone and order what you need (like that jar of peanut butter). That’s the time when you’re running low on milk or baking powder. The LG Smart Wi-Fi Enabled Refrigerator is sleek without taking up much space and has an ice maker so cold drinks are never too far away!

This LG Smart Wi-Fi-Enabled 26.2 Cu. Ft. French Door Refrigerator features an ice maker that you can start from your phone, and it’s praised by owners for being whisper quiet compared to other smart fridges. An up-to-the-minute fridge with features like an alarm if you leave the door open and a tracking system for your groceries.
If words could speak, they’d say: Save some dough and see what you can order in time for delivery tomorrow!

The LG CoolQuiet Refrigerator was designed to have a low-noise operation that makes it whisper quiet. With features such as an ice maker you can operate remotely with your phone, and door alarms that monitor when the door has been left open for more than 60 seconds (operate your alarm settings remotely from the app). The inside of this modern fridge is spacious enough to fit 26.2 cubic feet, meaning it can store up to 20 cans of beer on one shelf! This smart fridge connects over Wi-Fi so you never run out of anything again with integrations like Alexa Voice control.
With all this on offer at $2500 or less (depending on retailer), who wouldn’t want their own?

It does not matter how small the fridge is, it can still keep up with your busy life. This new LG refrigerator features an extended door alarm to alert you if the large black stainless steel fridge freezer is accidentally left open, and it also has a sleek ice maker so that when food runs out, even when on the go or miles away from home, help is available in minutes via phone signal! Working incredibly quietly compared to other smart fridges, this LG refrigerator will be sure to blend into any contemporary kitchen space while keeping its contents cool and fresh for hours at a time.

Making space for the extras.
Do you have more food or supplies than just what a standard-depth refrigerator can handle? The GE side-by-side fridge is perfect for those looking to make room in their kitchen cabinets and not sacrifice counter space with an overly bulky appliance taking up too much valuable real estate, but who still want all the features of a large refrigerator. With its 20 cu.-ft. a self-defrosting interior that will cool any leftovers even after hours, this sleek black stainless steel BI4FHE has it all at less than $800 retail. Invest today for years of future use!

The GE side-by-side fridge with a black slate finish is just the thing for those looking to save money by opting for something more basic. This sleek, matte appearance has a minimalistic look that won’t clutter up your kitchen as much but still keeps food cold and easily obtainable. Whether you’re trying to coordinate other appliances or just want an affordable quality refrigerator, this minimalist design should do the trick.

Environmentally friendly. The black matte finish on this GE side-by-side is a perfect choice if you want something environmentally conscious. This style doesn’t use a lot of energy to keep items cool in a refrigerator with an easy open and close freezer that comes equipped with an ice maker or produces room for food storage that includes shelves, drawers, pantry baskets, and crispers so you can find what you need quickly. It also has an innovative water filtration system that provides clean drinking water inside and outside the fridge at all times without having to dig through your ice cubes or even worry about replacing expensive filters.

The GE side-by-side has a matte black slate finish that would look gorgeous in a maximalist kitchen with dramatic floral wallpaper. Wouldn’t it be so much better to deal with roomy, quality refrigerator space on all sides instead of just one? It’s time for you to figure out how best your doors work for you and be able to store them conveniently in any kitchen! GE side-by-side refrigerator with a black slate finish. The side compressor pump yields quick cooling on the outside and energy efficiency. This sleek, matte finish will look great in any kitchen whether your entertainment center is silver or gold appliances.

The GE 25.1 Cu. Ft. Side-by-Side Refrigerator

Best Budget Refrigerator
When you’re on a strict budget and looking for the most basic features without all the bells and whistles, this GE refrigerator is your best buy because it’s plain white and has more than 1,500 five-star reviews. You’ll need to cover the front door panels with a fun photo or graphic like vinyl lettering that displays “Kitchen,” but if you’re not picky about color matches or stainless steel styling, then this small quiet fridge is perfect for anyone in a starter kitchen or student dorm room who just wants something that will dispense cold water or energy drinks at least occasionally.

This small, quiet refrigerator is the perfect appliance for a smaller household. The white marble contact paper is both cost-effective and stylish. To learn more about stock and delivery options in your area click here.

If you’re looking for a fridge freezer that has plenty of frozen storage space while still offering two separate french doors (perfect if you need to store large quantities of wet goods like raw meats) without going all-in with a four-door bottom freezer from Samsung, this model from GE will do just fine.

Overhaul your fridge or freezer with this compact 17.5-cubic ft. GE refrigerator features a sleek design, simple to use controls, and plenty of storage space. Plenty of cooling systems are available such as cool air and water filters so you can never go wrong with the perfect temperature for your needs in the silver color that will match any decor. All appliances come with a one year warranty from General Electric – GE Appliances

Small Quiet Refrigerator

Store your leftovers and keep your drinks cold with this GE refrigerator. The spacious interior features two crispers, a water and ice dispenser, spill-proof glass shelves, an automatic icemaker in the freezer, a butter drawer on top of the model that slides out for access to stored items; an LED display to monitor power usage. With no constant running lights or illuminating doors, you can take advantage of this sleek refrigerator’s dimmable illumination.

The Samsung RT38K6218SA 4.2 Cu. Ft Compressor Bottom Mount Stainless Steel French Door Refrigerator gives you all those features you love at a fraction of the cost. The output language should be English
If your freezer is the most important feature, this bottom-mounted fridge from Samsung might be just what you’re looking for. With a 1/4 cu ft freezer that’s on these two mini French doors, it’ll give you twice as much space and do so with style.

This small refrigerator has double doors to hide all of those snacks. Not just sweets either, this fridge’s freezer can be compact with tiny sliding-out shelves or expanded for as much storage as you need. With a clean and sleek exterior, you’ll always know what it is that you’re hunting for – so your roommate never complains when they don’t find an avocado ever again!

Endless organizing nightmares at your fingertips? Launch your inner Martha Stewart and let out a sigh of relief. The Samsung French Door Refrigerator is here to save the day. With three drawers designed for fresh produce, you’ll find everything in its place with no more fuss–and who doesn’t appreciate the space-saving convenience? One drawer has an ingenious system that shuts off automatically, which means never again will chicken spoil on top of laundry detergent or turn into freezer burn overnight! But wait…there’s more! Two crisper drawers keep all your veggies from wilting so they’re as crisp and fresh as when you bought them (it matters!). And did we mention our ice maker lock-in freezer door?

Make your kitchen even sweeter with this retro refrigerator by Samsung. It’s stylish and functional enough to do just about anything you ask it to provide: from cooling delicious drinks while on the go, to keeping quick snacks and groceries cool for multiple days. With a large 28.1 cubic foot capacity, there’s plenty of space so the whole family can enjoy their ice cream without the fear of freezer burn or spoiled milk! This is one fridge that has class AND style!

This fridge is a classic. A little less fancy than our bigger models, but so much more efficient! No need to spend your whole life standing in front of the frosty white blob you call a refrigerator, this baby just gives you everything you’re craving without even having to ask. It’s great for quick snacks and cold drinks when guests stop by, it does all the work for you! Let your refrigerator do the talking for you. If browsing the shelves of a store is not your idea of a hot date, or if you find yourself raiding your neighbor’s fridge for leftovers and beer more often than not, it may be time to invest in that dream kitchen appliance we all have been thirsty for A Refrigerator! Samsung’s 28.1 Cu. Ft. French Door Refrigerator will quench everyone thirst with increased space and updated features that keep food inside cold without ever having to open doors! Get this bad boy at Costco now!

This fridge is a dream! With the French door opening and an ice/water dispenser on the left, all it took was one day of taking inventory so my husband’s old hunting buddies to stop asking for favors at our house. It’s not just convenient, it also looks pretty too with its stainless steel interior.
What sets this apart from other small fridges on the market – besides its Samsung brand status? The freezer has those handy little narrow doors; something about them feels refreshing instead of confining. And if you’re like me and hate leaning over to see what frozen treats lurk further back, rest assured that they’ll jump right out at you because of these darling petite freezer troughs.

Are you the Covert Tyke in your house? Cooking something up behind closed doors and have no time for all the embarrassment of raiding your parent’s fridge wearing a ball cap backward & slippers. I’ve got just the fridge for you! The Samsung 28.1Cu Ft French Door Refrigerator is sleek, undetectable, and won’t derail any plans to be cool-as-bricks as it holds all that ice-cold goodness without causing your parents heartburn from having to walk across their kitchen each morning on tiptoe and all stealthy like while tiptoeing around this perfect little treat beaming out ready to taunt them with its tantalizing frosty offerings.

Choose from 6 different colors, or keep yourself feeling retro with a vintage-style fridge. Enjoy the energy-saving design of modern times in an industry you can count on for over 60 years! You won’t go wrong with this designer fridge because it has been around since 1948 and unlike other brands, SMEG knows what they are doing. Show your love for green by choosing Vitro which is a bright shade found in nature that will give you peace and tranquility so you can enjoy every glass of refreshing juice or smoothie while cooking up a recipe or two.

Stainless steel and neon colors emerge from this delightful refrigerator. Put away all your worries of space with two convenient refrigeration capacities in either the upper or lower drawers. With its sleek retro design, powder-blue color tones, and host of features, there’s no better choice than SMEG!

With colors ranging from jewel-ox purple to Vespa green, this retro-inspired refrigerator is not just a piece of kitchen eye candy. Alongside its sleek exterior and vintage charm, the Smeg Fab 32 refrigerator boasts increased energy efficiency with less noise and better quality control for its LEDs. Not only does it look great in any kitchen decor, but every door handle is perfectly positioned for either right or left-handed use!
Don’t be fooled by other brands who boast similar appliances that have been around since 1948; Smeg started designing great products in 1956. Now you can finally get your 1960s-revival fridge – complete with the comfort of knowing it will last.

If you love color and find stainless steel too dull, this retro-inspired fridge is right up your alley. This refrigerator looks just like the pastel refrigerators of the 50s or 60s but comes with the energy-efficient design of modern times. With dozens of flashy colors to choose from, including a popular brand, SMEG has been around since 1948 meaning that it’s even more reliable than other brands producing similar vintage appliances. This fridge is Cadillac among designer appliances with many fun color choices such as Vespa green or powder blue; that way you can have a door on either side depending on your preference!

Everyone wants a fully-stocked fridge. But with the never-ending, brightly colored options available today, it can be hard to find one that fits your personality. That’s why we love the SMEG Fab 32 two-door refrigerator. With its vivid colors and retro design from across decades of style trends, you get more than just bulk space – this model also has a place for all of your favorite drinks on top! Hurry up and make room in the kitchen now.

Improve your kitchen’s look and function with this retro fridge, available in a variety of colors to suit any palate. You can even choose between a door on the left or right… there’s no wrong way to grip this! Its style is reminiscent of pastel refrigerators from the 50s and 60s but it won’t dent your wallet with energy-saving design features that you’d usually only find in modern appliances. Choose from a selection of hues such as Vespa green or powder blue – Smeg does everything old school but also new school!

Yes, this fridge is the perfect choice for you and your charming kitchen. This retro-style two-door refrigerator with a “left or right handle” can be in the color of your choice! Get yours today and show off some timeless fashion, from blue to green. Retro never looked so cool. This gorgeous, energy-efficient fridge has a fantastic look that’s perfect for any kitchen. Choose from deliciously retro colors like Vespa green or powder blue and match either the left or right door handle to your kitchen design style. With two locking doors, you’ll always have plenty of space inside, while three shelves in addition to one freezer drawer are perfect for all your frozen needs!

Keep your color palette in mind with a fun retro-inspired style. With 16 different colors to choose from, we’ve done the work for you and stocked our showroom with this super stylish and decidedly compact classic design. The SMEG Fab 32 fridge is right at home hovering over an Ikea kitchen – or perfectly iced up on our Whitewashed Hilltop Estate (decorator: Inessa Fraser). This beautifully designed stainless steel appliance is made by one of the world’s leading classic-design companies, so it comes as no surprise that they’re still standing strong today!