Super Quiet Bar Fridge

Forget about the noisy bulky fridge and spoil yourself with a silent mini-fridge! You would be surprised at how much more space you have in your room when switching to a Super Quiet Bar Fridge. It is the perfect size for any décor, as there are available colors to choose from. We guarantee that this product will not disappoint you with its effectiveness, but it also has other features such as a curved door handle, USB ports inside of the fridge (so no extra charge for electricity), an air vent on top so your food doesn’t stink up your whole house as old milk does.

Small, convenient, and versatile Super Quiet Bar Fridge is the perfect cooler for small areas. With its sleek curved design and practical size, it frees up space either it be your bedroom or office desk, and will help you fight those pesky food storage problems.

Ever feel like it’s too much to carry your candle around while watching a movie in your bed? Now you don’t have to worry, because the newly designed Super Quiet Bar Fridge has candles. It features 84cm of height, 52 cm of depth, and 45 cm width getting ink that fits any décor you choose from the available color varieties. The fridge is made out of soft-touch material which adds an oomph factor as well. Its door is curved unlike most mini-fridges and includes a chrome door handle with a rubber grip for people who would use the bar fridge in their study room or gaming room. This lovely accessory also houses snacks and confectioner items in its three drawers with LED lights inside.

Your days of nosy roommates, frustrated significant others, or annoying neighbors are finally coming to an end. Super Quiet Bar Fridge will de-clutter your space and keep you nice and chilled. With this mini fridge, at last, nothing will get in the way of your perfect climate just for you!

The Super Quiet Bar Fridge is not your average refrigerator. It has a sleek small design and can be placed anywhere in any room of your house, so long as you have the space for it. With available colors to match any décor customization desire, this fridge will suit all tastes for personal preference. This particular bar fridge is perfect for bedrooms, offices, or gaming rooms because of its size and how quiet it runs, making it possible to leave the door open if desired without being disturbed.

It’s a mini-fridge, so it is not that big. It can be placed anywhere in the room because of its size and color choices to match your style. The design for this particular one is great; a curved door on both sides making it easy to grab things when it is closed without having to go over the top of other items inside.

Have you ever wished there was a fridge in your bedroom? Now with our Super Quiet Bar Fridge, there is! The bar fridge is the perfect size for any room-messy office or quiet bedroom. It fits neatly on your desk so you can keep all of your afternoon snacks and beverages at arm’s length. With it, anyone can live their best life, even without space to spare. If guests come over they are guaranteed to be blown away by your style and class that only this tall mini fridge can offer. Plus, since the doors open upwards instead of sideways like most mini-fridges, if you have any trouble reaching high places now has never been easier with one hand just pull it out as opposed to trying to twist around awkwardly.

Not sure about noise? This mini fridge will keep your secret from the world even though it is not silent. With a chrome door handle and rubber grip, you can store all your perishable goods with this Super Quiet Mini Fridge.

The Super Quiet BarFridge is the perfect match for any person looking to improve their living space. No more regulating your diet or drinking water because you don’t have access to a fridge. With the ability to place it in any area of your room, the fridge fits any decor and there is always an option that suits your tastes best with its available color varieties; ranging from stealth black, funky red, classic beige, sleek silver.

The door is curved unlike typical mini-fridges giving it a modern feel and making it so that no matter where you put it whether on top of furniture or sliding under desks for college students on their way out the door. Hidden behind this closed-door frosty treasure are 4 shelves inside.

No more taking condensation messes home with you from the grocery store. Super Quiet Bar Fridge is an off-the-charts fridge that is minimally styled and features a built-in can holder to keep your cans clean, cool, and organized! It also includes 125 liters of storage capacity and 4.4 cubic feet of pure cooling power!. Say goodbye to sweating beets when you use this sleek fridge designed for places like the kitchen where you would have your hands wet most of the time!

Have you been struggling to get something from the back of your fridge? We have the solution. Introducing to you a compact and portable fridge that guarantees easy access to all items inside thanks to its magnetized doors, making it effortless for customers like yourself to reach what they desire without having their hands wet in a place where most people’s will be constantly sweaty like the kitchen. This fridge has a high capacity of 4.4 cubic feet which can store 120 liters or 57 gallons and is 12 1/8″ deep x 22 3/43 wide x 36 7/9″ tall. It even includes two bottle holders on top of the interior light so everything is easily visible for those who need help seeing when stocking up.

If you’re in search of a high-quality fridge that is not only durable but also quiet enough to enjoy your favorite show without the sound of an annoying refrigerator – look no further than our Super Quiet Bar Fridge. With four and a half cubic feet of storage space, this mini fridge is ideal for kitchens or any other room with wet hands or general messiness. It features front-mounted can holders that will keep your drinks cozy and untouched by pesky drips! Combine that with the built-in clear glass shelves so you can see everything inside at once from any angle – well now we’re talking.

-A refrigerator in places like the kitchen, where you would have your hands wet most of the time.
-The exterior is made for whatever your heart desires but it does not compare to the flashy black interior.
It has 4.4 cubic feet of storage, 125 liters which are highly adequate, and can also be assembled with a built-in Canstor can holder that holds cans and bottles without creating a mess making it easier to access everything inside with ease (e.g., tall coolers on their sides). It may even help prevent spills too!

The Mini Bar Fridge is the perfect mini fridge to have in your home. It not only looks stylish but it’s efficient too. This black fridge has plenty of space and cools food at a decent amount while keeping odors inside. The interior also includes a built-in can holder for an extra convenience factor. With this mini-bar refrigerator, you’ll have room for all those special snacks, wine, or any other drinking needs you might want!

All of us do know that there are a lot of inconveniences following washing our hands. However, with the Super Quiet Bar Fridge, you need not worry about that anymore. You can keep your mouthful-sized beverages at hand and everything else far away from the water with ease! It is not just easy to open up with its big sliding door nor has it got plenty of storage for all those favorite snacks, wines, or coca colas. The black bar fridge will also make any place look more elegant in an instant. Get one for your home and enjoy convenience like never before! We are proud to give this product a 5 out of 5 stars rating as we know how much effort was given into creating the ultimate miniature kitchen appliance.

The interior of this fridge is no joke. You’ll be able to store all your beverages in a nicely organized and visible manner with the help of its built-in can holder, which holds cans and bottles perfectly without making a mess or getting everything else wet.

Do you love hosting things like parties, barbecues, or just next door to the grill? Make all your guests happy and keep your drinks cool with this unique fridge that was designed with all of the home cooks in mind. It has a built-in can holder for those lazy days when you are fixing up burgers on the side of the pool. Plus its sleek black exterior will make it fit right in with any room design and not look out of place at all. When you are taking care of business but don’t have time to pay attention to your drink–that is where this refrigerator comes into play! Just slide one cold cold beverage into our innovative Canstor can holder and you’re set.

This fridge is perfect for places like the kitchen, where you would have your hands wet most of the time. It also has a built-in Canstor can holder that holds your cans and bottles perfectly without creating a mess, making it easier to access everything inside with ease. This mini-fridge holds 4.4 cubic feet of storage, 125 liters which are more than enough when you need somewhere cool to store all your food. Not just any basic refrigerator will do; this one also provides a bright black interior that’s easy to clean up easily!

Perhaps you want a fridge that will turn heads just as much as it keeps your drinks cold. The Super Quiet Bar Fridge offers LED strip lighting, reversible hinges for right and left-handed opening, and hidden coils. It promises to be the perfect home bar accessory with its sleek exterior.

It also has an LCD panel on the front for error messages or alerts if there is an issue, but thankfully this won’t happen too often since the door can slide silently onto any countertop surface without touching anything else!

The Super Quiet Bar Fridge is a state-of-the-art fridge that is mostly designed for hosting parties. The door can be easily flipped so if you’re left-handed or right-handed, this does not matter! On top of being incredibly convenient and reversible, it also has LED lighting which saves power and energy! And at the back, there are coils (find them by feeling the metallic plate) that make the cooling process more silent than before.

Ah, the frustrating day when your fridge stops working. You find that you have no cold drink to enjoy and are unable to cool down from the heat outside. But with this Super Quiet Bar Fridge, a new bar in town for all those people who need their refreshments whenever they want them, life is much more bearable.
The moment you first open the door of this fridge, what greets your eyes are just rows and rows of can coolers on either side giving waist-high access to lagers or sodas as well as an LED light at the top illuminating the inside so it’s easy enough for you to spotting whatever item suits your needs most! The welded hinges also make opening without feeling cramped by anyone else.

The Super Quiet Fridge is a product that does not take up much space on your side. You can open the door and put it in whatever part of the house you want to keep drinks at, so they’re within arm’s reach! The fridge has a metallic plate inside which hides all its coils for efficiency. When drinks are placed inside, you will get great cold air because it has many coils.

Looking for a fridge that can bring more than just drinks? Get your hands on the Super Quiet Bar Fridge! This miniaturized fridge is compact enough to fit in any corner of your home, so feel free to place it anywhere without worrying about overheating. With its black exterior and metal handles you will love this appliance with its LED interior lights, reversible hinges (fits left-handed or right-handed opening), and space inside perfect for chips and drinks. The superbly designed coils are on the backside so you don’t have to worry about being flashy which means that delicate fingers won’t get stuck either!

Every household deserves a little bit of extra cool space and the Super Quiet Bar Fridge is perfect for any party or get-together. With interior lighting casting its refreshing glow, this fridge is a must-have for anyone with room to spare. Inside, the coils keep your beverages cold all night long. A unique feature of this product is that you can use it in left-handed or right-handed style opening; these hinges are easy to repair when needed and will only take minutes! This refrigeration device boasts superior insulation technology so you can be sure your drinks stay icy cold as ever no matter what time of year it may be.

Wake up with your favorite bottle of beer in the morning. But worry not, we do know that no one likes an ice-cold beverage for breakfast! With our Fridge (Super Quiet Bar fridge), you don’t need to ever worry about opening the freezer or make a trip to the convenience store again. Stay comfy and cozy inside thanks to this kitchen essential! Check out these features: water-tight seals to seal off those pesky fluid leaks, an adjustable thermostat light sensor so you always have the option of low brightness if you’re going early into the night shift without having any glare from your phone’s screen, and reversible hinges so doors will open either left-handed or right-handed – perfect for all hands.

A freezer? Nah! All our beer and soda go in this fridge that you can rely on. No matter which way you open it, the reversible hinges will make sure it works for your left or right hand. And with not one but many coils at the back, all of your drinks are being kept cool by their very own personal air-conditioning unit. It’s so flexible a metal plate protects those coil from sight too!

You’ve been fighting with the corner of your fridge for decades, only to succumb to defeat again and again. You’re always in search of a place where you can store your beer and soda without sacrificing storage space for anything else. And now there is an answer. Introducing the Super Quiet Bar Fridge! This 25 cubic feet bar cooler includes LED lights that use less power-saving energy cost even more money from improved efficiency over time. The reversible hinges let you move or turn the door whichever way you like—no matter what other appliances are around it if any at all! Finally, adjustable coils? Never seen those before. Instead of seeing them on top and risking blowing up your heating fins by frying coils.

The Midea WHS-65LB1 is a compact single 50 pounds reversible door fridge. This mini fridge also features high/medium/low settings, and provides noiseless cooling in all three modes! Other highlights include a water dispenser with a lid and condensation collector that doesn’t hinder or reduce the functionality of the coils, unlike other fridges which use insulation for the coils. Frankly, this energy-efficient appliance costs just $359 on Amazon while providing peace of mind– its 18-month limited warranty ensures long-lasting performance. The Midea Compact Single Reversible Door refrigerator is available in 3 color variants so there are always two colors to suit your style at home!

The Midea Compact Mini Fridge has a slim, compact design that works perfectly in small rooms. The classy and sleek extruded aluminum body not only looks amazing but also holds a generous 54 liters of your favorite food, be it drinks or snacks loaded with goodness
The energy-efficient A+ rated fridge offers superior cooling power without the noise of other refrigerators. It features a reversible door and is best suited for use in offices, dorms, kitchens, etc.
Though designed to be economical and highly efficient the Midea Single Reversible Door mini fridge comes with three variants including White finish (WHS65LB1), Black finish + Champagne Finish (WHD65LB3) as well as Dark Blue finish.

The Midea WHS-65LB1 Compact Single Reversible Door fridge is the perfect solution for small office spaces, college dorms, and other living arrangements without large appliances. The refrigerator offers a sleek design of stainless steel and features 1.6 cubic feet of storage space that can fit six standard 12 oz. cans or up to 18 drinks (12 oz.). With its reversible doors, this mini fridge easily adapts to be placed in cramped quarters without damaging delicate items from cold air exposure thanks to its insulated seals which deflect noise and vibration away from sensitive electronics inside the unit’s chamber walls. Truly premium cooling results are achieved with rear-mounted coil technology which cuts down on energy consumption by using less electricity than typical fridges.

The noise level of the Midea WHS-65LB1 Compact Single Reversible Door fridge is the lowest in its category, which means it’s completely noiseless. This unique feature makes it a Special Option For Office People, Students, And Double Income Family Too!
It features two stainless steel shelves that double as storage space and an adjustable chrome towel bar glass holder for keeping long or large bottles accessible. It also has black brackets on its exterior to prevent fingerprints and easy access display windows so you don’t have to fumble around getting what you need. You can buy this product now just by clicking the link below!

If you’re not looking for a large fridge, the Midea WHS-65LB1 Compact Single Reversible Door fridge is just what you’ve been searching for. This nifty appliance offers an elegant design of only 1.6 cu. ft capacity that helps saves on space and electricity costs too! With features like 4 safety locks to prevent children from opening it and opening it both ways for your convenience, there’s no need to look any further than this! Make sure you buy yourself a Super Quiet Bar Fridge now today by clicking “Add to Cart” above, as these are selling fast and won’t last long!

Perfect for saving space and energy, this Mini Fridge can hold up to 266 pounds of food. With options in white or red finish, you can choose whichever color fits your space best. It comes with an alarm that alerts you when the door is left open for more than 5 seconds and features reversible doors which allow it to be placed at any angle without having to move anything around just to close the door!
Super quiet operation ensures your sleep doesn’t suffer while a powerful motor keeps your drinks chilled until morning. Designed with water-borne paint, which helps reduce odor permeation levels by 50% than conventional paints found in fridges today. For peace of mind, we offer full warranty coverage on all products.

For the family on-the-go, or for those who live in small spaces, Midea’s WHS-65 L Single Reversible Door Mini Fridge only requires 1.6 ft3 of space and features an efficient cooling system that doesn’t hinder or reduce the functionality of the coils, unlike other fridges which use insulation for their coils. This means that you’ll enjoy all the benefits of a fridge with more space than models using insulation like a longer compressor life span as well as its ability to cool better in summer months. The WHS-65 also grants you access to beverages without needing an opener thanks to its CanStor beverage dispenser with a capacity of up to 3 liters; while it is energy efficient enough for daily use.

Are you in need of a fridge for your bedroom but do not want the noise to bother others nearby? Midea WHS-65LB1 may be perfect for you. The freezer can hold up to 4.4 cu. ft, which is plenty of space for storing food such as dinner, drinks, pastries, and fruits! The beautiful LED lighting on its inside and outside brightens up your day with a nice shimmering bluish hue that takes away unwanted darkness. Don’t let the word compact fool you; this little machine packs one big punch: ice-cold air from its cool coils will not only efficiently keep any contents at desired temperatures but offer quieter cooling than other fridges due to special insulation which does not interfere with anything.

Quietest Mini Fridge for Bedroom – You need the perfect mini fridge that won’t disrupt your family’s sleep. The Midea WHS-65LB1 Compact Single Reversible Door fridge maintains a noise level of 41.8 dB(A). It offers six slots to store fruits, canned food, and drinks with an adjustable shelf depth up to 6 cm, keeping your space organized and neat. >6 Degree Celsius Cold Temperature – With fast click technology on the two reversible doors or the independent freezer drawer, you can set it between 0°C~6° C in an instant. There are five chillers inside running at an optimum temperature within 180 minutes after being plugged in time.

A mini-fridge for your bedroom and living room, Midea’s Super Quiet Bar Fridge is a cubic compact design with storage ranged from 1.6 cu ft to 3.5 ft that has been hailed editorially as “the perfect size.” The dimensions of the sleek black refrigerator are 17.7in x 18.6in x 19.4in (or 453mm x 476mm x 492 mm).

Losing the appetite to cook? Have an addiction to late-night snacks that you’re too ashamed to tell us about? Or maybe your fridge is full of things that are neither delicious nor edible. Sound like a problem for you? Fear not! We here at Midea have finally come up with a solution: The Super Quiet Bar Fridge! This little guy whips out all the benefits of our traditional refrigerator, but in an easy-to-manage cube! It doesn’t get more perfect than this – we couldn’t make it any smaller without just being inconvenient or adding useless extras!! But don’t think size isn’t everything.

Midea is a company that has been working to become one of the leading manufacturers of high-quality appliances, with this being one product in particular from our line. This compact bar fridge offers many advantages for people upgrading or buying new homes – its size and design are perfect for smaller spaces like bedrooms, as well as manageable shelving space to store all your food items without any worries when you’re hungry! The Midea design team has made sure it seamlessly blends into any room setting so it can be enjoyed by anyone, regardless of their style preference. Not only does it look good but we’ve also done everything we can to make sure there’s no noise coming from this little fridge.

The Midea Super Quiet Bar Fridge is designed to be quiet, efficient, and perfect for your bedroom. With a minimum of 1.6 cubic feet of space and up to 3.5 cubic feet capacity, this cylinder fridge can hold plenty of food items so that you don’t have to cycle through the kitchen refrigerator all the time. Its sleek black exterior fits in well with any decor set-up without overwhelming its surroundings too much or being overly obtrusive. Its dimensions are 17 7/8 x 18 6/7 x 19 4/9 inches (WxHxD), which is tall enough to fit both small bottles such as water bottles on top or larger containers like soup jars below it on bottom shelves.

Sometimes, what you need is a great mini-fridge just for your bedroom. This new black cube from Midea takes care of all your small storage needs and has a sleek style that will fit in with any surroundings! Get the ultimate portable bedside companion, without giving up on quality!

Midea is a world-class manufacturing company with headquarters in Shanghai, China. Founded in 1988, this company has become one of the leading manufacturers of high-quality appliances and housewares today. They are constantly producing new devices that promote energy saving to people all over the world. One such product is their state-of-the-art fridge that conserves electrical power while still giving you optimum refrigeration space available on the market today! The fridge operates quietly so it won’t disturb your sleep. It can hold food at just about any temperature from extremely cold to slightly cooler than room temperature thanks to its technologically advanced cooling system.

You may have been thinking that you are the only one who doesn’t enjoy having a fridge in your bedroom. You know, it can be such a nuisance when your room turns into an icebox while you sleep and leaves your teeth chattering. Well, now you need not worry about this happening anymore because Midea has come up with just what every “night-owl” needs: The Super Quiet Bar Fridge. We all want our homes to look perfect to show off to visitors and maintain the homey feel we’ve grown used to, but nobody wants their house looking like it belongs on some set for “The Shining”.

The mini-fridge is perfect for easy living and still giving you access to all of your favorite beers, soda, water, or snacks. It is quieter than most other fridges so that if you have a roommate or live with someone else they won’t get annoyed by what sounds like a commercial truck idling in the adjacent room. The Super Quiet Bar Fridge from Midea doesn’t take up too much space at only 9 inches deep so it’ll work well whether you’re tight on space or just enjoy having more storage!

Don’t have enough space for a fridge in the house? Well, thanks to Midea and their Super Quiet Bar Fridge we can put this mini fridge in our bedroom. It is designed to be made with high-quality parts so that we will never want to go without it again. This mini fridge has an incredible cubic capacity which ranges from 1.6 cubic feet up to 3.5 cubic feet. It comes at just the right size of 17x18x19 inches; we never need to worry about it taking too much room or cluttering up our home since its sleek design is perfect for any household setting!